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  1. That actually is a perfectly rational proposition to counter your absurd notion. Are you aware of what a red herring is? Because his comment was in no way shape or form a red herring. You throw around these buzzwords and TBH you aren't even using them right.
  2. Less common ships at higher tiers?

    Above 7 it is basically "World of Atagos"
  3. Hur Durr. I only have T6 but my opinions will never change Hur Durr. You just invalidated any logic you were trying to instill into this thread. Also - poll results GG
  4. When I'm only CV = Fish in barrel

    Obvious troll is obvious. Try higher tiers kiddo, my NO would like a word with you.
  5. So what do I do next?

    Save your money because you will need 24m credits to get the T8 in each of those lines you currently have. Including modules and upgrades, you're looking at over 30m.
  6. www.google.com STILL too stronk for OP
  7. Some of these are balancing items and others are actual development items. I would separate the poll into: "Must Fix" And "Must Have" sections.
  8. Because for some reason, you think you are special enough to warrant a spoon fed personalized response. Learn to be resourceful pal.
  9. www.google.com too stronk for OP apparently. https://thearmoredpatrol.wordpress.com/2015/07/14/news-from-the-wows-developer-thread/
  10. Read the developer Q&A. They already stated they are looking at CV balance. Search is your friend.
  11. What would good stats be?

    People that don't math should keep their traps shut when discussing statistical significance. Do they not teach the law of large numbers in grade school anymore?!?
  12. Enough is enough

    **looks up pseudochicken's stats... Maybe it is...
  13. Out of Sync

    Today is the first day I've experienced desync ever in WoWS. Is this a new acute issue with the server over the past 24hrs? Or does it randomly appear.
  14. How to view wn8

    "Light" damage will result in a BB using its heal consumable, GREATLY impacting its ability to carry/tank later into the game - in my eyes, this is nearly as impactful as in early Citadel hit. Regardless, WG Will not differentiate that type of damage within the API
  15. How to view wn8

    Not sure I agree/understand. Please differentiate heavy v light.