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  1. ShiroiWolf

    Premium Ship Review - ARP Yamato

    Add on to this: "Is the Camo nice?": Depends on your opinion, (in mine? Yes, I like the Parade ready White with Gold Trim in places, and I have no problems with the FOG Fleet neon and Celshade graphics) "Is The Camo worth the cost?": If you're just looking for a Yamato with nice camo? Then no... no it is not worth the Dubs. Do the Tech Tree grind for a regular Yamato, and either buy classic Type 20 Permanent for 5000 Dubs, or 7000 Dubs for Makoto Kobayashi's camo design if you must have a nice unique design. If you were playing during the High School Fleet Events and completed the HSF Collection to get the K117 camo, then you didn't even *need* dubloons. "But what about including the Unique Commander?" Sorry, no, No matter how much you try to justify it, just because ARP Yamato includes her voice recording, does not make it worth over $100 of Dubs. Especially with only 3 skill points at Tier X (you should be somewhere between 15 and 20 Skill points at this point). This is one of those times where I'm confused why WG didn't just simply offer ARP Commander Yamato+ ARP Camo for Tier X Yamato (and similar for other ARP commanders/Ship Camos) Then I would be more interested in possibly purchasing. TL:DR "What would make ARP Yamato worth the price?" 1. Look at what WG did for ARP Musashi. Make it bundle that includes Commander ARP Yamato (with more than 3 Skill points, thank you), ARP Yamato Camo for Tier X Yamato, maybe some little bonus for ~6000 Dubs What would make Premium Ship Package ARP Yamato worth it? 1. Bundle the Unique Upgrade in with base package, don't force players to have to buy another ship, two other commanders, and a camo/mission which may not even be useful if you don't have Tier IX Musashi. 2. Drop the price by at least $25. Tier IX ships with unique playstyles that were originally Coal/FreeXP ships are "only" ~$75 to $77. This is a "Pay to Skip grind with Permanent Camo Attached". At the ~$118 for cost of Dubs its just silly.
  2. ShiroiWolf

    Advice for where to put Yamamoto

    Aside from poor enhanced skill and talent synergy with Carriers (which is ironic given that Yamamoto was a big proponent for them), he fits well onto Battleships, Cruisers, and the Gunboat DD line for Japan. For Battleships, stick him on Yamato or Musashi. Definitely pick up his Enhanced Master Marksman skill. Aggressive Secondary Build:https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=1,3,9,14,18,26,28&ship=Battleship -In the following Order: Priority Target, Master Marksman, BFT, AFT, MFC/SA, Fire Prevention, Expert Maintenance The Survivor/Yashima Build: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=2,3,5,12,14,18,23,28&ship=Battleship PT, Master Marksman or Adrenaline Rush, Basics of Survivability, Concealment Expert, Fire Prevention, the rest of the tier 2 skills highlighted you haven't gotten already, Expert Prevention "Balans" Build: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=1,2,3,9,14,23,28&ship=Battleship Cruisers: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=3,8,12,17,23,28,34&ship=Cruiser Gunboat DD/Harugumo/"Notice me, Gnome Overlord Jingles!" build: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=1,12,18,20,23,25,33&ship=Destroyer
  3. ShiroiWolf

    Premium Ship Review #137 - Indomitable

    The point about Ark Royal existing is definitely probably the biggest sticking point against this ship. There's nothing Indomitable is really bringing to the table that Ark Royal already does. its losing things Ark Royal can do I suppose it could be argued "But at least you're using appropriately tiered aircraft!"... too bad as the charts make all too clear, losing any aircraft is painful, and you really have no good tool for knock out blows. 46 aircraft lost when subjected to a bullet shower courtesy of annoyed AA crews is definitely in the realms of possibility in Tier VIII+ games, especially when aa is being concentrated onto such a small squadron. The additional problem of only having two kinds of attack: You don't have that safety net of a third squadron type to remain active in the game. if you have a bad run or two/three, that's it, you're now stuck being combat ineffective, and limited to spotting with heavily damaged air groups, slowly waiting for the squadrons to be replenished. The final nail in Indomitable's Coffin, her purpose to a player. Credit earner? Tier VI keeps service costs at a very low cost, meaning even mediocre games will remain fairly profitable. British CV Captain Trainer? Ark Royal. Evil tormentor of the New Players who just got their first tier 4/5s? Ark Royal aside from the guide-mentioned Easy* WItherer Medal Farming, Ark Royal is generally more useful to captains than Indomitable (*Note: Subject of course to the whims of RNG)
  4. ShiroiWolf

    Premium Ship Review #135 - Gorizia

    Gorizia on its own, would be a disappointment, a ship that can not adequately do what its ostensibly designed to do (hunt DDs on its own). The best it ever gets to doing that, is when dealing with a hard rushing/flanking DD. It is, for anyone who has been playing WG games since World of Tanks and to paraphrase the words of Meathead Militia from a certain World of Tanks North America youtube video a couple years ago: "This weekend, you'll be rolling sailing around with thousands of people in a really crappy tank ship, which you will sell, for a free garage port slot, happy holidays". Its just in World of Warships lately, they've been mid-tier, so you're more reluctant to sell it. It reminds me of Pensacola (pre-buff/retiering/U.S. Cruiser Line split), fragile, she tends to gives up huge damage numbers to battleships targeting it and whispers into their captain's ears "You're really good, top 5% player base good, not some sub-50% WR who blames their team all the time". But occasionally, those 203mm hit something squishy in return or allowed to farm damage in relative peace, and you think "hey, she's not that bad" If she was just tied to Holiday Free Tech-Tree ships and Camo, I would even be forgiving of Gorizia's flaws. "Yea, Gorizia has some rough edges, but a free Tier 7 Premium that also unlocks a Tier 6 Tech Tree ship from each class, and special camo! Come on! it'll be fun!" But, much as you say it Mouse, Gorizia also is tied to the behemoth which overshadows everything going on right now: Puerto Rico. And they tied a quick unlock to it from the Premium Shop with a minimal fee of $35 and change. Yes, yes, they comp you with Dubs if you complete Directive 3 of the Christmas/New Years event after purchasing it. Yes, I want the devs to have a decent paying job and know it takes time and expertise to program and model the ships into game. But at the end of the day, its $35 for what is by all accounts a very "Mehbote" at best, that some guy in Marketing said "You know how we can sell lots of these things? Make it part of the event to convince players it'll make the first three directives grind for Puerto Rico easier and allow them more New Year Lootboxes/Containers!" And that annoying detail bothers me. Without the premium shop price tag (or if they had at least waited until after the event, to let collectors buy it then if they missed it) and looked at purely from the lens of a free reward/collection ship with the 4 Tech Tree ships, I think people would be more accepting of Gorizia. A fun little holiday gift that led to other gifts from the Devs. Looked through the lens of "Puerto Rico, Increased Monetization of the game, etc", and it just becomes one more obvious annoying reminder of things people are complaining about the game.
  5. ShiroiWolf

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.0

    I have some questions and concerns about this, and would like the Devs to please answer them First off, the Research Bureau currently is locked off to anyone without 5+ Tier X ships: Given that some of the current Unique upgrades can have very significantly playstyle changes to a ship (notably when it replaces a highly desirable/competitive upgrade or calls upon certain Captain Skills to get the most out of it), you would be asking players with less than 5 Tier X ships to build one way for quite some time, only to then eventually switch to a completely differently at a latter date So my first question is: Will the Research Bureau be made available for anyone who has a Tier X ship to access their Unique Upgrade? My Second concern, is what is this change meant to do? Is it intended to smooth out the grind or move a gameplay feature that's already available further behind a "Freemium" wall? Right now the biggest issue of the current Personal Mission chain to unlock is that it requires a pretty decent investment of time to unlock a ship-specific upgrade, the same amount as researching and buying several ships. It calls for 100,000 XP, 8,000,000 Credits, 15,000 Free XP, 15 Wins, and then another 40,000 Base XP. All but the 15 wins and the Base XP can be advanced faster with use of boosters (Notably Premium Time, as Premium Time also increases Base XP earnings sorry, I got that last bit wrong, corrected). Under this new system, what resources would be required to unlock/purchase an Upgrade? Is this designed to make getting Unique Upgrades Easier, or harder? My third concern is what happens for players who are not able to complete ongoing Unique Upgrade Unlock missions in time? This is extremely important to me, because I want to know if its worth trying to finish more Tech Tree tiers right now, or should I just wait until after the proposed date these changes will go into effect Final Concern: Straight up, what assurances can you give that this is not Naval Research Center 2? Because this really does seem like an attempt to soft launch a system that was rejected at large by the players the last time.