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  1. Patton5150

    Patch 9.2.1 - whats in it?

    I'm assuming just some bug fixes.
  2. Patton5150

    IFHE All Night Long

    I assume IFHE would be a good take on the upcoming tier X RU cruiser that has 180mm guns (replacement for Moskva) ?
  3. Patton5150

    PLACE YOUR BETS 9.3 Ship cost

    Marceau: 240,000 Coal Yashima: 32,000 Steel Hayate: 2,000,000 FXP
  4. So WG decides to nerf OPs because divisions are gaming the system. Thus screwing the rest of the players.
  5. Patton5150

    9.3 Armory change reminder

    I was hoping that WG would give out a compensatory ship coupon before the 9.3 patch since alot of people, me included, used the coupon from December on one of the steel ships that will be turning into coal ships. I believe that WG knew of these changes last year but didn't release any news til this year so that players would use up their December coupon for one of these ships before knowing about the change.
  6. Patton5150

    New Armory Coupons? Promised on 3/18

    I didn't see any new coupons.
  7. Patton5150

    Build for EU DDs?

    I'm a co-op main so take this with grain of salt. PT LS, AR SE CE
  8. Patton5150

    EU DD Event Part 1 Progress Thread

    I just need one more mission. I'm currently almost halfway through the potential damage one so I should complete the directive in the next couple of days.
  9. Patton5150

    Watch out for the bot CV's. Changed AI?

    I only noticed it in one game in my Benham. Red CV bot kept going after me with rocket planes. He managed to launch rockets every pass although none hit me, even when I was doing minimal maneuvers. All his attacks overshot. I was low on health. Otherwise I would have went to a full stop to check to see if the CV would actually hit me then.
  10. I also noticed that all of the Twitch mission drops for the past few months have been for Random only.
  11. Patton5150

    Graphics vastly improved in 0.92

    I noticed that my ships in port look vastly better since yesterday's update.
  12. Patton5150

    Unsporting Conduct - Allied Aircraft Destroyed

    Well, people wanted AA to be more effective. Wish granted.
  13. Patton5150

    update 9.2

    If 0.9.2 was pre-downloaded by the WG Game Center, you have to open/launch the Game Center and it should automatically start the install.
  14. Patton5150

    EU DD Event Part 1 Progress Thread

    I haven't logged in yet. But the commander XP and potential damage are going to be PITA.
  15. Patton5150

    IFHE: Alpha or Fires?

    Since Smolensk has DD guns, I don't think IFHE will help it against BBs. Only against cruisers.