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  1. Looks like its very possible that RNG can and will screw me out of the commander no matter how many containers I grind.
  2. Patton5150

    IFHE for USN 127s?

    On DDs, I only take IFHE on up to tier 7. Tier 8 and above I don't take IFHE due to greatly diminished returns due to armor levels of the top tier enemies. I instead will take SE on my tier 8+ DDs.
  3. Patton5150

    Have I exhausted Tech Support's usefulness?

    The million dollar question. Did the OP try the suggestion from tech support and did it fix the issue?
  4. I find it hard to believe that being 'AFK' for one battle will turn you pink. I've had battles where I've hung up at the loading screen and by the time I've actually been able to get in, I've already been sunk. Yet I didn't turn pink.
  5. I already had the tier 5 and 6 line ships. And the tier 8 perm camo. I've banked enough tokens for the tier 7 perm camo so I can get it if I don't pull the tier 8 ship mission. The Genova doesn't interest me since I don't need another tier 5 premium that sits in port. I don't need the tier 5 perm camo since I don't like the ship and I already have the tier 6. I don't need the tier 6 perm camo since I don't like the ship and I've built up quite a bit of xp on her already so the grind to tier 7 doesn't warrant the cost of the camo.
  6. Patton5150

    Naval Battles - Can we just remove base XP?

    If players need Naval Battles to go off of base xp to encourage them to win, then that is truly a pathetic state.
  7. Patton5150

    Final Verdict on Italian Cruisers?

    My thoughts as well. Thats why I got the tier 8 perm camo.
  8. I got the tier 5 and 6 line ships from containers from Directives. I bought the tier 8 perm camo. I'm reserving enough tokens for the tier 7 perm camo. I'm reserving an additional 70 tokens for the random container which rolled 2000 coal and some credits. The remainder I spent on standard containers, hoping for a tier 7 or 8 ship mission. But no such luck. Any additional tokens will go towards either another standard container or the second random container, depending on if I choose to get the first one and what contents the second one reveals.
  9. Patton5150

    Gun bloom penalty

    Smolensk waits for BB to fire. It then can fire 5 full salvos of 16 shells each and be able to go dark before the BB can retaliate. Rinse and repeat. OP idea is bad.
  10. Patton5150

    Proposal: New Game Mode

  11. Patton5150

    Will this impact WG Asian player base?

    I doubt it would affect the SEA server. As far as the China server, who knows. How is this curfew going to be enforced?
  12. A few days ago, I got an in-game pop-up that I received a new mission from watching Twitch streams. But no such mission ever appeared in any of the 3 areas (challenges, missions, personal assignments). The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago. Got a Twitch mission pop-up but no such mission appeared. Anyone else have this happen to them?
  13. Patton5150

    Clan Battles

    My clan was in the same boat. We had 7 but just couldn't get the 8th.
  14. Patton5150

    Cheshire tier 8 RN CA

    Whats with the link? LOL