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  1. FallenZulu

    Brawling in the Großer Kurfürst

    Also true but if you're looking for that then play DD's, they are much more capable of getting into the action quickly and survive doing it. Or the Minotaur, that thing will give you anxiety real quickly.
  2. FallenZulu

    Brawling in the Großer Kurfürst

    A purpose of a BB usually is to deliver single volley, devastating shots at the enemy. It's nice and dandy to push when the situation calls for it but if you just push right into the enemy without having your flanks covered and/or have support then you're just going to die an idiots death and give your team nothing but frustration.
  3. FallenZulu

    Brawling in the Großer Kurfürst

    I'm actually surprised you survived that, normally you should have died but you got quite lucky that time. Good job
  4. FallenZulu

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    I'm actually hyped for these Soviet BB's, FINALLY I can make use of my Imperator Nikola captain.
  5. Get back on you [edited].

  6. I’ll give that a try when I get home, thank you.
  7. Let me begin that yes I know this is not the correct forum to be discussing this matter. Please here me out If any of you heard the game TW: Arena is shutting down sadly. Now I do very much appreciate that both CA and WG is offering their own style of a refund, the issue for me and quite a few other people I know is that we are unable to transfer WG's offered refund to the NA region. Due to the region lock WG set up on a franchise that never had one the player base was forced to be split up, I created an EU account because all the people I played with on TW were on the EU. Now I did the correct thing first and created a support ticket on the EU TW: Arena, but it has been not exactly helpful, taking one day for a response, which is fast, but then taking more than 8 days for an answer to my response. Essentially the support said that they refuse to do anything because of the region lock while ignoring all of my points. Meantime I was contacted by someone from CA on the TW: Arena Reddit about this issue. He stated 6 days ago that he would talk to someone from WG about this, unfortunately he stated that he fell ill but said that WG is "Keeping track on the issue", that was 4 days ago. Back to the Support Ticket, I explained that before this I had an issue regarding redeemable items and they(WG) offered me the option of either transferring it to the EU or NA server which broke their region lock policy excuse. I also explained that there have been exceptions they (WG) made in the past and do have a policy of allowing account transfer if a unique situation arises. I know this is not about account transfer but it does have a precedent in place of transferring information/goods across regions. Now I do understand that doing so is not exactly easy, but considering that this does fall into a unfortunate but unique situation I firmly believe that WG should offer something for those who want to transfer their goods to transfer to NA or vise versa, I don't expect an exact refund, I never did, but I'll take anything over nothing. It also does not have to be for every game either, this can be a one time deal just due to the game closing down. I'm also posting this on the NA WoWS forum because as I have stated I do not play on the EU so I do not have the required battles to post this on their forum. Again I am not asking for an exact refund on this just due to the different regions having different currency values. But I do not think I'm asking a lot here, I just want to be treated fairly. I spent a lot trying to support TW: Arena and have been quite dedicated to WG's titles throughout the years. If I can talk to someone from WG about this matter I would greatly appreciate it.
  8. FallenZulu

    Paper Ships in the game

    WoWS is nowhere near the levels of "napkin paper" designs that belong in WoT yet. We have yet seen a waffentrager e100 levels of fantasy and probably wont as the devs still have many legitimate ship designs to add. Once we do reach that napkin levels of design then I'll start having issues.
  9. FallenZulu

    Premium Ship Review: USS Enterprise

    Quite honestly. I wish WG would just remove the TB squads all together for the Enterprise and just give us an additional DB and fighter squad. Lower the fighter count and increase the DB plane count and I'll be completely content.
  10. Every problem can be solved with a glass of vodka

  11. FallenZulu

    Premium Ship Review - USS Sims

    I loved the Sims before they Nerfed the shells, The Sims was one of the best DD's in the game back then. Now the shells rather go to the moon than actually hit the target. Not that I hate the Sims, but I can not make it work for me anymore, no matter how hard I try. And adding the new Torpedo module did not help much as they are all but useless. Hopefully WG re-just the Sims when they sell it again to the masses.
  12. If anything is possible, then is it possible for something to be impossible?

  13. Waiting to battle against the Hoard of Tirpitz players in tier 8 games 0.o