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  1. Finally i got a radar mod

    I use it on my DM, gives me 55 sec of radar and I love it! Congratz and enjoy it!
  2. And adreline rush for the final 2 points. This is an old screen btw
  3. musashi vs yamato

    Have both; Musashi is just a Yamato in tier 9 but not as good as Yamato. This is why she is a tier down because she doesn’t fitt on tier 10 with those stats
  4. It’s one day in the year International Womens day, the other days are for men xD All Jokes a side; you never know what WG will do
  5. Opinions on French BB Alsace

    Alsace is great, love the ship. Almost at the tier 10 but I will keep Alsace because she is great. Bringing a gun to a knifefight, I love it!
  6. République first impressions

    Can't wait for the tier 10. Love my Alsace!
  7. How to add submarines

    Thank you sir!
  8. Scared

    It’s not sarcasm, it’s real…
  9. ? about french BB's

    Alsace is a lot of fun, 12 guns on tier 9
  10. French BBs were dropping already?

    You still need 3k fxp for her! She is 190k but boy, she is fun to play! I'm enjoying her a lot
  11. Flag O Rama prizes being awarded

    Well nothing too! Next time better I guess ^^
  12. French BBs were dropping already?

    Alsace here I come!
  13. Oow I thought it was for the Flag o Rama
  14. Where is that list?