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    Time to get posting then!
  2. Multiple Targets

    What if you got close enough? Then it might be an advantage to shoot at different points of an enemy ship. Also; maybe you don't need all your shells to hit for it to kill the enemy, if there are three enemy ships left with little health (assuming we have health bars, as I suspect we will), if you could get a shell on each one, that'd probably be a huge advantage compared to barraging each one separately.
  3. Hey guys! I'm located in Sydney Australia, and I can look out my window and see HMAS waterhen (the naval base) :P It was fun watching the international fleet review that happened recently. I've got a Bachelors of Science in Molecular biology, and I've just finished the first year of a 2 year Master's degree; making me pretty much a full time student. I've got many and varied interests, including computing, games and the infamous favourite of everyone, stuff.
  4. One of the things I enjoyed most about testing WoWP was seeing the game evolve and become more sleek as it developed; the planes that were introduced and removed... the change in game mechanics. That, and you form a sort of camaraderie with the other testers that carries on as more people join... But dang it, you're forcing me to stop lurking. :P
  5. I like to lurk. Its easier to absorb information when you don't have anything to add that isn't just silly questions or thoughts that are surely obvious to those more experienced in the area.