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  1. Beta Survey ???? t5hey sent me..

    I feel Torpedoed.. my [edited]hurts :-/
  2. Beta Survey ???? t5hey sent me..

    OK..i had to put 70.. it liked that.. Geeesshhhh
  3. Beta Survey ???? t5hey sent me..

    SO 67 isnt good enough.. Where are these people From... MARS ? So far , nothjing has worked.. Mabee its a BUG ,, like a Beta version of a Survey..:-)
  4. Beta Survey ???? t5hey sent me..

    LOL you old Bugger.. LOL
  5. Beta Survey ???? t5hey sent me..

    i put 67 What the hek do they want ???
  6. How do i show my age in "integers" What the hell is this.. ?? Please try not to make things Difficult. for us.. we are Simple people.. :-/
  7. GOT it Thanks to Tech Support.. Yippeeee "Superpickle,Moksie has sent you a new personal conversation entitled "black screen". Moksie said: ---------------------------------- Delete your preferences file start the client select full screen and then select your proper native aspect and resolution before clicking apply. If you have an intel GPU shut off post processing in game options.
  8. Well, so far I LOVE it.. But, when i clicked the "Full Screen " box I had to restart, the screen went Black with a 1 inch strip of my desktop down the right side .. still have Port sounds but a big black square and i cant fix it.. Cant get to setting s to reset it.. :-/