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  1. carne

    Ranked meta shows unhealthy state of cruisers

    With all these large caliber BBs being pumped out constantly armor is becoming a bad thing. That coupled with these stupid high DPM DDs coming out cruisers really have lost a lot of ground lately.
  2. intramural sports all of the country get played almost daily and those are also competitive sometimes a little to much. Money is not nor has it ever been a deciding factor on something being competitive.
  3. T9 isnt exactly a high expectation on a game that's been out for years.
  4. carne

    Salem Underperformance

    The problem is they attract the new and inexperienced players. DM and Salem have a pretty high skill requirement and in the right hands it is easily one of the best cruisers in the game.
  5. carne

    USN BB's - How Bad?

    Can we all take a moment to recognize that a new player came on to the forums not to whine but to get advice on how to improve his play. I salute you @MakersMike!
  6. I actually feel better watching the fighters uselessly circle me while I get dropped and they do nothing.
  7. Great all the terrible shima drivers will now be terrible sub drivers and just utterly useless to their team but then again I guess they already were.
  8. I would gladly wait 10-20 minutes to for a quality game full of decent players.
  9. Sounds to me like you care about your stats so much you have to convince yourself that only people with no life can be good at a video game. I do like the part where the dude with 16k games is trying to tell others they do not have a life though.
  10. It would be nice to have a solo queue competitive though although I agree with you about Clan Battles at tier 10....... not this T8 5DD trash we got going right now.
  11. carne

    Vet rages on this lil nublet

    You can turn off chat to avoid that however a bad teammate is toxic to the 11 other people on his team.
  12. carne

    What are your 5 favorite ships?

    1. DesMoines- with Legendary it is so much fun. 2. Yamato- Lets me play while being able to also eat dinner or a sandwich. 3. Grozovoi- Just a really fun DD to play. 4. Zao- The OG HE spammer, stealthy and great for taking out overzealous DDs. 5. Tirpitz- Secondary spam is fun and everyone assumes your a fool in a Tirpitz so you can really surprise people. Runners up are Donskoi, Minotaur, Myoko, and Montana
  13. You mean other than the fact that the 50-55% players will be much closer in skill vs the 56% players than what they currently get in randoms? Not that this really happens of course and is just confirmation bias to justify losses. Your definition of competitive is deeply flawed as their are countless examples of competition where no money changes hands.
  14. It not a competitive game mode at all since you can rank out with a sub 50% win rate it is a grind and nothing more.
  15. Honestly it less about stats and more about the frustration that a person who wants to "play however they want" impacts 11 other people on their team. Bad players or even worse players throwing just to be trolls impacts the entire team and it is super selfish even more so considering there is a game mode(co-op) they can play instead but they choose to crap on another 11 people for whatever reason. I would welcome an actual competitive mode myself if anything just so I could get away from the guy with 13k games who averages 20k in his tier 10 BB because he likes to play it "his way".