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  1. Agreed on the draw rate. I'm against draws in every form. There are very few cases where a "draw" is really a valid condition, and there are a huge array of tie-breakers: Point totals at time expiration Ship counts on both sides Relative ship values on both sides (CV rates 90 points for domination purposes, I think? Others 60?) If all else is identical, you could move to total remaining ship HP percentages If somehow that is identical, number of hits, disables, fires, citadels per team It doesn't seem like a "true draw" should ever happen with so many ways to differentiate performance. It sucked to have a game of the night going only to find your effort was for naught because someone was able to hide out long enough. (Gotta save that repair money at Tier 4! heh)
  2. Well, it definitely places a premium on someone actually defending your base, instead of 100% of the fleet steaming ahead into the great unknown. As much as I hate a DD pulling that stunt late, all it takes is the barest amount of counter-play to prevent. 180 seconds for a cap is often enough time for non-battleships to circle back, so long as they're paying attention and retaining awareness. Battleships, on the other hand... man. The big BBs are usually not capping *anything*, partly because most BB drivers prefer to sit at the max range of their guns (gotta keep that armor pristine) and partly because the ships are so slow. This can be beaten by BB drivers intentionally taking riskier lines mid-field to push towards the cap, though that greatly ups their risk of death from DDs and psychotic CLs/CAs. I do wish the altered mode were better advertised. I'm getting a little tired of yelling "CAP THE BASE" and "DEFEND THE BASE" at people who haven't gotten the memo (which seems to be the majority).
  3. I concur with that assessment. It's not an unwelcome change, exactly - it certainly spices up the fights! - but it was surprising the first few times I saw games "lost" without the team really understanding why. At any rate, I'm pretty in favor of the change if only to force more games per hour.
  4. That's the behavior I"m seeing, too. Domination maps with an A and a B base are now resulting in immediate victory as soon as one team captures both positions, despite the current point totals. There is no longer a climb to 1,000 points. It's possible for a single dd to "win" a game by capping the enemy base even if all his allies are completely destroyed and he's trailing by 600 domination points. I'm aware of the instant win on single-base maps, and am not referring to that mode. I'm sorry I was unclear in my OP.
  5. Prior to, I thought base caps lead to an accelerated rate of increase in the climb to 1,000 points. Post, on some maps, base cap leads to an instant victory condition. I'm actually in favor of the cap = win dynamic, though it seems to be taking people a hell of a lot of time to adjust to the new ruleset (battleships in particular are always out of position either to support the offense or provide base defense). How do the rest of you feel?
  6. Patch error Sunday 09/29/15

    Spamming the retry button worked for me. it's one of those fixes that seems like it shouldn't work at all, and it's a little frustrating when you hit the 99% mark - took me about 10 retries to go from 96% to Installing. Does work, though. I was also getting the "not enough storage" issue, and it was also bunk - the lowest free space I have on my system is 21GB, while the drive with World of Warships is sitting at a sweet 2TB free this morning. Definitely an installer issue.
  7. Hi all, New ship driver here seeking a clan. Key stats about me: I'm an adult (mid-30s). I'm what William Gibson called "a very technical boy". I'm usually employed during daytime hours, so prefer later gaming windows. I'm a WoT driver (also clanless), primarily the German line, mostly T7+. (Highest is my Jagdtiger, T9 German TD that no doubt everyone's blown up a few times.) I was a WoWP flyer, but the game's dead. Didn't play for long. Currently not line or role specialized in WoWS - I'm driving both USN and IJN vessels. Started in Open Beta, currently progressing through Tier 4. Strong love for Destroyers, but open to everything. I have a 50Mbps internet connection, dual monitors, a working headset, and a variety of chat programs (Skype, Mumble, Teamspeak, Ventrilo). Things I'm looking for in a clan: Older players. People who don't torpedo their allies. (Hard to find, I know.) People willing to fire on marked targets. Good senses of humor. If there are older clans out there, drop me a note. My forum name and NA server name are a match. Happy sailing. o7