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  1. Audio Options (Announcers) issues: -SeagalCap (Steven Seagal) does not work at all, Start of the match provides no voice over what so ever, and quick order voice defaults to Standard/U.S. English Announcer -Kirishima Voice (still) does not play Kirishima's voice, and continues to still use Arpeggio/Iona Voice
  2. Garbage damage

    The other thing to consider with HE, is that versus Cruisers and Battleships, you need to aim for the Superstructure/Deck to effectively use them, as HE's primary purpose is to also disable modules on a ship (Guns, Torpedo Launchers, AA, etc) With AP rounds, they need to hit vital areas of the ship (The Citadel). The Citadels are the gun magazine rooms located directly below the main guns, and the Boiler/engine rooms (typically located about the mid point of the ship.)
  3. As mentioned: at Tier IV, the Hosho and Langley have no plane loadout options, just upgrades on amount of spares carried, and upgrades of the planes themselves. In latter tiers, you simply buy the upgrades to "Flight Control" and pick the one that suits your needs in the Port. Generally speaking, if you're sailing solo in Random Battles, you'll probably want the General or Anti-ship squadron heavy load outs. About the only time I can recommend you go with a Fighter heavy load out, is if you're in a division with another carrier, so that one of you focus on Air defense/scouting, the other on attacking.
  4. Hello everyone. I have a question as a new captain. Now, as I understand it, after watching various Youtube videos, and browsing the forums for a few weeks out of interest, the basic guide line I know is this: vs. Destroyers: HE (Armor's too thin, chance of over pen for little to no damage) vs. Cruisers: Varies? Vs. Battleships: At Long range, with Plunging Fire, AP. At short range, HE, and shoot at the Citadel Superstructure vs. Carriers: HE to keep their decks on fire (and because they lack armor) So here's my question, How true is this across the tiers? Or the various ship classes/Main battery sizes? For example, should a Destroyer ever load AP against larger targets (when not using Torpedoes anyways)?
  5. Repair

    The repair function most ships have, (I.E. Damage Control), is used to instantly repair any currently standing damage (or "Debuff" if you wish to call it). I.E. Gun/Rudder/Propulsion/ Knocked out, Fires, or flooding. Battleships have access to Damage Repair, which actually repair's the ship as a Healing/Repair over Time of it's HP (or "Combat Capability).