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  1. AdmiralKird

    Don't worry if you dont have Enterprise

    Saipan is better against good surface ships and bad CV players. Enterprise is better against bad surface players and good CV players. There's only one (or two) CVs in a round though and making use of Enterprise's huge patrol fighter circle are situational so Saipan is arguably the better ship. Buuuuuuut even so you'll probably win more with Enterprise because its more forgiving to use and most of the time surface ships are bad. Saipan scales better in T10 rounds, Enterprise dumpsters in T6. You can make a Saipan look like a Midway if you do everything right, but you can only make an Enterprise look like an Enterprise. In ranked at T8 I played both but ended up using Saipan to rank out because of the alpha against DD's, especially static charged ones with unhealthy life habits, and being able to get planes where you need to on the map faster. Saipan is also more fun in general to play due to the increased plane speed.
  2. AdmiralKird

    FDR: How do you think of Roosevelt?

    I've played against an FDR about ten times. Only one seemed to be particularly useful, getting a few strikes on "Ocean." The other nine times? Not even super unicorns seemed to be able to do anything with it. Having not played it, I can't give an accurate testament on whats wrong with it, but I'd guess the plane concealment is too low and the alpha strikes too low. From a design perspective it sounds like WG wants to make it the "Shimakaze" of CV's, except it's strikes are, while higher than normal CV's, not as powerful as a Shimakaze torpedo strikes and it's planes can be spotted from 8 miles out. That, coupled with being unable to deploy patrol fighters as well as other CV's with faster planes, means its probably impossible to balance unless WG raises its alpha damage and increases concealment, which they're probably unwilling to do lest they enrage the playerbase. One could argue though a player's experience of getting dev-struck is actually preferable to getting repeatably struck in twelve, fifteen attacks by current CV's, and tortured to death over a four minute period.