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  1. I never had an issue with the original version. Don't know why it was changed.
  2. LOL at thunderstorms in Randoms. I wonder how long until the first complaint post. Kudos for reset of star rewards for Dynamo. Time to get some rewards. I think Sims would be a good choice for that operation. The map changes seem to be for the better. I wonder if the new 'Arms Race' mode is a voluntary mode, like choosing between Co-op and Random. Or its an auto selected mode in Random like Standard and Domination are.
  3. Helena is pretty good so far

    Even though I had the new tier 8 Cleveland, I still bought the Dallas. I managed to elite her yesterday so I then bought the Helena. I enjoyed the Dallas and enjoyed the one game I played in the Helena so far.
  4. Helena is pretty good so far

    I would wager that alot of people started the new CL line at the 'new' tier 8 Cleveland since they had the original tier 6 Cleveland. And that most of these people don't feel like grinding the new Dallas and Helena since they had no need to.
  5. Did you have a plane up?
  6. Go Navy Event End Date?

    to be fair, the only complaints I've seen are regarding the competitiveness (or lack thereof) in this event. For those who are just enjoying the event for the rewards such as coal and tokens, they have having a blast. As for me, I love this event.
  7. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    I can attest to this. Not only is it typical, its also well publicized. No one denies they do it.
  8. I wouldn't hold my breath, even after if/when the CV rework is completed.
  9. I'm just wondering why the code even makes such additional checks for a failure when the game is still going on instead of waiting til the game is over.
  10. I'll believe these change once I can observe them when they go live. During PTS a patch or 2 ago, testers were saying that bots no longer ram each other. But they still do. So either testers were wrong or that change never made it to live.
  11. 50,000 Ninjad again. Lol
  12. When update 0.7.8 hits, unused tokens will be exchanged for credits. Ive been ninjad. Lol
  13. They do not stack. Only largest discount is applied
  14. Do shark/eagle camo have same bonuses as the tier 10 freedom camo?