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  1. FallenZulu

    1v1 Challenge!!

    probably something to do with you putting him in the worst possible ship for the situation and putting yourself in one of the best options? A cruiser with long range radar without any BBs around to stop you from chasing him down and no torps to worry about. Yes if you somehow don't win that I would say it's a double whammy for you. DDs are OP and you suck.
  2. Like someone else already said, nobody was complaining in kots 7 when american ship lineup took the whole tournament. This game has a lot less of a problem with meta nations and much more a problem with premiums being better. It's going to ruin the competitive in the game because when those ships aren't up for sale or are locked away by steel/coal thats time consuming to get, rest in peace new competitive blood. Sure, it may have been one persons comment that we replied too. He needed the dots connected for him, and so we did. Who cares about thread topic.
  3. Oh, you're definitely a fan, even if you don't know it.
  4. This is so dumb i came out of wows retirement to explain it to you. This entire bloody game has RNG. Every shell you fire relies on dispersion. Sometimes you get big damage, sometimes not, on identical targeting situations. The same goes for torps, with them being out in the water so long you rely on luck that your enemy maneuvers into them and don't get gaps. You can literally watch any season of kots and see ships get lucky and survive broadside deaths (see game 9 EU vs NA, Jones' minotaur got insanely lucky not dying when he reversed in front of a BB, although there are examples in every game.) or ships that narrowly miss getting hit by torps consecutively. None of that has anything to do with Russian ships or not. Sure, russian ships were really strong this season, inarguably. Last season was different, season 7 saw midway counter meta etc. You wouldn't discount the wins by people in those games even though they operate on the same shell RNG and torp luck as any other round played, but you want to sit there and discount this one because an CC ran his mouth about a competitive scene he does not understand, and you want to wave your 'im an average man with average opinions' flag around because big daddy average zoup did. -pulicat
  5. FallenZulu

    RN CVs are dead

    Yeah cause this isn't the account I played carriers on. I know exactly what can be done. Every surface ship CAN dev strike, and a cv can't do it. Sure, I'm not talking about dev strikes. The reason I say striking power of BBs is because 10-20k is a very common BB salvo that happens every 30 seconds, like a carrier can do in each pass. Also not talking about your baby tier cvs. -pulicat
  6. FallenZulu

    RN CVs are dead

    You have a class in the game that has speed that dwarfs a destroyer, the agility of a cruiser, the striking power of a BB, and can't be hit in return. It doesn't really matter how to balance it, it's always going to either be nerfed too much or not enough. wg is starting to find that out.
  7. FallenZulu

    RN CVs are dead

    allow carriers to spank ships with no skill required of course.
  8. FallenZulu

    All three main WG games are sinking and one is dead...

    If I had a penny for everytime someone claims that *insert game here* is dying, then I would have a whole lot of pennies.
  9. FallenZulu

    WOW 1-5 rank gameplay with CVs in them

    So, the nurnberg or pensacola dictate those engagements with battleships because battleships get spotted FIRST, without carriers. cruisers can also position is such a way that they can farm the battleships relatively safely. They can see the shells in the air and actively dodge them, hell they can even bait the shots. cruisers dealing with dive bombers don't get the concealment luxury, have much less time to maneuver, and most times their avoidance is down to carrier misplay or drop rng, because they will not escape the ellipse. It's not the potential to kill it I have the problem with, it's the lack of counterplay. Carriers hold all the cards, and ships are just damage to be farmed.
  10. FallenZulu

    WOW 1-5 rank gameplay with CVs in them

    Again, how about all those players in randoms that get singled out just trying to complete a daily or mission etc? Ones where they are not concerned about the overall victory of their team? Please defend a player having the ability to single out a target at any point and ruin their experience and their battle on a whim?
  11. FallenZulu

    WOW 1-5 rank gameplay with CVs in them

    I would like to put that up against potato everymans excuse of 'i play for fun, not to win'.
  12. FallenZulu

    WOW 1-5 rank gameplay with CVs in them

    So what you're saying is that you're finally adapting to carriers and things are working out, thanks we'll put that into the spreadsheet of fun. -WG official response.
  13. FallenZulu

    Very easy anti-botting measures

    This is the dumbest thing i've ever heard of. Name one game ever that does this kind of captcha checking in their matchmaker. Don't bother, because you can't. It's stupid, nobody is going to want to do it, and it will annoy the entire active player base to a one, whereas any bots that come up impact very small amounts of players in comparison. And after your initial 'wave' of captcha [edited], you want wg to implement even MORE comlplicated methods of verification. WG knows how to not care about sections of their players and ruin their games with mechanics, but even they are not this blatantly inept.
  14. FallenZulu

    GPU Loading In Port

    It wasn't in their spreadsheets.