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  1. Kuma is fun and my favourite so far. I just upped to the Furutaka but planning on keeping it. Guns are massive rapid fire and good tops too. Downside is if a BB looks at you you're good as dead lol. Have had two detonation being one-shotted in it Still like it though
  2. How to Not Hate the Myogi

    I'm actually enjoying the Myogi. Just unlocked C Hull and looking forward to having some AA def now and not having to rely on team mates actually paying attention ; ). Still very new to this game but the Myogi is my favourite so far. Maybe it's just because of the absolute nightmare of playing the Kawachi. It does seem to be hit and miss though. One game my guns will be bang on, best so far is one-shoting a Phoenix , and the next your shots will seem to fly everywhere but straight. Anyways, liked the video and I'll put some of the tips into practice and see how it goes! Ty for the guide Mesrith
  3. Just watched the video. Very amusing Every game has a majority of stupid and then the rare diamonds in the rough that are beyond all expectations of stupidity lol.
  4. Hello :)

    Thanks Played 30 games so far-27 Co-ops and 3 Randoms. Really liking the cruisers. Currently in Tenryu. Got the living bejeebus blown out of me once by torpedoes and learned my lesson pretty quickly ;) See you guys out there!
  5. Hello :)

    Hey Fellow Captains I just started this game a few days ago and so far like what I've seen. I've got a question about co-op vs random. Is random better rewards? So far that's it. Only tier II but enjoying the Japanese cruisers. See you on the high seas!