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  1. Nassau is useless

    This is an opinion? Else state something useful like a supporting argument or strategy? If you or the other poster read inexperience from my OP then I apologize ... That I used the fact that I was in CBT was obviously not a declaration of having experience to you or joris? Sadly thinking I was a "buy-in" and although the "basic mechanics" have changed several times since CBT, I might still be failing to understand these "basic mechanics" because you know ... pulicat said so? Almost sounds like you don't like CBT'ers? or you're just jealous? lol?
  2. Nassau is useless

    Are you a troll? Or did you miss the BETA Tester part? Some people are just a little slow so I thought I might ask...
  3. Nassau is useless

    Worst ship I've used, and I have played since closed BETA. The main guns have no effect on BB's 90% of the time, and any shot over 3KM is about as accurate as unloading a nostril at someones face at over 3m. HE has such a low %catchfire it's not viable and again if you're over 3km you'll miss 99% of shots at DD's. And secondaries although there are many, hits at most 1 shot out of 75. On top of that you have to get into non avoidance torp range to be any effect at all. You're essentially suicide running 90% of matches just to get some damage/XP. /rant
  4. I enjoy the different strategies required by the different pvp modes. Makes grinding a lot less mind numbing, and once you know what you're doing, a single player can throw a serious spanner into the enemy works. I'm sure WG will release option menu toggles for the different modes, like they have in WoT so the campers can camp etc etc.