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  1. DD's didn't came close to BB's not 5 km or less like they do in WoWs
  2. Maybe she is the tier 8 in the next US BB line; just wait till WG give info
  3. Fire prevention against Mosvka, Zao, Des Moines, Henri and the British BB won't help a lot :p
  4. #Nuffsaid? Historically the only ship superior to the Battleship was the carrier, so shall we make DD's and CA's/CL's weaker too...? I like the idea of trying to make th eBB population smaller, but this isn't the way of doing that..
  5. So I see I did miss the grand opening of the saltmines.. and also missed the whiner of the week... But hey, you get free stuff :)
  6. Yeah and seeing 3 enemy shima's shooting in total 45 torps, seeing 4 ships die and a lot damaged really bad... was a fun match
  7. I have seen battles where allmost every ship hugging an island and having one big party and got screwed by the torpedosoup from 2 sides... So it's not only BB players :)
  8. I need to open 201 crates so I don't know what I will get :p
  9. You can do both; secondairies and concealment. My GK has concealment and secondairy range
  10. AA build isnt great on GK; the tier 9/10 carriers can get through the AA defense... and carriers aren't common in high tier battles and most of the time the AA defense will be useless...
  11. It's not that strange to run Concealment on one of the biggest ships in the game :p I have the concealment mod on my GK too ;) Jingles mentioned in one of his video's that it isn't strange to run concealment on battleships. You won't get spotted easy from the otherside of the mapborder and if you run into a lot of enemies you can go faster undetected.
  12. GK is a tier 10 and I think the biggest ship currently in the game. Yes she doesn't turn quickly but she needs con's otherwise she would be a little OP.. After all; she is a fun ship to play ;)
  13. I don't think WG will refund you the K. Albert.. Even if it was accedentally.. You are responsable for all the things you do on your account. If WG did make the fault, they probably refund it, in this case I don't think so. What has been said earlier; send in a support ticket, maybe you're the lucky one ;) Next time double check your choices, then hopefully it won't happen again ;) Just a quick question; why do you sell a premium for credits, who makes credits for you?
  14. Don't know if you have seen this; but this could help you a lot so you know what you need to do ;) I think the update will happen Wednesday