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  1. Well, you failed.
  2. It really doesn't matter one whit whether you have the problem or not. I have the problem and I am not alone. Don't be so presumptuous in diagnosing my technical problems. My computer has no OTHER problems and this began with the first game I played after installing the new update. You need to read more carefully before shooting from the lips. This never ever happened before the last update. Got it!
  3. What the hell have you done WoWS???? Yesterday, after installing the update, I played seven (7) matches. Four of those ended in mid-match with a memory crash. Four of seven! Of course, on re-enetering the match, I found myself sunk or sinking and contributing nothing to my team. Come on, you can do better than this. This type of random crash in mid-game never happened before. You have seriously screwed things up. This is what drives players away.
  4. And do you have something to add which would discredit his post? In the absence of offering anything constructive to add, perhaps you shouldn't have added anything at all.
  5. Stats no longer accruing

    I may have figured it out. Something I didn't realize before. although I only play "random battles" - some are PvP and some are PvE (bots). Apparently, the stats for each kind of game is kept separate and not shown as your total stats "in-game". This is quite reasonable, in my opinion, but it would have been nice to know this without making a big mystery out of it. And that also explains my ~98% win rate against bots (boy, are they dumb) vs ~45% against real players.
  6. The important number you seem to be ignoring is you fired 12 torps and missed with them all. That is the DD's main weapon, not their puny deck guns.
  7. Stats no longer accruing

    I just play "random battles". I can play a dozen games and my "total games played" will add a couple or not change at all. Just trying to figure out if there is some explanation.
  8. Stats no longer accruing

    I'm not sure that there is a problem, but my game stats seem to not be accruing. I do not obsess about stats like some, but I have played many games in the last week and my profile stats have not changed. Am I missing something or is there a weekly update? Appreciate any insight.
  9. war game team killers

    It's interesting to see a number of posts which lament TKs (a curse on the game) and call for severe punishment, but continue on to say that they have themselves TKed on occasion BUT ONLY BECAUSE IT WAS SO TOTALLY JUSTIFIED. Seems to me you can't have it both ways. TK will always be a very small part of the game because of mistakes, stupidity or immaturity. Gotta live with it.