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  1. It’s a risk you take when you are going for a TYL container.. If you don’t want to take the risk, don’t go for the TYL container.
  2. Biggest caliber guns ever put on a warship. Offcourse it shouldn’t bounce on a Nagato, Colorado, KGV, DoY, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst or Nelson... It’s a Yamato class Battleship! The emperor won’t take less! Going to have fun with tier 7 dinghy MM ^^
  3. The Pall (part 3)

    Lol, +1 for all the effort and the story you did :p
  4. Ocean

    Ocean; Best. Map. Ever...
  5. You can do it with British cruisers too :)
  6. No, When you go for a TYL container you will gamble. Gambling is winning or losing and not only winning. If you go to a casino and you gamble and you lose; you won’t get a part or all your money back.. If you don’t want to take the risk, don’t take a TYL container. Very simple :)
  7. I prefer Yamato for now,. I think I will get Musashi maybe only because she was one of the 2 ships with the biggest caliber guns ever put on a warship and as a collectors item. She will see tier 7’s so maybe I will get her also for punishing tier 7’s ^^
  8. You forgot: * Nerf ships (4 different topics for the 4 different shiplines) * BB players complaining about DD’s * DD players complaining about radar * Cruisers complaining about getting citadeleted * DETONATION * CV players complaining about ships with to strong AA
  9. Those 18' inch sushi cannons are fun right? :p It's like playing with Yamato with 80% of tier 8's in a match ^^
  10. In WW2 BB’s faced DD’s too and they got radar too.. The only BB right now in the game that has radar is Missouri
  11. "Overconfident" Destroyer

    USS Freedom strikes again, love that kind of pens, enjoy it when my Mo get those