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  1. Missed the Alpha sign up

    I'll risk abuse here for being as my son puts it "Captain Obvious": My son is a CAT tester and I have to respect the NDA but just know enough from him that I want to learn more about and help this game, it will be HUGE when it comes out if everyone likes it as much as my son does so far (and in Alpha form no less!). My Christmas today was that Newegg put a gamer desktop on sale and I was able to get it ordered... so in about a week I FINALLY will have a game-capable machine of my own BUT... being an old WoT player who hasn't played in a LONG time (10fps on old machine was unbearable)... I have not been keeping up... so here's my "obvious" comment: The correct way to apply for CAT was to respond to the recruitment thread? Which is now locked, simply meaning CAT recruitment is closed? (if this is correct, then next "obvious" is... how to apply for next phase of testing... watch the forum and look for a new recruitment thread?) Patience with an excited old man very appreciated, be gentle with responses... I'm not trying to be annoying to anyone... (Thanks!) -ElCazadorDiablo