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  1. I will probably use them to stock up on the highest bonus ones since most of the bonuses I currently have are the tier 2 and 3 ones.
  2. Specifically the tier 8 and tier 9 special perma camos that can be assigned to any ship of the tier.
  3. Patton5150

    Logic Exercise

    Tier 4 CVs are used for clubbing seals? Times have changed.
  4. Patton5150

    A One-Off Personal Offer!

    Take the deal!
  5. Patton5150

    Yet another unfairly compensated CHANGE

    Thanks. Logging out and back in fixed the issue. Kind of sad to see that I probably have over 10,000 unused signals and camos.
  6. Patton5150

    Yet another unfairly compensated CHANGE

    Either that site is not working or I'm doing something wrong as its not seeming to calculate anything.
  7. Everyone knows Rollo > Ragnar.
  8. Logged in and got some containers , some premium time, and a coupon. Thanks again WG.
  9. I think its from AA guns. I've noticed it on friendly ships so far. Is there a way to turn this off because its really aggravating to me. I haven't noticed this before so this might be a recent change. I checked my settings and I don't see any new options.
  10. Several days ago, I noticed that the total number of compliments I can give out are over 20, 22 I think to be exact. When did this change occur?
  11. Patton5150

    Game crashing at random

    Happened to me once yesterday and once again just now. After it happened yesterday, I download/installed the latest Radeon software so I had gotten the error again ever after updating video drivers. This morning, it gave me the error when I was in port and clicked to go into the Armory.
  12. Patton5150

    Malborough Dockyard Grind is crazy

    I've done all the Dockyards, except 1 I think. I like the reward ship for this Dockyard. But after looking at the missions for this one, I'm going to pass on it. Time better spend doing other stuff and playing other games.
  13. Patton5150

    GK and Khaba

    I have both. Will reset one of the lines when the 2x bonus for RB kicks in next week. Might reset the other line at that time, depending on if I can get further info on when the change is coming since if the change happens after the first reset of 2022, I can wait and reset the second line at that time.
  14. I understand that. My issue is that those sub commanders clogged up my reserve and prevented me from moving more than one valid commander into the reserve when there should have been no issue if those sub commanders weren't taking up those slots.
  15. Unfortunately they weren't filled up until I tried moving 2 commanders to the reserve tonight. First went fine. Second gave me the full message. So I still had free slots when those sub commanders were sent to reserve whenever they were sent. Thus they gave no free slots.