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  1. DragonKiler

    Hakuryu Dreadnought

    -16% to plane rearm time and the heal.
  2. DragonKiler

    Good Luck all with Stalingrad Battles

    Lemme just think about that
  3. DragonKiler

    Hakuryu Dreadnought

    Oh I know
  4. DragonKiler

    Hakuryu Dreadnought

  5. DragonKiler

    Watertight Wednesdays - Torpedo Protection

    It does in fact increase speed of plane cycling
  6. DragonKiler

    Watertight Wednesdays - Torpedo Protection

    If you have AR, you become even more effective after the torpedo
  7. DragonKiler

    Rank 5-2

    I know there was one for the last season Then again I'm playing CV and all of us CV mains have their own lets be annoying to all other people channel according to the masses. On a serious note, we really should have one
  8. DragonKiler

    Ranked: Emblem Index

    All except the CV emblem
  9. DragonKiler

    CV's Ranked Season 10

    This has been my ranked season so far, I am currently at rank 5 and have really enjoyed the competition along the way. Here's to hoping that some more CV players make it to rank 5 so I can grind out to rank 1.
  10. DragonKiler

    Should CVs be banned from Ranked?

    Im borrowing this video from Notser, but this is a perfect example of how to play against a CV As the carrier in this game you have no idea how happy I am that the team listened and stuck together as well as they did, me and the enemy CV traded fighters so we had nothing to protect our teams I am in no way saying that CV's are balanced perfectly the way they are now. The skill gap between CV's is too much of an issue. But they are not OP. The ships aren't able to simply nuke everything at will.