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  1. 0.5.1 Patch Notes

    On the second round of testing (as HM2_Paco): Much improved sound and graphics. I do have to go along with comments on the water effects, tho. I've been there, and the ocean I remember (except for some tropical sunsets) just was never as calm as what I'm seeing. The ocean MOVES. Even when the surface is calm (ie the wind is Beaufort 0 to 1), there is always a base swell. That swell is occasionally not insignificant. Yes, I know it would make destroyers less accurate d/t movement, at least for those prior to adequate gun stabilization, but I don't see this as a real issue. Or rather it is a _real_ issue. The more this models reality, the more engaging it will be, and the greater the range of doctrine that must be developed. I would encourage more penalty for border-riding. I've repeatedly watched it used as means of parking to concentrate on gunfire, which decreases the quality of game play for those of us who want to experience naval warfare as it really is. Maybe after 20 seconds of riding the border, the engines fail due to a lack of adequate cooling water through the condensers or something. While this won't eliminate camping to shoot, it might encourage folks to at least engage in ship-based gunnery rather than that from a fixed emplacement. I'd also like to encourage more lousy weather. Jutland, for example, was fought in conditions of fog, mist, low viz, and a significant ground swell. Weather encourages the development of ship handling skills, making experience more of a factor (BTW, I've not been playing for more than a month or so, so I'm not trying to make changes that favor me!). While I don't think we need Halsey's typhoons for weather, a storm or two would not be out of order, especially at the higher tiers. Just for full disclosure, I was US Navy, surface warfare qualified, which at the time included JOOD. So I've driven and conned the real thing, scaring the rest of the group when my skipper had it blinkered that his hospital corpsman had the con! Overall, I liked what I saw. It demanded more of my computer, but that was handled by tweaking the settings. The ability to message and set up divisions must be included before this goes live, though. The random in random battles should apply to map and goal, not necessarily to your team mates should you choose to fight as a group. The only crash I suffered was when I tried to link up with another player who had a very compatible style of play. Bravo zulu to the developers. Keep up the good work. Doc_Paco/HM2_Paco