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  1. 2nd phase looks to be substantially easier to get into so I suspect they're wanting a larger pool of candidates. It was mentioned that the post requirement was to help keep people from applying multiple times - that makes absolutely perfect sense. I suppose if one wanted to apply multiple times they *could* create multiple accounts and make a lot of posts but boy that would be a lot more work than just filling out a simple application. I've never filled out multiple applications for any Alpha/Beta - either I got in, or I didn't. By and large eventually they'll need you in most cases for testing.
  2. I understand - I'm not upset, just find it an interesting discriminator is all. I likely won't have the posts to apply to this round of testing but now that I know and I have the time - I'm going to try and be more active rather than lurking.
  3. I'm interested in helping the game improve but I've been busy working and haven't kept up on the forums lately like I should have. No sense in applying when one doesn't have the time to devote to actually testing. I actually have the free time now so I looked into it and found the requirements. Not surprised but I just hadn't looked into the requirements for the first round as I didn't have the time to even try it.
  4. I'm not worried about getting a particular number of posts, although I would like the opportunity to at least apply based upon my prior testing history with other games. I did play the WoT beta but never really ran across anything to report that wasn't already reported when I checked the forums. I hate bugs as much as the next guy but I'd sure like to actually find one nobody else has found so that I can be the one that reported it :). Strange goal I suppose.
  5. The problem there is that most people simply don't even read it. I run a business myself and we have legal agreements our customers agree to and it never ceases to amaze me how many of them simply ignore it, 'agree', and then complain when they're not found in compliance with the agreement. At the end of the day though if you've tested other games you really should know what an NDA is even without reading it - I would take it from the strictest view if I didn't read it in that I share nothing at all with anybody at any time outside of the obvious bug reporting/support channels for the testing. Reading the NDA would obviously be advised. It's sad that game developers face these problems.
  6. I think they're trying to avoid those that simply apply for the beta to get access to the game with no real intent to be helpful/productive to the testing process. I'm sure a lot of games have tons of 'testers' that do nothing but play the game and complain. I've taken part in numerous betas where people complained in the in-game chat about how things were unbalanced or buggy and how pissed they were like it was a fully tested/developed/released game and should be perfect.
  7. So I've known about World of Warships for a LONG time and have been waiting for Alphas/Betas. I wish I had known months ago that posting on the forum would be a criteria for selection - I'd have been an active poster instead of a lurker. Anybody else in the same boat? I.e. been watching the forums and just keeping a general eye on World of Warships without knowing that post count would be a criteria? I'm not putting WarGaming down for this or anything of the sort - it's probably a good way to limit applicants to those that are genuinely interested in testing the game. Many see the Alpha stage as a way to get access to a game early when in reality it's critical that dedicated testers actually work to find and report bugs and issues with the game with Alpha being generally unstable/very buggy even compared to Beta releases. I guess I'm saying "hello" and working to be a contributing member of the forums :). I played WoT in beta all the way up to as recent as a few days ago and have seen how it's progressed from Beta to what it is today so I'll be excited if I get to help build World of Warships into the amazing game I'm sure it will be.