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  1. rose367

    black friday.

    awesome, thanks
  2. rose367

    black friday.

    thanks.. do they give a chance to " back " purchase.. meaning if you missed the sims black do they have a chance to get it... im supposing not. but anyway thank you
  3. rose367

    black friday.

    hi guys. can anyone inform an old sea dog, ive been in WOWS since beta weekend... so ive been here for a while, BUT i have always missed the black friday events. so the question is ????? i cant remember what ships are coming up this time (2020) but from memory i already have 3 of the 4 ships... what i want to know is.. how would this work ?i would like the black camofor the ships but not sure if i can get just the perma black camo or if i have to re-buy the ship ???? what dont i know or under stand , is there a way of buying into this or ????? i have no idea how it works . like i have said ive been around the game for a while but i havent gone in for the black friday thing before (regrettably) and not sure what happens. also are they pot luck containers or actual ship packages cheers
  4. ok.... so ... if i have the atlanta and the cossak and i get either in a crate do i.. A) get the black ship B) chnages the original ship black (get the black as a camo) or c) none of the above it just wont drop. just so people understand... ive been playing on n off since beta but i have never taken part in black friday so dont know how it works . cheers
  5. rose367

    random bundles

    just a question has anyone ever got a prem ship from random bundles without buying all of them ? ive asked a few people and no one has ever got them... just wondering if its set so the prem ship pops up as one of the final 3 or 4 bundles ??? was asking cos i thought id give it a go (USA battleships early access) 0.9.9 but i dont want to spend 200 odd dollars (65000 doubloons) when i can spend half that in shop . hope this doesn't sound like im whingeing but i am actualy curious if someone has got one ???
  6. rose367

    control help

    yep checked that. im thinking theres something wrong with my f2 ... im getting a couple of problems outside of game as well. ive deleted the keyboard drivers and reinstalled them but still having the same problem. if you can think of anything else id appreciate it
  7. rose367

    control help

    cheers mate i appreciate it
  8. rose367

    control help

    hey guys, been playing since 2011. this is the first time ive had this happen and someone has to know what ive done ????? SO.. all of a sudden all my keys are a short cut for the "negative" command ??? . it was ok for a couple of games but i think i mashed a couple of keys together and now every time i turn i spam "negative" over and over again same if i speed up or slow down . my key bindings in settings have not changed so im assuming its my end on the keyboard.... but i dont know what i done to change it ????? i know its a long shot but anyone know what ive done thanks for any help