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  1. I always thought; you get them when you actually earn Yamamoto. So my hope was that I world get them today :p
  2. There will be always some Asian kid who has a better post :p But this was a funny one :p
  3. The Netherlands :)
  4. Steven Seagal on Missouri and Jack Dunkirk on King George V, Yamamoto will be on my Yamato :)
  5. No problem :p It was early for me xD
  6. My fault, didnt meant faster undetected, I did mean that cruisers have a better concealment rating than most BB's
  7. You can get easy 50k damage in a cruiser, the HE spamming is great, if you get deleted by a BB from 17km away, you playing it wrong... And you get faster undetected then a BB so don't know why you are complaining
  8. Commissioned 26 June 1948*
  9. The battleships class has the biggest guncaliber ingame.. you can't make cruiserarmour that can bounce shots of battleships because then you call it a battleship.. Wait till you get to tier 10 with Yamato against you :) You will rage even more :) If you don't want to learn how to play this game, you should probably stop I agree :) Bye! Oh and seeing you only complaining in the 18 posts you made and harass people, I think we (community) loves to see you go.
  10. Angle won't help against a Yamato, you will get lolpenned and I enjoy it when I lolpen other BB's
  11. Missouri. Worth. It. Period.
  12. You are joking right? Because if you are; it's a really bad joke... If you are serious; go see a doctor... Point is; Yamato is awesome and really good, yeah the turrets turn slow as hell but dude; you get the biggest guncaliber ingame... You can lolpen every ship and only an enemy Yamato can do that to you... You should play her more and give her a 19 point captain! She deserves that kind of love!
  13. He plays more DD's and CL/CA's than BB's