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  1. I thought there was only 1 PT server and that it was 'Russian' since most of the playerbase is Russian.
  2. I've seen the torp bug the last few days. Did WG ever say they 'fixed' it?
  3. Varyarg ship missing?

    George R.R. Martin anyone?
  4. US Cruiser Line Split

    I expect the anniversary camo to go to the new tier 8 since all the other anniversary camos are for tier 8 ships.
  5. Twitch Deal Is A Good One

    This. You only get the 7 million credits if you had already previously gotten the Texas. So if you didn't have the Texas, you get the Texas for free. If you already have the Texas, you get 7 million credits as compensation. Good deal all around.
  6. Bots in co-op usually aggo to where the green DDs are, especially the DD with the lowest health. So if you want action in co-op when you are in a BB, follow the DD nearest you.
  7. My guess was either 0.7.5 or 0.7.6 in May/June. I'm still sticking to that.
  8. Only pre-grinding for new line you can do is 1. Get enough XP on Omaha so that you can immediately unlock the new tier 6 CL. 2. Have the current tier 6 Cleveland so you get the new tier 8 CL Cleveland. 3. Buy permanent camo on the current tier 6 Cleveland so that you get the permanent camo on the new tier 8 CL Cleveland and the permanent camo on the new tier 6 Pensacola. Basically you get a tier 6 perm camo and a tier 8 perm camo for the cost of a tier 6 perm camo. This has yet to be confirmed but this should be the way it works judging by previous line splits.
  9. I didn't have to do much for the split. 1. Omaha not affected by the split. But I do have her in port with enough XP to unlock the tier 6 on new line. 2. Cleveland already in port. Will buy camo for her right before the split. 3. Will rebuy Pensacola right before the split. 4. New Orleans already in port. 5. Baltimore already in port. 6. Des Moines not affected by the split. But I do have her unlocked. Just waiting on a sale on her before buying.
  10. Do you keep Z23 after getting Z46?

    I'm still on the Z-23. But I'm going to keep it after I get the Z-46. The Z-23 is a solid boat and I keep all boats that have permanent camo. Congratulatory (anniversary) camo in this case.
  11. Mistake to sell it now. If you have the Baltimore when the split happens, you will get the new tier 9 replacement and the new tier 8 Baltimore.
  12. Random battles I assume?
  13. This would be my guess as well
  14. I would rather have the current MM mechanic of bot CVs and BBs instead of the old mechanic where you could play a BB and be the only player and the MM would fill out the rest of the team with bot DDs.