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  1. Then explain these screenshots. Trying to plot a course to the front. No islands in between.
  2. Patton5150

    Kriegsmarine containers are broken?

    I just got the 'yellow' container from completing the first directive. And its more orange than anything so I can see why someone could have mistaken it for the red containers. BTW, my container only had 3 signals.
  3. Patton5150

    Kriegsmarine containers are broken?

    Interesting info about the port lighting. I'm slightly red/green colorblind and I can tell the difference between the red and yellow containers as depicted on the website itself. I'll get my first yellow container in game tonight so it will be interesting to see what color I actually see it as since the yellow container as shown on the website looks more sandy brown to me than yellow.
  4. Patton5150

    Richthofen is a joke

    Co-op main here. I just got the tier 4 CV yesterday (no ship drops in containers for me). AP rockets are rubbish. Even with multiple citadels, the damage is miniscule. I have also experienced the issue with the reticle when going over islands. Torp damage is better than that of AP rockets but still low. At least the torps are fast and the planes can turn around quickly for follow up run. I'm still trying to get the handling of the AP bombers down. I'm almost there but I can still improve. The damage is ok but nothing to write home about, even with citadels. The ability of the bombers to basically pivot around makes for easier follow up attacks. I played through the USN and IJN CV lines before the CV rework. But I did grind through the UK CV line post re-work. I would rank the tier 4 KM CV above the tier 4 UK CV. I found the tier 4 KM CV to be comfortable. The thing I found frustrating is how hard I had to work to get damage and then still get jack for XP. I haven't played a tier 4 tech tree ship in awhile though so maybe jack XP is the same for all tier 4 tech tree ships.
  5. Just a slight 'nitpick' The yellow/gold boxes are Kriegsmarine containers. These are the ones that have a chance of dropping a premium ship. The red boxes are German Navy containers. These will have the collection pieces.
  6. Patton5150

    Pommern to be released for 228,000 coal

    As a co-op main, I'll wait to digest all the reviews and gameplay videos. Co-op play is a different beast than Randoms so I'll take alot of the reviews with a grain of salt. For example, even LWM was pretty dismissive of the Agir, as were other reviewers and CCs. Yet Agir is a beast in co-op.
  7. Patton5150

    Bot Modules Question

    I believe that bot ships will be either fully stock or fully upgraded. There is no in between. I think a dev gave that information a long time ago but I can't remember when or who.
  8. I've gotten all the 'free' containers. No ship drops in any of them.
  9. She's a damn good ship. Well worth the 1M FXP. I'm not going to say she is better than the Alaska. But she definitely is just as good. Alaska is better in some things. Agir is better in others. They are 2 different ships with 2 different playstyles. Alaska is more comfortable at range while Agir likes to get close. HE isn't stellar but the AP is good. And the torps are a great advantage. The only major flaw I've encountered is that the turrets are prone to getting incapacitated. Almost every battle, I will get a hit that incapacitates a turret. No turret destruction so far so that is a good thing. Secondaries are also way better than those on any other super cruiser. She doesn't have the troll armor that Puerto Rico does. But what ship does? As in other things, her armor scheme is better than Alaska's in certain situations while Alaska's is better in others. So I would rate both of them as equal, with only PR being better than them among the super cruisers.
  10. Patton5150

    German Directives and "Rewards"

    If you are one of the people that believe players should not complain about the 'free' stuff they grind for in this game, then feel free to leave your RL name and address. I'm pretty sure someone will be happy to leave a free pile of dog poo on your doorstep. They might even light it for free. And if you ask nicely, they might even give you a free kick in the nuts.
  11. I'm going to sell alot of upgrades once my game session today is over since I plan on buying different replacement upgrades when the sale hits.
  12. Patton5150

    LM/UU PVE Thread - Racing The Deadline

    I finished the Wooster one sometime in last couple of weeks I think. I'm currently working on the Moskva. I hadn't planned on getting the one for Moskva until it became a special ship with the permanent camo. I'm on the Moskva's last stage (40k base XP). I plan on just doing the dailies with her. Should finish sometime in November. I only have 3 tier 10's that have permanent camo and that can get a LM/UU (Yamato, Wooster, and Moskva). So Moskva will be the last one I need since I got the one for Yamato through an event sometime last year.
  13. Patton5150

    Bots don't use radar?

    Bots definitely use hydro. I've seen the messages when green bots use hydro. I've seen the indicator when in smoke that I've been detected by hydro. I've never seen any indicator that bots use radar. I've never seen radar messages from green bots. I've never seen the indicator when in smoke that I've been detected by radar.
  14. Patton5150

    5 Years

    Been here since Alpha. If it wasn't for co-op, I probably would have quit a long time ago.