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  1. [O_O]Only Oil (a solo player cooperative)

    We've finally upgraded our base to house more sailors. Please apply in game if you'd like to join. This thread will be updated once we reach capacity again. Thanks for your consideration.
  2. [O_O]Only Oil (a solo player cooperative)

    The cooperative is currently at capacity. Thank you for your interest.
  3. Only Oil is a solo player cooperative. This collective of individuals' sole purpose, is to benefit from the economic bonuses afforded to us through the Clans System. There are no chat, VoIP, skill, or division requirements. You can play 100% PvP, PvE, or anything in between. If you need help with an Operation, I am willing to division with you for that purpose. I ask that you are active, respect others, and don't intentionally team kill. That's it. Inactivity for more than 14 days is grounds for removal, as an inactive member isn't contributing to the goals of the cooperative. This will only be enforced once the clan is at capacity. Exceptions may be made in case of extenuating circumstances. If you'd like to join, apply in game. Applications will be approved upon login.(I am US Pacific time zone and usually play in the evenings.) Invites will not be sent. Any questions will be answered as soon as possible. Thank you.