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  1. Guess that's why this is a 'rework' instead of a 'balancing' event. But that being said, I just hope they will end up with a middle ground, leave a bit of the RTS element, but blend in the third-person-shooter. As a below average CV player who also played plenty of other classes: Honestly the current cvs just needs an alpha damage nerf (wink wink AP bombs). Spotting is the job of aircraft anyways so I dont have a problem with that.
  2. ShinaMashiro

    Farazellath explains CV rework, to a puppy

    Totally agree with above, and I think WG is intending to let you control the CV.
  3. ShinaMashiro

    CV Rework Feedback

    Sad but true, most people don't have the brains (neither do I, terrible win rate in CVs) or patience to learn CVs. I hope WG will retain the CVs in World of Warships, the entire point of the CV is that it offers a different way of playing the game. And I for one enjoy that, espeically after monotonously sniping in my ships all day.
  4. ShinaMashiro

    CV Rework Feedback

  5. ShinaMashiro

    CV Rework Feedback

    I also agree that I WOULD much rather have a game with CVs rather than a game without, and not just because of the historical accuracy. But honestly this rework seems like a total insult to the people that tried (either successfully or unsuccessfully) to master the current RTS-CV mode. The point of the CVs are for spotting though, so I don't see what is the problem with that. Honestly I feel WG, you could just nerf the alpha damage that the planes can do, but please continue to allow us to control our planes. Maybe decrease each CV's total number of squadrons? Also limit the up and lower tiers that CVs can see? So no tier 8 ships sees a tier 10 CV, and no tier 8 CVs sees a tier 10 ship. And while the new UI and focus on individual squadrons looks exciting, it is such a radical shift from the RTS-mode to the first-person mode. I will admit I like WG's ambition and the effort they put in for this rework. But honestly, anyone can see here if you are just allowed to control on squadron, its basically playing World of Warplanes. How is this CV-ish at all? I haven't read all the comments here, but I would like to suggest a mix of the current style and the old style: give people the option to automatically set a drop or attack ships and aircraft, but let the player be able to choose to control one squadron at will to execute his attack well. This way, he has to choose what to prioritize, as his manual drop of one squadron will be good, but while he does that (and force him into a cooldown so he can't switch into the next set of planes) another squadron will be controlled by the AI and probably do a minimal damage drop. This way there is still some RTS element, but enough first-person-shooter element to attract the common World of Warship player.
  6. ShinaMashiro

    Blyskawica Update Needed After Smoke Firing Nerf

    Right, then they released the Graf Zepplin...
  7. Dear WG, While the removal of smoke firing and change of spotting is great. You guys really forgot about some ships which needed to have their roles refined since the smoke fire update.... IE the Blyskawica, like that was her main role. And yet her stats are not changed at all since the removal of smoke firing. Without it the Blyskawica is now much harder to play. And seriously, any time she gets hit from anything, her modules break instantly, and ALL OF THEM. As a dd player who plays other nations dds, no other dds has multiple modules break so easily. What is up with her extreme agility as a dd? Could you guys consider updating her or something. Like some many other who have (had) the Blyskawica, and BOUGHT HER WITH REAL MONEY, well we just got screwed over. Sincerely, A Mad Blyskawica player.
  8. ShinaMashiro

    Saipan and Balancing

    Dear Wargaming, This is an old topic, but I believe the Saipan needs rebalancing. With the near invincible planes, her bombers and torp planes can stay near ships for hours. And with the captain skill, she gets 4 tier 9 planes per squadron, like strafing doesn't even work against her planes, and you always get the bad end of a strafe. How do you counter that?
  9. Hey guys and Wargaming: Wanted to ask, I know the missions for the legendary upgrades have come. But they all end on last the day of 2018 in the game client. Does this mean we only have once chance to get them? Or will these missions restart next year but I lose my progress? I'm really hoping the legendary upgrades are NOT A ONE TIME THING. Thanks,
  10. ShinaMashiro

    Reworks for the Conqueror?

    Thanks for the tips man, but if Im in a bb against a conqueror, should I just load HE too? PS: WG: Yes, I definitely agree with decreasing the HE alpha/ fire chance (nerfing her guns). It's just such a brainless tactic, and there is no counterplay against in from a BB's viewpoint.