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  1. There should be a gear symbol in the lower right, right above the rightmost display ship in port. Click that symbol and turn on the filters to allow you to see the ARP and other 'special' ships.
  2. Sounds like some people need a Snickers bar.
  3. Hmm. Looks like I'll be demounting upgrades and zeroing out skills on inactive ships and commanders.
  4. Fun and engaging. As per WG and alot of players. Thats not me.
  5. I just got Main Battery Modification 1 for completing the first stage of the October Revolution mission. But I don't see what ships can slot it. It doesn't show as available no matter what ships I check.
  6. Look on the bright side. You can freely call someone a 'taint' in the forums and in chat without having to worry about a ban.
  7. Out of curiosity, did you keep the Chappy or the Schlors?
  8. Thanks. I never even noticed that Division section before.
  9. How are people creating single player divisions?
  10. Saw this ship in a couple of battles last night. And dang is it ugly.
  11. If the containers contained only gold or FXP, I would buy the $25 ship package, since I don't value premium time. So I will do the missions instead.
  12. If you value premium time and you buy doubloons on a regular basis, then yes its a good deal. However, its not 100% free since you do have to spend the money to buy the package. But if you don't value premium time and you buy doubloons only when there is a discount, then its not a good deal. I don't value premium time. I recently bought 12000 doubloons for $36 due to a 30% discount. To me, thats a far better deal than 30 days premium and 6500 doubloons for $42. By doing the missions, I truly get the ship for free with no money spent.
  13. Hmm. I have used both Visa and Mastercard to buy stuff from WG. Only issue I had was that I had to authorize international transactions on one of the cards.
  14. do the containers Auto open or can you open them up whenever you want?