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  1. Just got my New Mexico, tips needed.

    Up your range as best as possible and stay with supporting CAs. You have 12 rounds going down range potentially, you are definitely in a position to detonate anything you meet. This ship, as I feel it thus far, is more accurate than the New York, and more often than not you'll get kills thanks to citadels with AP more than anything else. You need to focus on CAs and other BBs. Be sure you are going for citadels and don't sail in a straight line. Ever. Great ship.
  2. You're the guy that should conceivably make anything in front of you potentially stop existing. So long as you are playing with a team, have a good DD screen, are shielded by AA and are smart with your shots at a distance...then you can very handily make other ships into submarines.
  3. Battleships are simply BAD

    BBs are definitely the most fun I have in game. Myogi, Kongo, New York, Wyoming and definitely the New Mexico are all a blast to play. Scared of the Colorado, can't wait for the North Carolina.
  4. I'll take the Buffalo, please.
  5. DETONATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is kind of [edited] up we're sitting in here casually talking about detonations of a ship...with a picture posted of a ship that killed 841 men...and several of you have anime girl avatars and sigs.
  6. DETONATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HMS Hood HMS Indefatigable HMS Invincible HMS Defence SMS Pommern HMS Queen Mary USS Maine Mutsu (technically) HMS Bulwark (technically) Roma HMS Vanguard (technically) Borodino That's why detonations are in-game.