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  1. Rotary_Rocket

    [12.2] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    They are just tick marks, they can't be used for timing as they don't scale with the zoom. Well you could but they would be different for every zoom factor.
  2. You can't limit their submerged time to 1 minute when IRL they could stay submerged for over 24 hours it would have to be far longer than that and not a consumible. As far as spotting them, on the surface the would have a 4km detection range, with sonar it would be 2500m or less. This would be offset by their slow speeds and the fact they trade speed for stealthiness while underway. It's also worth noting the are far more manoeuvrings than an DD in the game on the surface or submerged. When you look how they made CV's work in the game it's not hard to see them ignoring many realistic points to make them work if they chose to. The only way I could see them successfully implemented is to give the DD's a new primary role, with CL's lending a hand in the role of hunting and killing them. This would go hand in hand with limiting the ability of those two class to effectively damage armored target in the game with their guns. At the same time it could pave the way for these classes to lay mines for ships and subs. All in all it's something they should look at but not anytime soontm.