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  1. Since it's a "skill" we should have the choice on whether to use it or not as it's not advantageous 100% of the time as most of the other skills are. For instance if you have the same commander on a hak that you have for a kaga you definitely want to use it on the Kaga, but may not on the Hak. Same thing for DD commanders when you're moving them around ships.
  2. Shad0wFiend

    Republique is BAD!

    Ya Republique is bad.....badass it's an awesome ship and my favorite t10 BB by far. Reloads super fast, has great secondaries, great armor, and is very agile. There's nothing not to like about it. It's a very rare game where I'm under 100k dmg in it.
  3. Shad0wFiend

    Lag spikes

    I've honestly never seen it lag so badly as it has been today. Is it due to the legends launch?
  4. Shad0wFiend

    Azuma vs Alaska

    Alaska is objectively better. The only plus Azuma has is slightly longer range with slightly better HE damage. The Alaska has radar, more HP, better armor, and better AP shells. Not sure how these two are considered "equal" by WG. Azuma needs torpedos or something like that to put it on par with Alaska.
  5. Shad0wFiend

    Cv players Dont be baited

    IMHO T10 AA is over tuned. DMs/Wors/Salem/Mino makes a very large no fly zone on the map and completely shuts down a CV. You *might* get one strike off with a full squadron around one of those ships, around two it's GG. Not sure what should be done, increase plane HP, decrease AA dmg and range, something.
  6. Shad0wFiend

    Why does no one play Hakuryu anymore?

    1) Can't hit anything with those torps, Midway can 2) Rockets are laughably bad 3) AP bombs are only good against BBs, Midway has HE bombs 4) T10 AA is a bit overtuned
  7. Shad0wFiend

    Refund for Kronstadt

    For example:
  8. Shad0wFiend

    Refund for Kronstadt

    I enjoy mine, and since it's being removed I'm glad I got it. That said I'm not very good with it. Unlike a poster above I find that it's pretty good vs t9 cruisers and most BBs. Something like a yammy or mushashi will steal it's lunch money and laugh doing it. The shell velocity is really nice, but the dispersion sucks. It's hard to find the best play with the ship since in close it dies fast, and out back it's hard to have an impact. I've only been averaging like 60k dmg with it and I generally stay at medium range.
  9. Shad0wFiend

    WoWS needs an end game

    Well I will admit I skipped a bunch of T9s as in general I think quite a few of them are clunkers. That said ground t1-t8 pretty legit, and in a few cases ground the t9 as well. If you've got more battles than me and are only closing in on your first t10 ship I gather you're spreading yourself across many ships and many lines simultaneously as well as maybe having enough XP but not enough silver to pull the trigger on an upgrade. High tier play in this game is really geared towards clans, and I have no problem with clan battles or clans in game, but I'd like to see some content for solo/small clan people. I've been enjoying the ranked sprints, but most of the time they're lower tier like t5/t6 recently. I'd like to see some additional t10 content such as t10 ranked, or t10 tournaments, or operations, etc.
  10. Shad0wFiend

    WoWS needs an end game

    I've been playing in and off since release and at this point I have all of the ships I want to have. I still enjoy the game, but I would like to see more activities centered around higher tiers. I've enjoyed the ranked battles and ranked sprints and I'd like to see more of that but I'd also like to see operations that are geared towards higher tiers as well as some sort of progression for folks that have all the T10s they're interested in. Off the top of my head I think quick T10 competitive matches that aren't clan battles where you can earn steel. League fights that aren't clan based so casuals, solo people can participate, etc. I play for fun, and have a bunch of cash and XP but not a lot to do with it. I'm looking forward to Alaska but that'll be a quick fix and after I have her I'll be back to where I started.
  11. Shad0wFiend

    Don't buy the Steel campaign.

    Being one of the said 40+ yr olds that pay for entertainment I have to say I'm disappointed in the steel campaign. The amount of steel you get for $60 is laughably low, you do get some other rewards from the campaign, but adding it all up it's no where near worth $60 IMHO. I really enjoy the game and am happy to support it, but this campaign is a real slap in the face. The Santa gifts are well worth the price and having both the Santa gifts and this campaign in the store at the same time really shows just how stingy the campaign is with its rewards. I also may have missed it, but I did not see where you could find the total rewards from the campaign before you bought it. If I had known I would not have purchased it.
  12. It looks like the settings menu has been changed to only allow you to hide the camoflage appearance of the ARP ships, but the ships themselves still show up on the carousel. It used to be you could filter them out entirely. How do I remove the ARP ships from the carousel like i could in 0.7.7?
  13. Shad0wFiend

    Chaff? No. Please... No. (discussion)

    Another option would be to make it work somewhat historically and sweep an area. That way the ship only shows up when the antenna is pointing at it as it sweeps 360. It would show where the ship is, but would make it difficult to focus it like it does now.
  14. I believe that the scenarios in their current form have been over tuned. I think it would be great if the scenarios had difficulty selectors with the rewards ramping with the difficulty. That way if there's a group that wants to have a fun pve match they can, and if there's a group that wants a challenging pve match they can as well. Reducing the rewards for the lower difficulties should help cap any farming while being able to provide more casual folks (I.E. pugs) with the ability to complete the scenario. Also due to the current jumbled match making for the scenario there are times where you end up with team compositions that are entirely unsuited for the task at hand. Being able to select the difficulty would help mitigate that.
  15. Shad0wFiend

    Did scenario rewards get nerfed?

    I think it came in with the latest patch which was when Narai was re-released. The patch before this doing the ultimate frontier had decent rewards.