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  1. WG Hates IJN DD Confirmed

    Two main advantages the Shima has. 1: Stealth 2: Torpedo damage. How I look at it is this, the more advantages you has the more likely you are to succeed. The less you have, the more likely something is to go wrong for you, simple concept. Assuming nothing changes, then this effectively gimps the shima balance. As giving people the option to mount this mod as well giving it similar torp performance just makes the shima ever more redundant. Shima has little chance to fight off a Gearing which is why stealth is such a important aspect for it. Making so that the Gearing has the potential to have the same advantages has Shima on top of its own advantages is just plain stupid.
  2. What is your Karma score right now

    If people actually knew me then it would be in the negative, but as of right now it's 6
  3. Montana Captain Build Opinions

    This is my personal build that I found to work well. Preventative maintenance, high alert, basic fire training, superintendent, Adv fire training, and conceal expert. Though with the lack of CV's You could scrap basic fire training for basic Survivability. Other than that I also use it as a stealthy fast BB. Wait for targets to present broadsides, and those who are bow tanking I typically shoot HE at them and watch as they stack 2-3 fires.
  4. Submarine Watch - Update

    They can't even do CV's correctly, and people think it's a good idea to add in yet another layer of complexity to the game by adding in a very niche ship into the game? It's a joke they are playing. Time and again if people want subs, then play the Japanese DD line. It's like subs but better because you can actually move faster AND have more torpedoes to shoot, as well as having guns. Because subs does absolutely nothing better than any other ship currently in the game. CV's will still be the better spotters and DD's will be the better option with torpedoes because they will be more versatile. MAYBE if WG decides to lose their collective minds and add in Cold war era subs with guided torpedoes and ballistic missiles like Gaijin did with their April fools event then perhaps subs would actually be a viable option.
  5. Keep in mind that the subs Gaijin did for their April fools were cold war era with ballistic missiles. Not WW2 subs with a very limited arsenal. At this point no one knows what they might do, sense they back tracked on their "Never will have modern tanks" statement they might very well add in submarines in the future. Though I suspect they just wanted to test out their missiles for their top tier ships which I suspect will be early cold war. Anyway both WG and Gaijin has their fan base and their niche in the market., People who enjoy the arcade style WG has might not enjoy Gaijin more realistic take on battles and vise versa.
  6. Will you be playing Total War Arena?

    Already play it and been playing it sense the original in 2013. It's not for everyone though.
  7. Lol, I was talking about TWA. Though they are planning on merging all the regions together.
  8. I built mine as a stealth/AA build BB similar to my Iowa. Been getting really good results
  9. Alienware is also giving away bonus codes for TWA. https://na.alienwarearena.com/ucf/show/1840675/boards/contest-and-giveaways-global/Giveaway/total-war-arena-invite-code-key-giveaway If anyone is playing on the EU server, then you can add me. My name in FallenTemplar_1, or until they merge all the regions into one. It's getting a bit boring to play by myself.
  10. What about a Greek Tech Tree?

    People have been wanting a Combined lesser Euro vehicles for WoT for the longest time, this conversation is exactly the same. I highly doubt the Devs will implement such a tree into the game, and if so then it wont be for a very long time. Don't hold your breath.
  11. Ultimate Troll Ships

    Whenever I need to just have some fun and pubstomp troll some of our lovely community then I jump right into my Nikolai
  12. As long as there are people with cash to burn on these crates, companies will continue these loot boxes. Santa Crates are fine as I find that they are give you items of equivalent value. But these French boxes are just stupid plain and simple. The amount of money you spend on them to gain early access to a select few French BB's is EA levels of greed. considering you can just buy Dbloons and get whatever ship you want without the gambling involved.
  13. Thanks for the input everyone
  14. what would you say to be their biggest issue?
  15. Title implied, thinking of grinding to the Shimikaze, something about a stealth torp ship appeals to me. But I desire advice from their captains First off is it worth the grind? I hear mix messages about the ships performance within the games meta. Second what is the grind like, is it a fun line to go down or is it a pain? What is the line's highlights? Third what is the general play style of the ship? Stupid question to ask about a pure torpedo boat I know.