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  1. Nothing is more fun than being the mouse in a room full of elephants. BBs are scared of normal DDs, they're absolutely stricken and reduced to abject terror by the meer presence of an Asashio. It also has amazing concealment. I said it when it came out and I'll say it again, it's a T8 Shima with torps that can only hit BBs and CVs. The guns feel very similar. I got a Turkey in a Boise point blank yesterday with guns, admittedly he missed half his shells and we were both at 10% HP but still... P.S. You don't need 20KM. Put torp accel on; it's worth it.
  2. w4spl3g

    T10 DD Lines Grinding Priority

    I have all T10 DDs. I have by far the most experience in Shima (my 2nd T10 in game, first was GK) and YY. WG hates torpedo boats. If you look, all of them have less than 10% hit rates with torps and WG has continued to put a major emphasis on gunboats over torps (Daring and Hargumo being the last 2 releases). Most return on your grind is probably Japan or Russia because both have a 2nd DD line which plays completely differently from the main line but playing the main line puts you like 75% of the way to the top of the 2nd tree too. YY is about to get unjustly nerfed in to the ground. YY would have been the easy recommendation for effectiveness. It's what I used to push me over the finish line the last real ranked season. Harugumo and Khaba are both basically cruisers and won't get the benefit of whatever change WG makes to fix BB AP vs DDs which has been horrifically broken forever. It's hard to say really. Gearing loses its torp tubes a hell of a lot, it has the best smoke, it can use Fletcher torps now which is nice, it's probably the most versatile and post YY nerf probably best although I don't personally like it as much as stealth torping in my Shima which is my preferred style. Daring is agile but I absolutely [edited]hate playing it. LIghtning was amazing and Daring feels like a big step down with the requirement to use IFHE and a dedicated captain neither of which I'm currently willing to grind out. I haven't had many games in Khaba or Grozovoi I got them recently. Khab is fun to play but I suck it in and it's bad at capping which is my natural inclination. Grozovoi doesn't seem bad as an all-arounder but the consumables are laid out with different keys than every other DD in the game making me want to throw crapat the [edited]screen every time I use DFAA instead of a speed boost. Gearing and Grozovoi both have DFAA so they can at least scatter a cross drop if not stop one. TL;DR: Play what you like, just be aware that there are lines where early DDs don't smoothly evolve in to T10s that play the same way.
  3. I bought 25 and had the exact same experience. Not worth it at all; especially with no duplicates so no dubloons real. I had all the original ones from last year too. Got NC and Z23 .. Z23 and Kiev already had free premium camos from events ... https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/9t0isr/opened_100_premium_halloween_containers/ Many other people's experiences have not been good ones.
  4. https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/7272c298cfd53b18b4757933a0cb7ca913aa03a2c23254119266cd34fb52ae16/detection Microsoft is flagging this as a virus again. If you're running MSE or Windows Defender you have to manually allow it or it will auto-remove it from the system.
  5. w4spl3g

    The current state of WoWs is chaos

    I agree with you, but I would very much have liked to see the focus and emphasis be on Halloween in October. It's like a side note right now and less than a week away. This is a pretty big let down compared to how it was last year when they came out with all the operations and awesome steampunk/fantasy Halloween ship skins. This year it's 2 and some kind of Alpha test for subs which won't even come out until day of. I would call this a mixed bag as it stands.
  6. w4spl3g

    Are premium crates getting worse?

    The hockey crates have almost no value to me because the ships they can give give missions and not dubloons and I have all of them. The commander is nice but not worth the price and the crates are also extremely overpriced for their contents even if you don't have the ships already. EDIT: Last year Halloween crates were second only to Santa crates but WG has grown increasingly stingy with their stuff so we'll see if they're worth a crapthis year.
  7. I mean ... Is there such a thing as favorable MM for Indianapolis?
  8. w4spl3g

    Whats your Captains Anti-Skill?

    Custer's last cap. It's my [edited]cap and you'll have to take it from my still warm dead hands...
  9. w4spl3g

    What to do with the Ovechkin Capt's????

    This. I have mine in Okohtnik right now. These are ideal for Russian DDs and the $50 one could go on a Kidd or something just as easily.
  10. w4spl3g

    Thanks WG - free Z-23 permacamo

    @Lert Nice. I hope to get one. I think the Space and Halloween camos are the best in the game.
  11. w4spl3g

    Dev blog announced CE change

    @Radar_X This seems pretty insignificant and seems to be coming from the CV rework. Because you will only control 1 squad CV spotting will be greatly (and rightly) diminished without sacrificing DPS (at least that's how it looks on paper). If the impetus for this is anything other than the CV rework (i.e. trying to make people take a different skill), it's a waste of time, as CE will still be required on the ships that need it.
  12. Thanks for posting this, it's hard to know wth is going on from just https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/king-o-da-stream/
  13. This is basically what I was doing for a very long time (12+ months) getting 2 to 3 regular crates a day for the duration. But I usually get useless camos I don't need, so I switched to the Resources one. I opened 17 SCs from the anniversary event thing and 2 of them were actually Super, that's when I stopped caring.