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  1. Patton5150

    Free XP Economics

  2. Patton5150

    T5 CA balance

    Have to remember that WG relies heavily on stats when re-balancing. And the server that gives them the most stats is the RU server since it has the most players. And on the RU server, for the last 2 weeks, solo, and minimum of 1000 battles, Murmansk is #1 and Omaha is #2. Furutaka is second to last. Emerald, of course, is in last place.
  3. IMHO, this bug is more serious than a QoL issue. And this bug should have been addressed by WG a long time ago. I don't know if I'm surprised or not that it has not been.
  4. Patton5150

    Is the Kronshtadt Worth the gold for 150K EXP?

    Next month at the soonest.
  5. Patton5150

    T5 CA balance

  6. Patton5150

    WoWs Legends console Closed Beta Sign-up

    I don't have any of the newer consoles so no dice for me.
  7. Patton5150

    I Am A Bot!

    LOL. I assume this was in Randoms?
  8. Even though its unlikely, I would love having a tier 9/10 operation.
  9. Is this without premium time and running with no signals?
  10. Patton5150

    reviewing completed Combat Missions

    British collection I believe
  11. Bots, no matter if in operation or co-op have always had a stupidly high chance of setting ships on fire.
  12. Patton5150

    Decmber missions and Dreadnought

    The 40 of 62 missions that you need to complete are the daily missions. The daily missions reset each day so every day you will have a chance to complete 2 daily missions. So if you do both of them every day, you will only need 20 days to get the ship out of the 31 days they give you.
  13. Patton5150

    Decmber missions and Dreadnought

    It actually seems like we get less coal this month. The daily missions for December 8, 12, and 18 do not have the usual coal reward.
  14. Patton5150

    Drinking and World of Warships Randoms

    If you need to drink to play the game, the problem is not with the other players.
  15. This has been happening for several years now. Its been happening in WoT ever since I started playing at NA release. WG won't fix it because the bug results in doubloons being spent and thus more money for WG.