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  1. Midway no fun!

    As a pretty good Midway player I thought it would help if I talked about how I select targets. My first strike is usually at a DD in cap so that won’t affect you but after that I tend to select targets based on their proximity to what I think or know are high AA cruisers. If I find a small group of ships without cruiser support, I tend to drop the highest AA ship so that my next wave on the same target will lose less planes. So long as you aren’t unfortunate enough to get close to my CV itself, and you stick to a high AA CL you should have no issues from me. Trading a full wave for a T8 BB is not worth. Also what T8 BB goes 21 knots? But those are just my thoughts
  2. Now I am going off the assumption that you are both equally skilled players in all classes of ship. In this case, I would take a Midway. CV in this case would be the single best class for a 1v1 duel. A DD stands no chance against a decent cross drop. The CV can just wait out the DFAA of cruisers and if he doesnt use DFAA then hes screwed. A BB also stands no chance against a T10 CV Against a CV, you can just charge the enemy CV and since Midway's AA is significantly better than Hakus, the Midway would have an easier time fighting off the Haku planes and Midway's strike power is much stronger than a AS Haku. Strike Haku will also get overrun. This is all my opinion, and I also feel like you should not allow carriers as in a 1v1 its very hard for any other ship to do anything to the CV.
  3. Flag-o-Rama Event

    WG just released the winners of the signal flag event and as I was looking at there were only 22 Roma winners and 2999 camo winners. I was just wondering if I misunderstood something about the event because to me it sounded like WG were going to give away 50 Romas and 3000 10x camos. I myself won some camos and so I'm not overly complaining about it, just wanted someone to clear this up for me.
  4. New AP bombs are utter garbage

    USN AP bombs are a really situational tool. The problem with them in T9/T10 MM is that they lack the penetrative power in order to punch through the horizontal protection of the high tier battleships and land citadel hits. They are still able to land penetrations if you drop on the right locations. However, as a CV player who grinded through the USN CV line, AP bombs worked really well on Lexington due to the MM that appears there. On Essex AP bombs seemed rather lackluster and I have yet to play AP bombs on Midway so I don't know how useful they are, but I have an almost 150k avg dmg on Midway in 150+ games so HE bombs really does do the ship justice. The thing about AP bombs is that they have a SMALLER auto drop circle under DFAA than a manual drop which is [edited] in my opinion. So killing cruisers like Moskva or Des Moines under DFAA is very possible and is probably VERY satisfying and you can use your torpedoes to kill BB's.
  5. The IJN line always had the AS loadout it isnt something that it only has now. The USN AS loadout is not necessary as it completely outclassed the Hakuryu in terms of air superiority in a fight with players of the same skill level. Even with the current loadout, I have yet to lose against a AS Hakuryu in my Midway with the new loadout. Admitedly, those players were not very good, but the point still stands. The USN AS loadout was not needed, it made it the easy choice for players who were less familiar with CV gameplay since it was much easier to control than the strike loadouts. Keep in mind all of this is my opinion and not something that should be taken as fact. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but hate helps no one.
  6. You request these changes, but the amount of time it requires to implement such a change along with having to come up with HOW to fix the CV problem. Do you have any ideas on how to fix the gameplay? I certainly don't even as a CV player myself. The only things that I can comment upon are what is annoying as a carrier but I can come up with no optimal way to fix the problem.
  7. How is this remotely fair?

    You absolutely should NOT stop in smoke against a CV. Never ever fire within smoke if there are planes because it is so very easy for a good CV to extrapolate your position from where your shells are coming from. As a CV player myself, I've seen multiple examples of T10 DD's stopping and smoking in front of my TB's and getting insta killed. It takes very little skill to kill those DD's. I get thrown off however when DD's smoke up and then immediately leave it or stick with the fleet because then the planes are easy to kill and go down relatively quickly. That is a waste of a smoke and it is very annoying to play DD against CV. Which is the reason why my US DD's have DFAA.
  8. WG, I Dare You.....

    This should be the April Fools event. Would be hilarious as hell
  9. Ranger Vs. Sipan wth??

    You just have to play the patience game, bait the Saipan fighters over friendly AA. Fight them on your turf, not their turf. Pay attention to where their fighters are located and then send strike planes to the other side. I'm not saying its not unfair. It most certainly is, but there are things you can do in order to get around this weakness. The saipan only has 4 fighters per squad with the Air Supremacy captain perk. They arent going to be shooting down your planes very fast if they just left click them. Watch for their strafes and dodge them.
  10. My experience as a Corgi

    This corgi event was quite fun, the corgi players I ran across were decent players, better than your average server potato. I had the pleasure of running into Corgi Captain 186 I think in my Midway when he was in Roma. Needless to say it was not pretty. His friendly Des Moines couldnt save him from the sky cancer :D
  11. The issue currently with the T10 CV's however is that Midway is just too strong against Strike Haku. It takes a highly skilled Haku player in order to beat a Midway player who knows how to strafe simply due to the larger hangar capacity of Midway and the larger squads. The AS (4-2-2) Haku allows for easier fighter engagement and thus easier ar supremacy at the loss of strike power. With only two TB and DB squads, the Haku squads are much easier to shoot down completely and negate strikes thus leading to little damage on either CV because the AS denies the Midway, but natural AA denies the Haku. IMO Haku is in a weird spot of not really having a build which works against Midway because you either get your fighters absolutely destroyed or you lack damage to deal with the large battleship population around. Midway has both strong fighter power and strong strike power which just makes it a more all around carrier right now.
  12. Missed the magic 100 planes by 2
  13. The Midway is pretty scary herself, she also has 12 TB's now (T8 albeit but still). Without any AA perks those planes will destroy you no matter what ship you are in very very fast. I love my Midway at the moment, farming the lone BB's that stray away from the fleet is a hilarious amount of damage. In relation to this post though, fighting AS Hak is very hard in a Midway. Those four fighter squads with faster speed is ridiculous to go up against. I have very few issue going up against Strike Hak though even with the lower tier fighters due to the dogfighting expert skill. Finding a Stock Hak is a Midways wet dream, you munch his fighters like paper.
  14. Cv beginner asking for help

    I found that playing other RTS style games really helped provide me with a good foundation for map awareness and multitasking. Specifically speaking, I play Starcraft. Im still working on improving my multitasking, but it really does help with basic CV play. Just a thought
  15. Midway Change Changes Nothing.

    Also, why is this post in the British Battleships subfourm?