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  1. So it was ok for the Haku to outperform the Midway for 2+ years. But its not ok for the Midway to outperform the Haku for a couple of months?
  2. Link is indeed broken. But just go to main WoWS page and click the HSF article there. Or try link below. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/everything-is-fine/ It says the collection will run until Update 0.7.5. I wonder how long til then. 3 months? I don't have any of the ships. But I'm currently on the Izumo so a free camo for the Yamato when I eventually unlock it will be nice.
  3. 7.1 Vive La France

    I'm wondering if the French campaign will be like the Dunkirk campaign/collection or like the Yamamato campaign. I surely hope its like the former.
  4. I'd buy a tier 5 premium Casablanca class CVE.
  5. I got the camos about 15 minutes ago. But the campaigns don't show an extended date.
  6. Musashi Grind Thread

    My 2 cents. 1. The Musashi won't have the credit earning that the Mo has. But as a tier 9 premium, it should still be able to make some serious coin. Just not as much as the Mo. 2. I believe the Musashi will not perform as bad as alot of people believe. I think her performance stats will be in the top 1/2 of tier 9 BBs. 3. I just got the Mo a few weeks ago after a year of saving free XP. I currently have 364K free xp. I will probably get the Nelson once I have enough and then start saving free XP again. Either for the Musashi or any other new free xp ships that WG implements.
  7. DoY Arctic Camo

    1. The DoY task containers will have collection items. 2. The New Year Raid mission tasks also reward containers that will have the collection items.
  8. Problem with Gift Card

    You should be able to call the number on the back of the card to authorize international use. I know that works with regular credit cards.
  9. From what others have posted previously, the Mushasi, currently, will not have the credit earning that the Missouri has.
  10. 2am PDT is when the timer for daily containers reset. So I assume 2am on that day is when mission 5 starts.
  11. OP, FYI there is a bug regarding torpedo launches. Bug results in torpedos not going where aimed. At times, they will launch to the opposite side.
  12. 1. I only have one issue with the past and upcoming line splits. And that is the same issue I've had with the line splits in WoT. And that issue is that the commander will not be moving with his original ship. Instead, he will go to the replacement ship. 2. I don't really have an issue with an entire line not adhering to the same style. There is always at least 1 or 2 ships in a line that don't play like the rest of the ships in the line. Also, trying to force a particular national flavor on a line as a whole is, IMHO, one of the worst issues that WG has created.
  13. Musashi Free XP Cost

    Nelson, here I come.
  14. I bought the ship this weekend. After all, its 50% off, LOL. There is a word/term that was used to describe American tanks in WoT. And that was 'comfort'. And that matches my experiences with the ship so far.
  15. OP, I'm in the same boat, so to speak, LOL. I got the Missouri a couple of weeks ago. And I currently have 325k free xp. I'm in no big rush to get either the Nelson or Musashi. So I will wait until the Musashi is released and we get some reviews on her.