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  1. Patton5150

    Missouri is just a normal T9 for new owners

    Did Missouri really have a higher credit multiplier than other tier 9 premiums? I used to track my xp/credit earning for my tier 9/10 premium/special ships. And Benham, Black, Friesland, and Jean Bart all had a higher average net credits per battle than my Missouri. This was in co-op.
  2. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/ships-for-resources-druid/ Claim free tokens. Also it looks like Druid is 56,000 RPs.
  3. Patton5150

    It appears that TX Napoli is coming this friday.

    Is the Napoli a supercruiser? If so, I"m interested.
  4. Patton5150

    It's gone Jim (and now it's dead Jim)

    You should have been farming detonation flags like all those people that were supposedly doing.
  5. Patton5150

    New changes to bot AI in next patch

    So it appears that bot ramming AI is still there. Not fixed.
  6. I'm famous. My response to the removal of flags for achievements My response to changes to bot AI
  7. The tier 8 (GJ Maerker) was ok. All previous ones were underwhelming. But the tier 9 is really nice. I'm about 19k away from unlocking the tier 10 and if that is as good for its tier as the tier 9, then I will be really happy. The AP on the Schultz is really nice. And the torps are also very workable. No hydro or speed boost so have to play different than other lines.
  8. Thanks Admiral. I collected the tokens I'll collect the premium day sometime after the patch. You don't need clan battles to get the premium day. Just expand the 'Other changes and improvements' section and you should see the button on the bottom
  9. Thank you. I had just finished check the Armory via the website and didn't see the ship available for coal, steel, or RB. It makes sense that it was a 2 million FXP ship since I wrote those ships off my list once their prices were announced. No wonder I didn't remember the Smaland. Twice as much FXP as a tier 9 is just ridiculous.
  10. Is it one of the 2 milliion FXP ships or is it coal?
  11. I'll be keeping the Land of Fries since I don't think there are any other tier 9/10 EU premium/special ships.
  12. Updated the AI of bots They can now adjust their speed to avoid torpedoes. Reduced the likelihood of bots colliding with islands in Training and Co-op battles, as well as in Operations. In Co-op battles, bots will try to change their course if there's a risk of colliding with other ships, rather than lower their speed or move astern. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0106-dutch-cruisers-part-1/
  13. Patton5150

    So I just got the Marco Polo

    After playing her some more, I think the biggest 'issue' I have is with overpens. But I think I can alleviate that after getting more familiar with her SAP and AP.
  14. Patton5150

    So I just got the Marco Polo

    I used my June coupon on her. I usually will wait a while before using the coupon. But nothing confirmed on any upcoming coal ships. And next coupon is December. So if another coal ship arrives, December is only 5 months away.
  15. Patton5150

    So I just got the Marco Polo

    So I just picked up the Marco Polo. I picked it up since it was on my short list of coal ships and I just unlocked/bought the tier 10 Italian BB, Columbo, and I don't have a high tier Italian premium to train commanders. I've played several games, and so far, I like the ship. Its the most accurate Italian BB I've played (I haven't played the Columbo yet). I don't mind shooting at DDs with her, unlike the other Italian BB. Armor hasn't trolled me so far. And her AP has worked so far.