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  1. Patton5150

    Premium Carrier Review (Part One): Introduction

    I would rather have a cash refund instead of doubloons. I currently have over 12,000 doubloons so getting more doubloons for refunding Kaga and Saipan isn't too appealing. I guess I can play them more this weekend and see if that helps me decide on whether to refund or not.
  2. Patton5150

    Premium Carrier Review (Part One): Introduction

    Well a premium ship that ranks as 'probably forgettable' would certainly be considered 'not worth it' for alot of people.
  3. Patton5150

    Wows Nightly News 22: CV rumors

    These are highly entertaining.
  4. Patton5150

    Which steel ship to get

    Which ever you choose, use your coupon.
  5. Patton5150

    Alaska in Co-op

    As someone who lives in the Silicon Valley area. I would love to have a Northern California class. USS San Jose as the lead ship. Although I think Fletcher7_1944 was referencing North Carolina when he said Nor-Cal. I think California's are the only ones who regularly use the terms Nor Cal and So Cal.
  6. Patton5150

    Carriers in PVE

    I'm a co-op main. I have 97.39% WR in co-op. Shokaku has 276 victories in 285 battles. Thats a 96.84% WR. And all of this in mainly tier 10 battles. Lexington has 93 victories in 95 battles. Thats a 97.89% WR. And all of this in mainly tier 10 battles. Furious has 221 victories in 223 battles. Thats a 99.1% WR. So post CV rework, thats 590 victories in 603 battles. Thats a 97.84% WR. So my WR in post-rework CVs is actually higher than my total WR for all ships. So IMHO opinions, if a team loses, the CV is not the one to blame. From what I've seen in my losses, its usually because of the play of DDs and BBs.
  7. Patton5150

    Supercontainers : the Super-Thread

    My last supercontainer was on 10/9/18. Since then, 458 containers collected with no further supercontainer.
  8. Patton5150

    Anyone receive their AIR SUPPLY CONTAINER?

    Nothing for me yet. WG never fails to disappoint.
  9. Patton5150

    WoWS Goals for 2019

    1. Buy unlocked tier 10s when there is a sale. Currently have unlocked but not bought Worcester, Harugumo, Midway, Hakuryu, Conqueror, and Republique. 2. Continue grind to tier 10 on remaining lines. Currently on tier 8 Brit DD, tier 9 Pan-Asia DD, and tier 6 Brit CV. 3. Work on 19 point commanders. I currently have 3. But have alot of commanders with 15+ points. I also have 4.8 million elite commander xp which I need to decide where/who to allocate. 4. Continue with gathering coal and Free XP. 5. Helping my clan with Naval Battles even if that means I have to go into Random battles on Sundays to clear the 1500 xp bars. 6. Start any newly released lines and work them up to tier 10.
  10. This hasn't been my experience. I've been spotted and attacked with AA even though a mountain is between my planes and the enemy.
  11. Patton5150

    Japanese T10 CA for coal

    I hope its not more than 300,000 coal. Salem is only 240,000 coal and its a tier 10 cruiser.
  12. Patton5150

    HMS Implacable Initial Impressions

    I got the Hermes and Furious. I've been getting all the possible florins and crowns from dailies and directives. The WIKI lists 330,000 XP needed for the the Hakuryu and Midway. So 330,000 for the Audacious would be a good bet. Brit CV line supposed to be officially going live in the 0.8.2 patch, which is the next patch. So in about a week and a half.
  13. Patton5150

    WG - ETA for CV bug fixes?

    Something tells me you have been watching some streams.
  14. Patton5150

    If you could get rid of ONE map which one?

    Two Brothers
  15. Patton5150

    The paradox WG faces with premiums.....

    A ship can be fun and unique without being OP. Atlanta, for example.