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  1. They know there is a problem, hence all the free premium camo for exclusively T8 silver ships recently.
  2. Can we also get some way to turn off the Clan Battle notifications? I couldn't [edited]care less and they're annoying as [edited].
  3. Does this testing pan out in ships other than Giulio Cesare? Are you planning on publishing all these specific match ups for detonations and devastating strikes? Flamu recently did a "everything I'm thinking about during a match" video which was very useful. Maybe you could do something similar with your testing, even just posting replays (if you already do that, apologies, it's late and this is off the top of my head).
  4. I didn't claim it was entirely skill based. You're also talking about 1 specific ship out of the literally hundreds in the game. So you've made 2 contradictory statements: "Thus, the general consensus is (quite rightly) saying that getting a Devastating Strike may be due to luck every now and then, but more skilled players are more likely to make it happen." and then "I can cause a detonation one every NINE games in Giulio Cesare. How is something that you can only do one in every ten be skill based when something I can do one in every nine not be?" So you're saying, actually twice, that your stats are better than mine - I don't care nor argue that point, I'm sure you know far more about game mechanics than I do, I have read pretty much all of your reviews and they're quite thorough. You're also saying that Detonations are skill based - kind of, but only mentioning one specific ship - this was the only question I actually asked and you answered it in the most indirect passive aggressive possible way. You're effectively saying Detonations and Devastating Strikes are the same thing with different frequencies of occurrence. If that's true why have 2 things that do the same thing with different names operating at different frequencies in game? If you're saying that we should remove Devastating Strikes as well as Detonations - I'm fine with that.
  5. So, what exactly are you trying to say? Detonations are just Devastating Strikes under another name?
  6. Yet you continue your laughable attempts at trolling. Sir child? lol.
  7. You link the same tired crapin most of the threads you pollute. I guess that's because you can't argue the actual points being made.
  8. I have 42 detonations and I agree with the OP that it's a [edited] [edited] mechanic and should be removed. It's also probably cost WG quite a bit of money because most newbs won't come to cry on the forums like this one they'll just uninstall and leave - i.e. less players = less income. The most memorable one was getting hit with a single torp on the nose in my full health GK and getting instakilled - even the DD who did it was like "wth".
  9. Detonations are complete [edited]. I hate it when it happens to me and I feel cheated. and I hate it when it happens to someone else because of me, and I feel cheated. Devastating strikes feel rewarding because they require some amount of skill as well as a bit of luck where as detonations require nothing but dumb luck (good or bad) and are [edited]stupid RNG. EDIT: It's also pretty [edited]sad seeing Beta Testers and vets with 5K plus battles telling newbs to [edited] off because they got [edited] and don't understand wth happened. It's not entirely their fault. It's not like WG provides a bunch of amazing tutorials ...
  10. I have all the premium ones except the GZ and I just wish they were much more fun to play. The only exception is the Saipan. Yea I'm a CV noob and almost never play them but 3 fighter squad Saipan with t9 planes with infinite Strafe escapes and lots of Strafe [edited] chances pretty much shuts down whatever else I'm fighting. I usually only play that to crapon another CV after getting sick of playing against them in my DD/BBs.
  11. So... You only play divisions in prime time on weekdays? Cause this game has more [edited]potatoes than Ireland and Peru combined.
  12. This. I already have a $50 T5 and at least that one is still giving a daily pseudo super container. T5 has a ton of double carrier games. This ship according to the LWM review has crapAA ... There are other reasons to hesitate. I'm also still [edited] with WG for the direction of the game - namely Clan Wars and doubling down on trying to force people to Raid, at set times, with set classes, like the real WoW (which I don't play: hint hint). Ranked is a crapshow but a lot less of one than Clans.
  13. Yep.
  14. Yea, I meant like how many months or whatever. It does seem to come and go in spates. I stopped doing TYL and have been doing signals and camo for months and got nothing and then like 3 in the last week (not tied to promotions, like real SCs).
  15. This newest version won't upload replays ("something went wrong try again later") and occasionally crashes to desktop with python errors on a refresh. Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\wx\lib\agw\ribbon\toolbar.py", line 1386, in OnMouseUp AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'kind' Never saw either of these issues in any previous version. I've been consistently just installing the updates for awhile so not a fresh install.