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  1. Honestly I agree with OP, and it seems it affected American BBs significantly more than Japanese BBs. I have and play both and Japanese BBs have a substantially higher hit %. But hey I could be imagining things.
  2. Agreed on this point, the damage system for HE needs some tweaking, I understand it calculating based on shell size etc, that makes sense, but what makes no sense is the amount of damage it does. Nice and close in like that, it should not have been that one sided from the video. OPs aim appeared fine, and the aim of the Atlanta was great as well, but those small 5" HE shells should not do that much damage to a BB. This actually brings back my whole issue with the Hitpoint system that wargaming uses. It quite frankly makes no sense with this game in particular the way it is. They have different modules set up in the ship already but they still sink based on overall hitpoints. That makes it seem stuck in-between two different methods of thinking. Best fix would be to change how it works, move away from hit points and fully utilize individual modules. Example being this, if you are in a ship and a shell penetrates enough to maybe damage the engines, guess what, you can't go as fast now. But if it penns and kills your engines, well, unless you can repair you are stuck, and even with a repair they can't go back to 100%. Similarly perhaps a main gun is critically damaged (3 barrel turret), you repair but it can no longer fire all 3 cannons. Overall at some point your ship would become combat ineffective in a case like that and you would be done. Similarly if you are torped and you begin to flood, even if you are able to stop flooding, your ship would not be as capable. This would still allow for magazine detonation, but it would be nice to see that actually blow the ship in half around the magazine but that has nothing to do with this discussion. Anyways in my opinion this would solve the issue of HE and hitpoints. Honestly HE shells against a BB would only do damage to top-side modules and not critical modules on a BB, especially if it has an armored deck. Only other change this could require would be a limited number of BBs per match, teams should majorly include Cruisers and DDs. Just my 2 cents.
  3. As usual I agree with Macabe. One thing I will say however is that people are too affraid of the symbols...in reality flags/symbols etc. did nothing. However the people behind those symbols perpetrated horrible acts. But if the world actually cared, how is it that movies which use these symbols don't lose money? Just some food for thought.
  4. A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. Finding it incredibly relevant to the community I decided to share, the photos are amazingly sad and stunning. May all those who lost their lives in the wrecks rest in peace.
  5. I didn't even know they had sign up there...these matches are really going to be so much bigger!
  6. I'll be working on making one of a similar design later today, will post when it's finished.
  7. Beta news

    Challenge accepted!

    Or.... A fleet of US cruisers perhaps, historically speaking they had plenty of AA.
  9. Beta news

    Quite, but think how much faster matches will generate now!

    I just want my ship to have a horn I can use... Back on topic, while night battles could be tough I would love to see them tested, it would be interesting. Either that or varying weather would be interesting as well, rougher seas, etc. Radar may/may not be a good idea. This is a game and it is about balance, and that would certainly give Americans a clear advantage in many situations.
  11. WG PAX live stream fail

    For a game that is still in alpha they showed a fair amount. Could they have shown more? Sure, but when your making a game you only really want to start showing it off in the months leading up to release (major bugs fixed, etc.) and have started adding the polish to it. I understand why they are only teasing for now, and a lot of people got hands on time at PAX do that's awesome too for them.

    That would actually be a lot of fun, perhaps one fleet defends a "base" (on land) and another seeks to destroy it (or eventually maybe even capture it somehow). That would be great fun, and I would much prefer that over capturing various points. Essentially this: Fog_Carrier_ShangriLa, on 09 March 2015 - 04:08 AM, said: Now this will be a fun game mode . Maybe there could be a map in which there are both the player ships and a land base of some sort a la Henderson Field. There could be a choice of one or two objectives to winning the game: take out all player ships or destroy the enemy base. To prevent the CV from having a monopoly on this mode, the base could be brimming with both anti-air guns and AI-controlled planes. Furthermore, the base could be armed with a couple of guns in order to take pot-shots at the enemy ships when they are in range. It won't be enough to destroy them, but it's some sort of defense. In order to take out the base, it'll take a coordinated assault from the whole team. It not only imitates WW2 history, but also might be a great change from the "capture-the-flag" mode that is prevalent in the game at the moment. In my idea everything would be AI controlled except the ships of course.
  13. Beta?

  14. Regarding the PAX announcement

    Thanks gunlion for the response to all this. I've made similar mistakes before (though not on this scale) so I feel for you. You are only human, we understand.
  15. It could be bad news or it could be good news. Look at it two ways. 1. This sucks, now it will be longer until beta. 2. This is good, they don't want to give us a sub-par beta experience and want to make sure the game breaking bugs are worked out before, leaving Beta for the polish work, etc.