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  1. Selfish DDs

    It's because of stats. If they weren't in game for other people to see and use to shame with no one would care. Goes double when there are mods to see the stats of every player in every ship on both sides and with a color coded elitism system in place. That's the real reason "the meta" is so [edited]boring and passive most of the time.
  2. Yea. I was looking at something newer a couple days ago and the $600-$700 cards of a year+ ago are now $1000+ thanks to idiots trying to jump on the bitcoin bubble. EDIT: On top of that WoWs performance took a noticeable hit. I don't know if its the 7 patch or the Spectre/Meltdown predictive execution patches from M$/Intel but it [edited]sucks.
  3. Can I shut off badges?

    I hope that includes the surveys you sent out.
  4. Linux users...

    WINE literally stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator. It just hit 3.0 major version number like yesterday. This is also a necro thread but not an unwelcome one. =)
  5. I got a survey a couple hours ago. Part of it was a series of questions about both the campaigns. I got everything but it was grueling, not very fun, and took far longer than it needed to. I agree 100% with the OP although I haven't played tanks in many years.
  6. Because they're all percentage based and base xp in randoms is like 3 or 4 times that of coop.
  7. I don't care at all about the anime but I've had the Harekaze since it was introduced and it's one of the best IJN DDs in the game. I bought the camo that features this cat mostly because I thought it was funny and reminded me of my wife's dead one. If they can sell the camo (which you can get for dubloons in game as well, fyi) why wouldn't they be able to use the same character as a captain? That makes no sense at all.
  8. Can I shut off badges?

    It is pretty much [edited] that you cannot disable this when you can every other addition like this in game, aka horns, arp skins, etc.
  9. Well written. Well organized. Up voted for truth even though it will certainly be ignored.
  10. I got hundreds from Halloween crates .. still have ~900+ left ...
  11. I take it you haven't had to fight Loyang with better hydro than German or Akizuki both with guns that would delete you quickly. You won't be able to do crapagainst competent radar either.
  12. Free Experience

    I looked at his stats he does have an Alabama, that's what I'd use with the flags. You can get Papa Papa flags cheap in the Small Gift Santa crates, I got tons of them from those.
  13. Free Experience

    Maybe. You can convert Elite Commander XP in to FXP as well but I'm guessing if you don't have enough regular ship XP to convert to FXP you probably don't have the elite either.
  14. I got one, you're not missing anything. I wish I got a Missouri months ago.