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  1. Something I whipped together. I hope you all enjoy =D
  2. Furutaka Penetration

    True story, I had HE loaded (was shooting at a carrier) then turned my guns onto a Kuma that was closing in for a torp run. I then hit him directly in middle with HE and got 2 Citadels. Me: wth? that did 10k damage? And yes I was the only one shooting at the Kuma the time this happened. The Furutaka has me confused about it still. with AP I just don't get those citadel pens as I should- while with HE I start bagging them. . . Cleves pfft nope those things still just HEIl spam me to death. But Phoenixes, Omahas, Kumas, Tenryu's etc I can HE citadel pen and it has me confused to no end. Cruiser is a mixed bag for me still though, points of love and hate and 100% totally confused.
  3. devil_kit

  4. devil_kit

    dev or kit if you prefer. Sometimes I make silly youtube videos https://www.youtube.com/user/devilkitGAMER/videos sometimes I stream things http://www.twitch.tv/devil_kit often I post info on these things on my twitter https://twitter.com/devilkitGAMER Sometimes I have amazing games like this
  5. Mutsuki needs a slight buff, not much though. I admit though the stock torpedo range should be 7km until you can get the 10km range torpedoes. I free exp'd to the 10km torpedoes and don't regret it. After that its a pretty fun ship.
  6. Too bad most of the maps at that tier are too small to make use of the excellent stealth. Otherwise it is very fun.
  7. Minekaze is just fine as it is. In fact I find it to be the best performing IJN DD. I think the only thing it could get is a slight increase to its torpedo detection range (nerf) but other than that I don't think there's much wrong with it, and a lot of good things. Of course if you happen to run into a wolf packing group of Phoenixes or US DDs then well. . . I got hunted down once that way on the two brothers map. Guess they didn't take kind to me sinking 2 BB's.
  8. - What features/functionality would you like to see implemented in the game? 1. Another entire look at torpedo balancing from tier 2-10. a) Increase on torpedo detection range at lower tiers, decrease at higher tiers b) Hydro Acoustics should be a passive 'always on' that gives +1 km detection range to torpedoes and +0.5 detection range in smoke / proximity. This change would also make cruiser captains seriously consider wanting to defend against air groups or sneaky torpedo launches. d) Point Blank range for Torpedo Squadrons should be increased at lower tiers, decreased at higher tiers. e) IJN Torpedo reload times are ridiculous at higher tier for HOW EASY it is to spot torpedoes at the higher levels and given the increase time to dodge them. Only way I've been highly accurate with torpedoes at tier 7 is to suicide rush around an island corner and point blank my targets. Otherwise I'm seeing less than 5% accuracy with torpedoes firing at 8km away from target. 2. General game improvements in chat, division chat for talking just to people in your division. 3. Another look at Carrier squadrons as a whole, picking a squadron load out before battle is silly, instead you should have a stock of extra squadrons / planes, and send up what is needed and you are limited to how many squadrons you can send up at one single time. - Which particular things you're not pleased with (in the game/forums)? 1. Torpedo Detection range at higher tiers practically make most IJN torpedo 'sniping' and long range support entirely worthless. If anything torpedo detection range for the IJN should be higher at low tiers, and lower at higher tiers. At higher tiers the amount of aircraft that can be sent up negates torpedoes heavilly in my experience, along with the Vigilance skill that most captains have at higher tiers. Lowering the detection range of IJN torpedoes at higher tiers can be offset with tweaking the Hydro Acoustic consumable. 2. As a DD captain I have no hard counter to a carrier if he chooses to park a flight group on top of me at end game and keep me lit up. This is extremely frustrating to the point of me devolving to complete and total cursing. a) Smoke as a counter does not work because I can't lay a long enough 'line' of smoke to double back and lose the air group and my smoke does not last long enough as well to ensure I can double back, even then his air group is so much faster than my surface speed he can easilly re spot me seconds after avoiding him. 3. Cruiser shell spam + HE damage still too high in general, speaking as a captain with experience in all ships. In my opinion HE damage should be lessened 20% across the board, and BB's should take a further less 20% HE damage to compensate for their heavier armor structure. 4. The way a HE shell or Bomb misses me entirely but is still able to damage modules on my ship- please fix. 5. More maps please, especially those with weather effects and night time battles using illumination shells would be excellent. - What is working really well and shouldn't be changed? Honestly nothing i can think of, what comes to mind is short comings in various categories and balance more than anything else but overall I enjoy the game. I find it most enjoyable in pure tier 5 battles.
  9. I was in this match =L post game I thought " well our team kinda formed up bad" I went to solo scout east end of map just in case they were going to bunch up and come in on that side. When there was no enemy team spotted I moved in to torpedo the BB's and try to catch their CV. I failed miserably. . . After it all I was thinking "Man I should have moved west and focused on torping on the front line." But at the same time I don't know who to blame either- entire team for no synergy / focus fire / support? Myself for performing my spotting role, then switching to lone wolf to take care of their carriers- in which I killed only one but at that point only 3 allies were alive and well. I blame myself a bit for the loss, I am part of the team after all.
  10. Only ship this doesn't apply to is the Minekaze. Playing that thing stock is a treat compared to most of the other ships in the game.
  11. I disagree with that statement. 3 of us divisioned up to play some Tier II to help our friend level up- and when you apply the knowledge you learned well. . . I admit I felt like a dirty scumbag, ruining all the low tier people trying to progress and learn the game . . . and this isn't even the best games we had in the division either . . . But I didn't take SS and only have the replays, which I may turn into a DD training video. Because there were some VERY not what to do's and TO do's. Also our 3rd wasn't in this game, he went on an AFK and told us to play a game without him.
  12. Question About Plunging Fire

    http://blog.worldofwarships.com/penetration-areas-of-ships-in-world-of-warships-pt-1/ http://blog.worldofwarships.com/penetration-areas-of-ships-in-world-of-warships-pt-2/ Plunging fire only happens at the outer most extreme gun range- when your shell loses lateral / forward momentum and is practically falling vertically onto your target.
  13. Minekaze, still my favorite. and I use the 7km range torps too on it =p
  14. Double "First Blood"

    Had several of these happen. Had 2 friendlies kill 2 enemy ships at exact same time on opposite sides of the map. Had a destroyer circle knife fight and torped each other for 1st blood. And killed someone on the other team, and someone on my team died and got 1st blood that way too.
  15. Destroyer Visibility

    For the love of god- Look just because you DETECTED TORPEDOES 2km out doesn't mean that the DD IS 2KM OUT! if its a IJN Destroyer he could have launched torpedoes at you from up to 10km away and the 1 minute it took those torpedoes to TRAVEL TO YOU you could have made a 15 degree course adjustment, or slow to 3/4th speed for 10 seconds and those precision aimed 10km out those fish will harmlessly glide past. Now if he fired 2 volleys with one in lead, one behind, then that is a different story. That means the DD Captain took into consideration you would slow down and turn hard as soon as you detected his 1st volley.