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  1. So someone thought "Hey, wouldn't it be great if on the Port screen in port, the ship XP was in one spot, and on the Modules screen it was in another spot, and in the Exterior screen we could hide it altogether!" Was this something the players requested, or was there just some bored UI dev with nothing better to do than move things that worked perfectly fine around?
  2. I would not agree. What is a questionable business practice is doing things in secret, or without complete disclosure. Everyone knows that ships get nerfed. When you guy that lootbox hoping for whatever it is you are hoping for, it is with the certain knowledge that whatever you get is an item in a constantly changing game world, and that item may change as well. That should be priced into your value valuation when you decide to buy or not buy.
  3. Uhhh....the error here is that there is zero expectation that any ship in the game would not change. They all change. All the time. Pretty much constantly. If you get a ship that is OP, enjoy it. Have fun. Don't expect to last. Unless it is Russian, of course.