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  1. Here is my issue, and i could be wrong so bare with me. I though when ever a new country was issued it's first main tier one vehicle, that a new slot and the ship were added to your line up. The new cruiser line was added as the first ship in the line, being before the Destroyers line can be reached. Yes, we were able to use the line prior to it, so in sense we can use it already. But, the Cruiser Tier one is still the first ship of the country, As I remember, any time the main tier one vehicle was created and added, that normally would be required to play before any other, It was always added to our garage/port with a free slot for it. It was not in this case, so it has left it to 3 options, purchase another slot for it, sell one of our other ships that we bought slots for to use that line (just so we can use the USSR cruisers), or finally don't play/use the cruiser line at all. Now, I am not whining, or being a greedy player. This is more of a question and thought that i might be right in my memory past patches adding additions of new tier one or reserve vehicles. Does anyone else agree that this has been the way it has been normally in the past?
  2. Firing torps toward friendlies

    I have noticed that most people do not keep aware of there surroundings when they are firing their torps. At the same time some allies do not pay attention to theirs either. Typing an alert or having a keyed alert, like the affirmative and SOS calls, most players ignore these, and chat messages for help or warning or other Messages, some players don't even look at the messages. So what to do with this issue is a good question. I know of some players that do not care who is in their line of fire, they see an ally moving into the line of fire and figure even if some hit the ally some will still pass them to the target. Plain and simple, some people do not care about the team, only their stats. Yes, it could be made that friendly fire does not hurt allies, but that would take the realism out of the game and that would not go well with a lot of players. There is the same issue with firing your guns when a friendly ship is to close, which causes your rounds to hit them instead. Again this is an issue of not paying attention to your surroundings. Most often these are innocent mistakes of awareness issues and not done on purpose, sadly yes there is a penalty for this, because their are players that think it is funny to be team killers. Or do it out of anger cause someone caused them to miss their target, stole their kill ( no such thing, unless your one that is to rapped up in your stats rather than teamwork), or being shot at by another. Yes, if they continually keep shooting at you, personally I would shoot back, they are causing you continual damage and will cause the team to be a ship down either way. this takes the chance of a win for the team to a lower %. Anyways, that is my view on it, my personal opinions and not speaking out for everyone's. some will disagree, I am sure, and that is fine.