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  1. Here is a short video of my trip to see the USS Wisconsin BB-64 Iowa class in Norfolk. This is raw video, just joined the ship clips together also has some clips of the harbor including our newest addition the USS Zumwalt DDG and the USS George Bush CVN along with others. I will likely add a narrated clip with the stills I took along with the interior stuff. This was shot hand held with my Canon 70D with an IS lens I'm still get the hang of video, mostly a stills guy. Anyway I hope you enjoy a gimps as to what she's like today. Canon 70D STM 18-135mm In camera audio shot at 24p 1920x1080, in hindsight I should have shot at 30fps. It's a great deal if you are near Norfolk, Va, $35 for the access to Nauticus USS Wisconsin and the Harbor tour which is 2 hours long.
  2. Game was too rushed through the stages.

    It's more of a MOBA, multiplayer online battle arena. WG likes the term MMO because it makes their numbers seem more impressive but they don't even directly compete for the MMO player base. I agree with others in that moving to release wouldn't have changed anything for WG, once they started taking money the game was effectively released. As only a person with CBT access it's very hard to imagine why they chose to dumb down the game to mostly arcade shooter. It's a naval game without a flotation model...
  3. Jingles, What Have You Done?

    He didn't even troll, he just pointed out how absurd they look.
  4. 6.2M Worldwide Players

    That number is a complete joke, my account is part of that and I haven't logged in 4 months. At most optimistic they have might have 1 million semi active players but likely less than half of that.
  5. The Russians did invent the molotov cocktail.
  6. Windows 10

    There are few if any Dx12 games and this one is Dx9c at this time that is a moot point. If the title isn't using Dx12 you are using it. Windows 10 is still very chatty which is inherently bad for gaming if you have a slower connection. They still haven't resolved the issue with .Net 3.5 which is used by lots of software and in some cases just wont install. Aside from those things the OS is stable, and the recent service pack improves the startup time and fixes a host of other issues. It's still has lots of changes that will frustrate you, mainly UI stuff but in nearly every case there are ways to get back to the old UI features which are still vastly more efficient. If you care about anonymity on the internet Window 10 is by far the worst OS choice, all though that is the case for all M$ OS's from Vista on. That's not to say it's not secure, but you can easily be tracked and identified when using them. For the vast majority that isn't even an issue but it's worth pointing out. Assuming something doesn't go wrong with the upgrade, you should be fine with it. If you do a clean install there is a good chance you will have the .Net 3.5 issue, for gamers that means Overwolf wont work until they release a reliable fix for it. The posted work around may or may not work to resolve this. If you upgrade you can avoid that issue but there is a small chance that it fail and the older the hardware the more likely that could happen. Right now their aren't many compelling reasons to upgrade to it. The biggest motivator would be for future support of newer hardware and software but none of that is an issue today.
  7. Not hard to figure out where the fight will be, they would have tiny detection ranges even on the surface, and they can out turn anything in the game with ease surfaced or submerged. Considering how the game handles torpedo reloads, speed and range they would be OP. Any balancing would be a double standard of realism just to bring them inline. You could close to within 4.5km on the surface, speed for US and German boats is close 20knts, dive and let them come to you. Anything not escorted by a CL or DD would be doomed, even with an escort it's very likely they would get their 1st salvo off before even being detected. The biggest problem of subs in fleet action was getting them proximity of the encounter, in this game that wouldn't be an issue at all.
  8. Humblegate is a more appropriate name. Humble buddle had a promotion to give early access (CBT) with the Murmansk, free port slots, 5 I think, and some gold for name your own price. There was no indication that the free stuff was only for early access CBT. Forum mods confirmed that player would be able to keep everything. Upon release, WG changed the text and didn't honor the deal until the got massive backlash from the players and media. In the end they honored the complete deal.
  9. The funny part is the reason they wont add them is because even with realistic speeds that would be massively OP. They would have nerf there time they could spend submerged to minutes in game when it would easily exceed the entire match. You guys are funny thinking that they would somehow be under powered as result of the lack of armor and slow speeds.
  10. Thank You WG, For Listening!

    It's not a night map any more than Ocean is a night map, it's not close either. I'm glad you are happy all the same though.
  11. Took 1600 battles but i did it.

    It happens, they didn't get 48k only enough to cover the damage you caused to them.
  12. Was tirpitz a limited time thing?

    It will be back before long WG is getting desperate with low population lack lusterless appeal of the game.
  13. 4 kills to test a ship....seriously?

    Just buy an Omaha, B hull.
  14. Bots has came to Wows

    I don't think you can view the stats of a press account.
  15. You are just asking for a bad experience, the lessons you learn in lower tier ships teach you a lot.