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  1. I love my Krispy Kreme! It's a great seal clubbing ship!
  2. Solar2go

    More info required for PT Grind

    And Flamu has chimed in, as well. WarGaming has created a public relations holiday season nightmare (from someone who's worked in corporate and government public relations for 39 years). One that it's player base may never forgive or forget!
  3. My game has now shot down and is restarting on it's own. It's working now, after it restarted.
  4. Solar2go

    I can't get into battle to play

    Nope, I'm in the U.S. and it's down here, as well. The are multiple threads and comments in the forums regarding this issue.
  5. Solar2go

    Where is USS Alaska?

    I suspect the Alaska is delayed because they don't want it used in this season of ranked. I bet it will magically appear after ranked ends.
  6. Solar2go

    Server Overload

    And even longer if a cyber attack is ongoing.
  7. Actually, if you exit the game, you can't even log back in.
  8. It's dead, JIm! Scotty, we need the servers back up ASAP!
  9. Solar2go

    Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    And it's not even April Fool's day...
  10. Solar2go

    Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    I opted in 3 hours ago, it confirmed it and now that I can actually spend my dubloons, it says that the offer period has expired. It just started 11 minutes ago. What gives WG?