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  1. carne

    is anyone actually having fun in this game anymore

    I only really enjoy clan battles and plan to stop playing even that when they add CVs to it. The design team has really dropped the ball the last couple of years pumping out stupid HE spammers, CV, and other mechanics that show they have no clear grasp how to balance the game.
  2. carne

    Ban CVs from ranked.

    The other issue is even a bad CV still alters the game much more than a good player in any other ship does because they are that broken with their ability to provide vision.
  3. You can hide from HE spam you can never hide from a plane. Those players you see who get focused down by that HE are generally out of position it's not like its a secret where the spam ships will be. Once you have played this game for any length of time you know exactly where at each cap those ships will be and you position accordingly. There is no way to position vs a CV, if they want to hurt you they will regardless of your AA, or your close allies AA for that matter. That is not even the true power of a CV though its the fact that you can spot anywhere on the map at will. I am not sure if you are aware of how armor works or not in the game but the vast majority of cruisers were designed to be rather helpless against BB fire hence why they spend their lives hiding behind islands. You take that away with zero effort you fly over and complain about their AA and never even notice the Yam 22kms across the map that hits them for 50% of their health because you accidentally flew by. There is no counter to this if you want to spot me you will and that is why CVs are dumb as crap. If they made CV spotting mini-map only I could maybe even advocate for more damage from CVs, but in this current stupid state they are nothing but fun police that you have no way to avoid.
  4. Watch the match RNG did not do wonders for him he was just able to do fairly consistent damage while playing like an utter idiot. This is not an outlier its consistent no other ship can be played this poorly all the time and still be a force to be reckoned with it simply does not happen.
  5. More bad players have issue with HE spam than CVs. The non-potatoes dislike CVs much more, not to say the HE spam isn't kind of out of hand but the CVs are still worse.
  6. That's the point you were trying he wasn't his goal was to lose as many planes as he could and he still managed to outperform 90% of his team. You are not doing that with any other ship period. Go ahead load up any ship get uptier and then play as bad as possible lets see that 81k.
  7. Ok then go ahead and play a T8 non-CV try to play as poor as possible and post up the 2nd place 81k match.... really go ahead I will wait.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP3ZZWnkcLg Maybe when they don't do 81k bottom tier while the guy is trying just to have planes shot down? CVs are stupid and ruin the game.
  9. carne

    Ranked meta shows unhealthy state of cruisers

    With all these large caliber BBs being pumped out constantly armor is becoming a bad thing. That coupled with these stupid high DPM DDs coming out cruisers really have lost a lot of ground lately.
  10. intramural sports all of the country get played almost daily and those are also competitive sometimes a little to much. Money is not nor has it ever been a deciding factor on something being competitive.
  11. T9 isnt exactly a high expectation on a game that's been out for years.
  12. carne

    Salem Underperformance

    The problem is they attract the new and inexperienced players. DM and Salem have a pretty high skill requirement and in the right hands it is easily one of the best cruisers in the game.
  13. carne

    USN BB's - How Bad?

    Can we all take a moment to recognize that a new player came on to the forums not to whine but to get advice on how to improve his play. I salute you @MakersMike!
  14. I actually feel better watching the fighters uselessly circle me while I get dropped and they do nothing.
  15. Great all the terrible shima drivers will now be terrible sub drivers and just utterly useless to their team but then again I guess they already were.