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  1. Darth_Blackcat

    Should I buy Sommers?

    This kind of depends on what your playstyle is concerning DD that you prefer. Somers is if Shima and Gearing had a baby. Somers is a torp boat by far that requires a playstyle of more finesse versus gun-ho Battlefield V high octane aggressive gameplay you can do with some gunboats. This really comes down to what you enjoy the most. PROS: Excellent torpedos with USN detection versus the not so stealth IJN for example Good Concealment USN DD smoke Decent Torpedo reload Decent guns to finish off low health targets only CONS: Somers's main gun reload is around double then Gearing or Fletcher (6 seconds vs 3 seconds Gearing for example). You do not want to run around like a gunboat in this ship picking fights against other gunboats. Her AA is practically none existent where your crew throwing rocks will do more damage. You have no Def AA consumable, unlike Gearing or Fletcher that can give you somewhat of a chance. This is not a ship you want to be alone in with no support in a match with CV's. This is mainly a torpedo boat so if you like gameplay like Shima and the other torps boats of the IJN line then you will like this ship. My build I run with her on. https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASD510&modules=11111&upgrades=122223&commander=PCW001&skills=3223502850&ar=100&consumables=222
  2. Darth_Blackcat

    Clan Battles Wednesday?

    My clan is curious as well to know.
  3. Darth_Blackcat

    B2P Recruiting ( Back To Port )

  4. Darth_Blackcat

    B2P Recruiting ( Back To Port )

    We are also selectively recruiting for those interested in Clan Battles. Our current team has multiple Typhoon titles with one Hurricane. We preferably looking for Typhoon experience and higher but all that meet the above standard and willing to learn can apply. Good Luck.
  5. Darth_Blackcat

    What about bringing back one of CV's greatest threat?

    As a CV player, it is a waste of time to focus on the CV since it takes so long unlike the old RTS dev strike ability CV's had. However, it does not mean a CV cannot influence having the enemy CV erased from the match we just have to be smarter about it. All I do is drop a fighter squadron nearby that keeps the enemy CV detected but just out of range of the enemy CV AA and call designate the target. I always have plenty of trigger happy cruiser and BB players that will happily snipe a CV for me. Problem solved by using greed as teamwork. Yes, it is evil but I am not a Sith for nothing.
  6. Darth_Blackcat

    Manual Control for Secondaries w/Graf Zeppelin

    I have had the GZ since the beginning. I would HIGHLY recommend no one bother to get manual secondary captain skill for the ship. WG long before the CV rework buffed the secondaries on the GZ so the accuracy is already really good. Spending four points on your secondary meme build is not going to make any noticeable difference. Better to spend those four points on other things that matter.
  7. Darth_Blackcat

    PT 0.8.3 can't access

    Having the same issue with PT up till today. I am stuck on a loading screen that never stops. After ten minutes I am forced to end task with task manager to exit out. The PT just hangs on the loading screen. I even uninstalled the PT and loaded a clean copy with no change.
  8. Darth_Blackcat

    [ALL] ModStation

    Other modpacks had the same issue. The issue is with the mods themselves for side panels. The authors have released newer versions today that fixed this. You might need to remove the mods and reinstall them for the changes to work. Worse case you have to remove preferances.xml and redo your settings.
  9. Darth_Blackcat

    64 bit Client

    This was answered by Sub_Octavian on Reddit earlier today. He stated only 32-bit support stops with 0.8.1. Patch 0.8.3 is the one slated to be the 64-bit client. Link and quote below. These are different things. "Starting from Update 0.8.1, we are terminating support for 32-bit (x86) operating systems. The game client will not launch on these systems." - means exactly that - support termination - 32-bit systems are not compatible anymore. The reason, in short, is that the game is not sustainable on such systems realistically. As for the "dedicated" 64-bit client, it's planned for 0.8.3. Not that it will bring anything massive from the start (mostly minor performance improvements, like in-game browser components), but it will be a good platform for future technical improvements of the game. That said, 64-bit client will be more RAM-hungry, so it will most likely be disabled automatically for low-RAM systems."
  10. Darth_Blackcat

    Question about new CVs

    As a CV player in simple terms, each squadron has a set number of planes depending on the ship and its tier. As you fly each plane has a set number of hit points. When depleted the plane is shot down. Each squadron type based on the ship and tier has a set restoration timer to restore one aircraft is for that squadron once the set time is finished. A CV player sees this in the UI on the bottom screen showing X number of planes available to Y max amount the carrier deck can carry. Below shows a progress bar on the restoration progress. For example a Torpedo squadron for Midway a Tier 10 USN ship takes 70 seconds (not actually true in the game figure just used as an example, Tier 10 squadrons is closer to 90 or more seconds) to restore one aircraft. So let say you did your wave runs on the enemy and return your entire squadron with two planes lost. This means for example for this illustration 2 X 70 seconds would be the time it takes to restore those two losses back. Early in the game you do not see this but by mid to end game if a CV player is carelessly losing aircraft they will launch less then full squadrons or prevent them from launching a specific squadron type (attack, Torpedo bomber, Dive bomber) that can make a difference depending on what enemy target is alive. This encourages CV players to prevent spamming a specific squadron type and punishing poor CV players that are just throwing planes carelessly away. Two premium CV have special load outs not related to current tech tree restoration times. Saipan - Has the longest restoration timers of any CV in game. They are tier 10 Midway planes at tier 8. A good CV player will know when to strike and needs to be conservative with his/her planes as any loss will impact the later part of the match. Kaga - She has the largest reserve hangers of any aircraft but also weaker hit points on the aircraft. This is a good beginner CV that is less punishing for new players throwing large amounts of planes away.
  11. Darth_Blackcat

    Unable to install updates for public test

    Installing fresh from the game center gives the same error. If I run the PT launcher to install from the link above that goes through no problem.
  12. Darth_Blackcat

    Game crash : Unhandled exception

    Anyone get a response from WG support on this. My ticket is two days old with no response so far. This painting a picture the support staff is getting swamped with support tickets.
  13. Darth_Blackcat

    Game crash : Unhandled exception

    I went so far to reinstall the application. Removed preferances.xml and even disabled my anti-virus. the same issue still crashing. My WG support ticket is over one day old and still no answer. They must be swamped with tickets. Must be a lot more with technical issues.
  14. Darth_Blackcat

    Game crash : Unhandled exception

    What game resolution you play at? 4k? 2k? 1080P?
  15. Darth_Blackcat

    Game crash : Unhandled exception

    Finding out from rocksock the only thing we both correlate use 1080TI GTX cards and play at 4k.