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  1. Rizim

    World of Warships Gear at Teespring

    What happened to some of the merc?
  2. Rizim

    Juuuuuuuuust enough.....

    I was short 95 for the Riga, clicked 3 times and the 700 showed up! Got it all now, thanks Gaijin and luck! :)
  3. Rizim

    This seasons ranked

  4. I only do it for unique stuff, like the sub flag in the last one. :P
  5. Can't wait! This is a great idea!!!!
  6. Rizim

    Cold War Ships in Game? Why?

  7. Rizim

    Unique Commanders for 175K Coal--Worth it?

    Gotcha catch them all! I'm missing 3, that's where all my coal is going!
  8. Rizim

    Research Bureau New Ships?

    Red October!
  9. Rizim

    Should I reset Russian Line

    I'm considering doing the same. Great way to get the new ship and some RB points.
  10. Rizim

    Uninstalling this little Arcade Game - o7

    Don't let the sail hit your way out the server! ;)
  11. Rizim

    Directive 1 tokens...

    I got 120 for the first 8 crates.
  12. So I spent 132k coal and I am short 4 uniques (have enough duplicates to make the other three). So I need another 1-4 containers to be able to get him. Worse case scenario I would have spent 156k coal for him and got some free camo, flags, xp, and 4 days a premium. Now I just need more coal to get the rest of the containers. :(
  13. Did anyone get their flag with the sub on it?
  14. Rizim


    Is that special skin for it available in game for db?