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  1. The problem is that this system does not depend on any actual bad words being said. It depends only on players selecting to report you for "misbehavior in chat" for whatever reason. No, if they had an automated system of detecting bad words... then it would be machine fair, but THEN, why not just change the bad words into **** to protect the innocent? In your case, it could be you are getting reported just because of your clan tag. Which is the whole point. This must be a bug.
  2. I got (presumably) chat banned today for having said a bad word (?!) when i know for a fact the only thing i said at all was "here it comes" at the end of the match after which I was banned. Must be someone reported me for chat mis-behaviour. Likely the guy that got what was coming (6 people shooting at his ship) spammed "misbehavior in chat" report function. My understanding is that when you get enough of them you get automatically chat banned? Surely that is a bug? So I am reporting a bug for allegedly having broken the terms of service when in fact I know (at least not at the time specified the offense allegedly was) I did not. Your chat offense detection system is not working properly. Also, another bug that I noticed right after the team chat ban is that I am not able to talk in clan chat because of this. Please fix it.
  3. I actually raged in this match. So much rage. I am so tired of this happening in matches, where the skill difference between CV players is so great that it causes the match to be decided by matchmaker before anything else happens. I hate to lose my match because of it, and don't enjoy being carried by my CV because the enemy does nothing. We can't stop potatoes from failing up the tree, can't stop them being matched against much better CV drivers, can't carry a bad CV against a good CV team, can't stop them playing, or stop them trying to snipe the enemy cv at T7 with their entire wing while not scouting or providing air cover and then having it all strafed in one go (this is what happened here). The only way to stop this from happening and to fix CV gameplay is to completely remove strafing and manual dropping. Sure bad cv players will be a hindrance, but without strafing and manual drops everything will not be lost, because the better payers will be dragged down to the terribad's skill level. Again: remove strafing and manual dropping remove strafing and manual dropping remove strafing and manual dropping remove strafing and manual dropping remove strafing and manual dropping remove strafing and manual dropping I play this game to have fun. If I have to continue to endure being deleted by AP drops (50K+ damage hits), suffer 12 torpedoes spawning 1km off my broadside, or losing because of bad CV drivers in my team I will stop spending money in a game that not only stops providing entertainment but makes me angry.
  4. Time to bother myself making first post on the forums. Just got deleted from the game in my Bismark in a T10 match by a Midway for the 3rd time after changes. I was in the middle of the fleet both times he dropped AP bombs on me. The first volley took 50% of HP, and the other killed me. Nothing I could do to protect myself. My fleet couldn't protect me. The [edited]Baltimore 2km from me couldn't even take down a single DB before they dropped the bombs. I am [edited]tired of this ret4rded mechanic where I have to eat 10 torps that drop and active 2km from me giving me no chance to do anything about it. I am [edited]tired of losing 50-70% of health in a single volley by a dumb mechanic that I can do nothing to prevent. I cannot control the behavior of cruisers in randoms, and even when they do what they can, it makes no difference. I can always angle my BB from other BBs, or predict and evade torps, ration DC to deal with fire spam, etc. There is always something I can do better, like improve my positioning, to deal with that, and those things are fairly imposed upon everyone. But no... if you are marked for deletion, you can do nothing but watch your doom approach. There is absolutely NOTHING I can do about the teleporting Yamato that deletes 50% of my health after shooting point blank into my broadside citadel. NOTHING I can do about the teleporting Gearing that drops a wall of 10-12 torpedoes 1km from my broadside (and good luck "turning away" in the oftentimes 5 seconds notice you have in a GK). NOTHING but watch and rage at this stupid enraging failure of game design. I don't know the solution, but it certainly does not entail ruining my captain specs to get manual AA just to be able to survive 5 minutes into the game and have a chance at play if I get placed against a midway. I suspect that DDs that get perma scouted/camped (hello IJN line) by the swarm and end up dying in the smoke to the wall of manual dropped torps feel pretty mad too. And [edited] having to be uptiered in a bismark against a mostly t10 team with a midway. There are no words that can properly convey my rage and frustration at this. But I can be pretty certain that unless this changes I will be spending my time and money in something else that allows me to have fun while not being forced to endure completely unfair setups (and a terrible shi7ty matchmaker that doesn't use ELO). THAT is what I can do. I am letting my displeasure be known, and I will put my money where my mouth is.