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  1. Well, I have the Shchors now and it's much better and starts fires much more reliably too (12 vs 9 guns, 14% fire chance vs 12%, it's noticeably better).
  2. Easy way to fix team kill

    Easier solution is just remove friendly fire. It serves no purpose in a video game.
  3. I wanna give away a boat, yuup

    You can give it to someone else if you want. I have a Harekaze with the cat skin and cat captain. I main DDs and mostly IJN ones (although I've been grinding cruisers lately).
  4. So, I've been leveling cruisers for a month or so and playing the Space Battles cruisers made me want the rest. I have the Des Moines, I just got the Minotaur like 2 days ago, I've been working up the IJN and VMF trees alternating games and I'm at T6 with both. The Budyonny makes Leander feel tanky. Yes, it has rail gun arcs, but also tons of shatters and noticeably less fires than the Aoba and with only suicide torpedoes and no smoke with [edited] concealment. Am I just supposed to sit at max range with spotter plane and only engage every 4 minutes on cooldown? When do VMF cruisers get good?
  5. They actually recognize the massive skill gap between new players and unicums in CVs in the video which is very interesting. People have mentioned removing strafing and manual drops many times but I doubt that's what they're going to do. This sounds like a complete departure from the current style even and I hope whatever comes is actually fun to play as someone with all the CV premium port queens except the German one.
  6. Extremely small sample size? Multiple iterations? Still won't be for sale for months for anyone who didn't already buy it when it sucked so bad it was pulled?
  7. I have actually seen what they've done here work they just implemented it wrong. There is an FPS/RTS hybrid called Natural Selection where it's humans vs aliens with tech tree upgrades etc. Most of the game is FPS as an alien or soldier but there are commanders and hive queens which have an FPS style overview. Their job is to support their team by giving upgrades, building structures, dropping health packs, setting up defenses, etc but not directly attacking the enemy team. However, just as in this game with a bad CV player, if you get a bad commander/queen it's a miserable experience and you're basically guaranteed to lose - BUT, there is as voting mechanic and your team can vote to kick someone out of the chair so someone else can get in.
  8. Same. I don't play PvE much but I had 4 stars max on this from before and this was a 5 star win just now. I put my 19 AA spec point Des Moines captain in the Atlanta. I did notice getting primaried a lot more than I remember which basically forces you to stop firing or you're dead. https://replayswows.com/replay/21561#stats
  9. Playing solo...random.

    Playing solo not only puts you at a disadvantage for winning, it also puts you at a disadvantage for having to deal with twats. So far, twice today, once with a "friendly" [NADO] division, where their Zao torped me in my Yueyang during a knife fight with a Gearing, immediately called me a [edited]moron and then they all reported me after the game, and again just now against a red [POT8T0] or something like that division where dip crapwants to talk crapand then all of his teammates also report me for talking crapback. I'm glad Karma doesn't do anything. I wish I could play solo vs solo players only. Being used as filler for arrogant [edited] bag try hard divisions is not fun in the slightest.
  10. They said it involved controlling a single squad at a time. I wonder if this is going to be basically taking pieces from WoP and making the bombers and what not entirely manual where you're essentially playing a planes game and not a boat one. Sounds kind of like Eve Valkyrie (which I never played), where instead of playing a space sim you were playing an FPS which had effects in the other game. At least for me, I picked up this game to start with because I heard it had carriers in it. Then I got 1, and was massively disappointed. The game play for them sucks, and I stopped.
  11. Playing solo...random.

    Obviously, yes. Voice comm + familiarity with play style = stomps everyone else.
  12. There are people who had [edited] RNG on their Santa crates who will definitely want a word with you about being conned.
  13. ^This. It's not the same but it's the closest (I have one). Really any T10 with premium camo, premium sub, and money flags does alright.
  14. You didn't ask a question, you just wanted to be a preachy [edited]. Usually B caps are wide open and DDs almost never get support but they do get primaried by entire teams the second they're detected. Get [edited], sincerely, DD Main P.S. Not everyone uses divisions to pad their stats.