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  1. Uber72


    I was unable to get into the game until I disabled all my antimalware and antivirus as of December 3rd 2020. Then all of a sudden I was able to get into the game. I wonder if there is a hidden bot program from the Russians...? I have no idea. :(
  2. I did the mission to get 250,000 damage. I guess I didn't luck out like the other person who got a ship, captain and a bonus.
  3. I think it may drop as a typical twitch mission you get when watching a world of warships stream, like Flambass or Flamuu. Edit: nevermind, just something to look for and click on the twitch rewards page. Edit2: This just opened in my game (in picture)
  4. Uber72

    A Gift to Turn the Tide

    Thanks. Really awesome. Also one of the containers completed the sub-collection "Way of the Naval Commander" in the "In the service of the Motherland" collection. Custom color schemes for my perma camos on soviet destroyers and I just started playing them again. :)
  5. The Fubuki was my favorite destroyer until she went from T8 to T6. I struggled for a while with her. Then gave up on her and finally sold her. Recently, after playing a lot more games instead of my usual play a couple of games a week, I decided to try the Fubuki again. I am an aggressive player and I have to temper it alot. So Fubuki plays well if you are mindful of your detection range, watch the minimap often and be aware of your surroundings. Here is a game I played tonight. It had two carriers in it, and all tier 6. I got some surprising gun kills early on. It helps when battleships keep moving in a straight line as well. I put up the replay if people want to download and watch it. https://replayswows.com/replay/113361#stats
  6. Uber72


    I have both teams showing that they are facing north in the minimap and don't show their headings throughout the game. It is making it hard for me to play. Edit: I went to the section where to Do This First. I did it and the game is back to normal. Aslain's mod didn't clean all the old stuff out.
  7. I completed a mission or something and got the Kansas and a 3 point captain. I put in a 12 captain that I had available with survivability build. For a first game, I was pretty happy with her so far.
  8. Brought out my Fletcher for this.
  9. Uber72

    Unsporting Conduct - Allied Aircraft Destroyed

    Just happened to me today. Playing in my Visby and end of game showed this:
  10. Uber72

    What is the strength of the RN CAs?

    I struggled with them for a while. And I probably angered quite a few people with my temper tantrums. I apologize for that if those people read this. Anyways, I am at the Surrey right now. I got the concealment down to 9.7km with Concealment Expert. With the spotter plane, I can push out to over 18km with her main guns. I primarily use them for HE. I stay at range when I can and shoot at whatever the ships I am following are shooting at if I can reach them. Stay behind and shoot over islands if I can. If in open water, I try to be an ambush predator. Shoot then go dark. Move, then fire again. Rinse and repeat. The HE hits hard, good fire starter and I am pleasantly surprised. I decided to work on the AA part and use Defensive AA instead of hydro and it has been helping out. Here is a link to the first game in the Surrey. I played it safe and I didn't do much overall, but I shot down a lot of planes from the Implacable. https://replayswows.com/replay/79904#stats
  11. I started playing DDs with the IJN line. As I was learning the game, I discovered I want to be as stealthy as possible. Later I tried out the Russian line and it was fun and I moved up fast as the HE spammer from a distance and behind cover is great for xp. Just recently started the US DD line and I am very happy with them. Currently spent the past three days playing the Benson. It is a very fun ship. Trick is picking your battles. I love ambushing enemy DDs and light them up with the five 127mm guns. With CE, Concealment Module, and Camo, the Benson has a competitive edge with stealth. Gives me confidence to move around the map without much fear of getting spotted. I very much enjoy spotting for my team too.