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  1. _HatTrick_

    CV Rework Feedback

    I got news for you man. People have been quitting this game every day since it's been live. It's called churn and it happens in any MMOG. Most do it without fanfare or notice. Some people however feel the need to write these poignant soliloquies and let everyone know they are leaving when in most cases nobody even knows who they are. They are attention seekers pure and simple and I have neither time nor patience for that type. Everyone today thinks they are a special snowflake. Newsflash for them: You're not.
  2. _HatTrick_

    CV Rework Feedback

    14,000 genius. Who cares about other games that use a completely different business model? You also continue to show your arrogance by assuming that because you don't want to spend any money on the game, nobody does. Again, that's not the case. Anyway, if you uninstalled the game, good. Now uninstall the forum and go live your life in bliss.
  3. _HatTrick_

    CV Rework Feedback

    Honestly I'm sick and tired of people like the OP that claim to be speaking for thousands of players when in reality they are only speaking for themselves. I had logged off for the evening so I had to log back in and check how many people were on and it's just about 14,000 or in other words, pretty much the status quo for 9:20pm eastern on a Wednesday night. So where is this mass exodus of pissed off players? Answer: there isn't one, there's just some vocal whiners that want to get attention by posting threads like this. For some reason, they all feel like they have to post their own soliloquies instead of just posting in someone else's thread; attention starved I guess. Honestly, if people like this leave the game it would probably be the better for it so yeah, I don't care about the OP and his temper tantrum.
  4. _HatTrick_

    Premium ship nerfs coming

    I feel safe in saying that I probably have more premium ships than 90% of the people reading this thread and I do not care if they feel they need to nerf them because they are too good. I have a GC and I don't even play it because it's perceived as OP. I want to win because of how I play, not what I play.
  5. _HatTrick_

    cv balance idea

    You don't remember worth a damn. From the following page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Essex-class_aircraft_carrier edit: current CV like USS Ronald Reagan also carry around 90 aircraft.
  6. It appears you haven't even played a battle since the week of December 19th so when exactly are you talking to people in game? If you're going to lie, at least make it somewhat difficult to disprove man.
  7. _HatTrick_

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    Looks like Midway is doing about 14% less damage than before while Hakuryu is doing slightly more (6%) than before. Average frags have dropped on both and again, by a rather significant amount on Midway. I'd attribute that to the inability to set up unavoidable torpedo traps that all but assure a kill. It's still too early to really draw any firm conclusions though. Both ships have less than 3000 battles on them.
  8. Oh yes, I'm sure you have been conducting extensive interviews with people and this isn't just you pulling stuff out of your posterior.
  9. I'm not calling victory. What I am doing is calling out people that claim to be speaking for anyone but themselves like the OP and the person I quoted. I don't speak for anyone but myself, you don't speak for anyone but yourself and they don't speak for anyone but themselves. They're trying to act like they are the head of some huge movement and the facts do not bear that out so far. edit: (In response to your part in parentheses, I've spent a lot on this game. I daresay I'm more invested in it's longevity than most. I wouldn't call myself a whale but maybe a great white shark lol. I've played with these changes for 3 days now and I don't have a big problem with them. I've played all 4 ship types as well. It's a little different, yeah, but it's not apocalyptic like these doomsayers are making it out to be. I for one am not going anywhere and as I said, I spend money (more than I should) on this game.
  10. Unfortunately for you, there's this little player counter up in top left corner of the screen. I just logged in to the game at 7:30 am eastern and the population is 4658. It's usually between 4000-4500 this time of day. Took a peek at it the other night too. It was just under 12k. Again, that's about normal. So there's your problem. You and people like you that claim to be speaking for thousands of others, your claims aren't being borne out by the player counter. It appears you're just a relatively small number of vocal whinebags on the forum. I would say I'm surprised but I'm not.
  11. Who reported you? I don't have time to bother reporting people. I have a job to go to. Speaking of which...ttyl!
  12. _HatTrick_

    Admins should read Comments on Notsers Video

    It's also only been 2 days and many people are wanting to try out the new toy. You should see how many CVs are in the queue at tier 4. It takes 2:30+ to get a battle at that tier as a CV. That interest is going to taper off over time and people will go back to playing other stuff.
  13. _HatTrick_

    Admins should read Comments on Notsers Video

    I haven't felt helpless one time. I also haven't felt like the spotting from the air is excessive. It may seem so at first glance because there are often 2 enemy CVs in the game but if there is only one, the game does not feel much different to me than it did before.
  14. It's not trollish to ask someone to back up their arguments with some supporting evidence. If you think there hasn't been a metric s-ton of knee jerk (over)reaction to this patch then you must be on a different planet.