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  1. MM tweak

    so AA cruiser/DD can make exp escorting BB, and that make CV powerfull if there s a lack of AA,; but perhaps it would requires more ships, and bigger maps, here it s limited, small maps, 12vs12, i mean, why ?
  2. MM tweak

    have you played Navyfield, it set all theses problems first. but here we are far from the solution it provided manual AA, to start with, AA ship , get ride of "auto", and so on
  3. because you are an "achiever", other people may have no interest in completing this or that. Then it s clan battle, see the ships they have put forward... (and two japs) that's it. That s game game for people who like missions, and pvp stuff, but for wargame fans, or historical fan, move along. Ship without citadel, high Fire rate, all of this is just [edited]. you guys don't like wargame you just like pvp mmo, and they gave u one So sad.. go with fantasy and dragon, leave wargames alone we had better games in the past, simulation tools have never been so accurate, and everyone got good computers, it s sad... for this treatement, any korean 2000's mmorpg will do better
  4. If you think about it , only people that count for mmo are socially active people and thoses who spend. Why not use the rest to entertain the player base ? Associal, freebies, let s give dem 30% win rate, at least they are good for something .... any smart game manager should do it... just assigning a rating to a player, and that's it, then he s paired with others , and we have a nice team of losers. to think mmo are fair playground is totally stupid, there are tons of dynamic "assist" or "luck factor" in all of them
  5. Where's the extra torpedo bomber ? Thanks to new skill tree i can unlock the +1 aircraft thing, and surprise, torpedo are still 4x per squadron (Ruyjo)
  6. nothing change

    after more than a year, it's still the same. Total randomness... DD top score (somehow) what is it ? Damage dealer,scout, capture,ninja, all of it? Planes that can't approach anything, a whole squad being repelled by "catapult fighter" (fun) ,BB random accuracy , and latest addition, BB without citadel ..great. what's next ? Oh and what about a partership with Barbie , bring the real Pink.
  7. Range & Accuracy

    Does increasing main battery range also increase accuracy ? For example if a ship is equipped for maximum range (with modules and upgrades), is there any difference with the dispersion at 10-15km, vs a non upgraded ship ? And does it change shell travel time ? (velocity)
  8. Sick of So Many DDs....

    Yea, laugh, but when you ll have nothing to hit with your cruisers/DD , game will not be so fun
  9. It's easy to make fun of people... Do you see the speed of thoses torps? People can't see it until last seconds, and most of the time they are busy on something else. Someone could make a video about stupid DD too ... who drop their torp opposite way, just rush into bullets, etc i ve been playing a few games in tier 4 DD, i just rush for battleship, and torp them point blank, because anyway there s not much they can do about it....nothing to be proud of, If DD is invisible(and torpedoes), why the target should react or start evasive maneuver? + at lower tiers, lot of people are still learning
  10. i figured it out haha

    I am not sure of what op is talking about. But anyway, ships can have evade+ % , which is an aberration in a "ballistic" game, how come so many fail to see this? Dispersion, ok, i understand, but the guy on receiving end has evade ? i mean .. it s clear.
  11. Lol, aim assist does make your hit rate worse now ? How much lower can you people go ? Torpedo "aim assit" works just fine , if you can get yourself in right configuration, or when undetected... i guess for main battery that does works too ! anyway hitrate has not much to do with "aim", ... and damage is something else, so aim assist or no, doesn't really matter . BTW, they can remove it from game, why they are not doing it ? because they only care about money ... All hacks and cheat are ok, as long as it doesn't affect the money flow ...sad truth edit: not really hacks, but all stuff that does give unfair advantage
  12. Wake up!

    hoohooo ! Fix some basic stuff, like credit income at higher tier, and ships that are just left behind at their Tier ... tactic or team play cannot overcome some of the ships flaws. Some stuff has been buffed/nerfed far too much, i mean some ships are very easy to play, while some others require double amount of effort to achieve same result, it s not fair, and not fun.
  13. Progressing with XP take long enough, and then comes the credits !! Apparently buying premium isn't enough nowaday, no! Player should also buy a premium ship, and spend doubloons whenever he can click "yes" . As the player have to sell his ships to go the next, (or farm credits) frst consequence is you can't really build collection, then can't even buy ships on others lines ,or equipment, etc. Ok, it doesn't take so long to gather 1 million , but it s boring enough to play for exp, the game is not "so great" that one may want to also play for nothing, just to earn credits. Earn credit to be able to farm exp, good logic. As i am not addicted, and i don't plan to play for months, or spend more than that , really there is not much choice ...just stop. i am ok to buy premium, but that should be enough to progress, and buy ships with little effort. (because there is also ship upgrade after that, and equipment, and others lines,etc) And not having to play dozens or hundreds of battle outside of "career progress" (unlocking stuff) just to buy what you unlocked. +on ships i don't even want to play with. Imo game doesn't provide enough in term of gameplay/tactic to be (re)played so much.
  14. Get closer to the target . (that s why BB have more hp,and repair... to take some punishement) Even a "perfect shot" at 15-20km ... a BB or a cruiser can make 90° turn before shells land, and then dispersion can ruin everything, even if the target keep sailing at same seed in same direction. If you use BB armor and angle the ship, you can get closer, and take a good shot, instead of praying 1 or 2 shells hit. A good salvo at close-medium range usually do much more damage than trying to snipe from afar. It s easier to hit with 6-7sec flight time, than with 12 or 15sec... of course you have to take some risk, and know when to go in, and when to retreat. imo, that s how it works.. (i mean not too close, but also not too far)
  15. I don't care torpedoes wall, fires, even invisibility! But, point is, DD are going to the zone in the heat of battle (i should say, it just enter the large circle), spam smoke, and here we go, basically the battle is halted, cause 1 or 2 DD decided he could go alone... Sometimes they do it with 2 or 3 DD, so it s "infinite" smoke , hail of bullets, and dozens of torps to whoever come close ...all while semi-invisible. Of course, someone should defend the base, but one ship or two can't cover much, and the defender may not able to react fast enough, or destroy the DD alone. But, what is worse, is that theses early-cap DD generally get killed in the process, but as it force many ships to change their course, a simple ship(and the smallest) change the battle configuration by itself. When there s is no clear dominance by either of team, a simple DD "suicide" rush can mess everything. And i suspect some DD do it just to get someone to torp, which is not really the point of a capture aera, and that does show the relative impunity theses ships are granted...