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  1. What do you think is Super

    My 2 cents. 1. I voted No on 'Any premium ship' because I took it to mean any premium ship. If it was a premium ship of my choosing, then I would have voted Yes. 2. Must be some vegans here because who wouldn't think bacon is Super and who would think broccoli is Super?
  2. This is my biggest worry. Getting something that I find useful in a SC is rare as it is now. With coal and steel diluting the SC pool even more, its going to get worse.
  3. Iron, Coal... just not a good idea

    My biggest issue is that adding coal and steel to the supercontainer loot pool is only going to further reduce the chances of the average player getting something that will be useful/desired. People have been complaining about the useless 'special' upgrade they have gotten from a supercontainer. Now they will be complaining about getting steel/coal.
  4. Just a tidbit. WoT battle tier system goes up to battle tier 11. WoWS system only goes up to battle tier 10. WoTs battle tier 11 is only for tier 9 and tier 10 vehicles. I don't see why that can't be impemented in WoWS.
  5. Idea to make Co-op play better

    As a co-op main, I woud prefer if WG expanded more on Operations rather than creating more PvE modes. Having Operations for tiers 5-9, with the Operations for each tier on its own separate rotation would be ideal. That way there would always be an Operation for each tier between 5 and 9.
  6. I would not use free XP for commander training.
  7. musashi or kronshtadt

    My opinions. I'm going to pass on the Musashi. Too similar to Yamato. And I have the Yamato unlocked (waiting for sale before buying). And I have the HSF camo for the Yamato. I'm also going to pass on the Kronshtadt as well because I want to see what free XP ships are in the near future and not really interested in a Russian large cruiser. If it was the Alaska instead, it would be an instant buy for me.
  8. Premium Ship Wishlist.

    USS Alaska USS California (post Pearl Harbor refit) USS Lexington (Lexington class BC) USS Samuel B. Roberts (John C Butler class DE) USS South Dakota (South Dakota class BB - 1920)
  9. This. I've experienced these types of players as well
  10. Something I Noticed on the PT

    That would be a good change. But given WG's track history, I'll believe it when I see it on Live.
  11. Weird thing is, WG already uses a space as the 3 digit separator in alot of areas, such as amount of doubloons, amount of credits, amount of free xp, xp needed to research a module/ship, credits needed to buy a module/ship.
  12. In order to have a plan B, you have to have a plan A. I'm not holding my breath on WG fixing CVs.
  13. Halsey Campaign

    Completed final task of Mission 1 last night. So I'm on Mission 2 with 0 stars. I'm a co-op main so it will be slow and easy going.
  14. Yes, enemy bots can have radar. Yes, enemy bots that have radar do use it.