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  1. One thing for sure, she is something to take out when the meta will be BB heavy due to a limited mission that requires battleships.
  2. Because when it comes to tournament/competitive type game modes, you need to take the time to analyze the data. Not only to help the developers understand with how well it went, but also to assist a LiveOps team to issue the rewards to accounts that earn the reward. Any time you have competitive type events in a game, you're going to encounter a few that will use 3rd party tools or by exploiting game mechanics to push to the top in less effort. So you have to take the time to verify that the win was legit. They may have other reasons, but this is the common reason for most game companies when it comes to reward delays after similar events like this take place.
  3. Ranked Tier 10

    That's not true. The Musashi earnings is only slightly higher compare to a Tier VIII premium, but it is not a credit farming as you can earn the same amount or more on other Tier IX ships based on your performance. It is ok to use if you only need to train up new captains, but there's better picks if you only need to farm credits.
  4. They play passive and safe from the start of the match just sitting back in the rear. When the team is about to loose then they start pushing hard to take either a cap and do as much damage/kills as possible, even ram if needed.
  5. I personally maintained a 62% WR when I finally reached rank 2 and 2 stars. But the last 3 stars I needed was a struggle, real bad teams that keep forcing me to save my star at the end. In the end, it took me 17 battles just to get those rare wins in order to ranked out. It also dropped my WR down to like 59.84%. It was typical weekend players and I should've taken a break and try another day. But I was being impatient and just want to get it over with. Sometimes you just have those lucky days and rank out quickly, or matchmaker says "NO"....play some more.
  6. No one bothers with the superleague queue because after grinding through ranked, why play some more? Also, the rewards are MEH. It's only a container for the top 2 XP earners. And considering that the queues will be super long because those that ranked out is a minor percent of all that play Ranked, it's not possible unless you coordinate with others that ranked out in order to start some games. They give out the rewards shortly after the season ends. It's not automated, a support staff has to manually add it to the account. So those that earn them will get them within a week when they start to add them to accounts.
  7. Don't stress over maintaining a high WR. It will drop a bit no matter what in the 5-2 bracket due to the type of players you'll face in there as it can be a struggle. Just focus on winning games and earning those stars as quickly as possible - that's all that matters. I ranked out last Saturday using only the Hindy with a 19-point captain (and was my ship in the prior Clan Battles season), and from what I've seen it's still current in the Premier meta. There is a lot of good players slugging it out up there, but there's also a lot of bad players that creeped up there after spamming 300 to 500+ battles, just like every season. But don't take it out if you're not comfortable with her or with the only intent to just save stars. It's only going to take you longer (or not) to rank out if you just have that mindset.
  8. Ranked: Pay it Forward

    It's just a waste of time to even bother since the system does nothing except -1 from a Karma score, which is also meaningless at this time. The system is so broken and abused that even if you did nothing wrong, you still get reported by those that think they know better or want to throw the blame on others; not reflecting what they could've done better themselves. Early on yes, but later on in the higher brackets like R5-2, the salt gets real...so getting a report is more common here regardless if you did nothing wrong or the error was only minor.
  9. Stats Analysis and Averages

    Me personally, I think the hit ratios should only be used to compare your own average hit chance based on the overall average recorded for that ship on those sites. That way you can analyze if there's improvement needed in regards to your aiming. The main battery overall ratio will be higher if you mostly play cruisers or destroyers, while battleships will be lower due to their high dispersion rates. So that's something to consider. But to measure a form of skill compared to others regarding hit radio, there's no point. I've seen players hold their fire just because they want to preserve their hit radio, it's pointless to worry about it.
  10. The weekend was really bad, especially last Saturday. I was at R2.1, just needed 4 more stars to finally finish. But the day was not in my favor, a lot of new folks that hit R5 was just flooding the matchmaker and playing really...passive. It was the typical weekend and I finally did ranked out, but it took 17 battles after two or so hours and a lot of saving my star to achieve it. But I'm finally done with this nightmare season at 142 battles, 60% WR - playing mostly in the Zao & Des Moines (R10-6), and Hindenburg (R5-2). Anyway, good luck to the rest of you.
  11. What happen to PTS?

    Considering it also will bring the new U.S. Campaign and Collection as well, it is a bit much for those who are trying to achieve their goals currently in the Ranked season if they drop it right now. At end of the month it should be fine, either those will have ranked out or called it quits by then.
  12. Co-Op Players

    It has nothing to do with the missions since you do experience them no matter what mission event is running. Coop (just like any mode) has it's fair share of bad apples and these players are your typical bad players with behavior issues that don't do well in Random (or any other PvP game mode), but are very cocky with an ego believing they're an expert with every ship in the game. They also abuse the report system as well, down voting anyone they don't agree with for various of reasons. Especially when you hard carry everyone with the majority of bot kills and make top score, making them look like a fool and even more foolish with their so-called "expert" nonsense.
  13. I’m surprised no one has brought up or considered the PR metric used on wows-numbers. Their metric weighs win rate higher than overall damage. But I do enjoy the extra data it collects like “spotting damage” for example, which is helpful for certain class ships.
  14. Limming trains. Others for any unknown reason not using common sense that come park with you or next to you in your smoke with others following suite. Making you an easy target and your escape route is blocked; even a sitting duck for torps. Battleships sitting in the back sniping and playing safe; scared of getting their paint scratched. Destroyers/CVs that go off to snipe the enemy CV at match start thinking it’s always the best option to secure victory. CV players that push their ship to the front line and ahead of everyone like they’re an assault ship. Like common, are you seriously that brain dead? Players that have little battle experience that free xp up the lines and are still clueless to basic mechanics. Players with less than 300 battles that purchase the Kaga, Saipan, or Enterprise and jump into Random...and your stuck with them vs an experience CV player. Testing a new ship you unlock in Coop to get a feel of her, but you get called out by a cocky player who thinks he’s an expert. But he’s just another bad player that only plays Coop and most of time does not have the ship your testing or enough battles in it. Players that think they’re “special” and deserve VIP attention for smoke cover, AA cover, etc from others when they’re horribly out of position from everyone else. Then chat rages and karma strikes the team without accepting accountability for their own mistake. Those arrogant players that always yolo and die at match start - over and over. It surprises me how can anyone consider throwing yourself so early is considered - fun gameplay. Those that bot their account to grind up the lines. I’m looking at those with like 20% win rate accounts. Wargaming adding silly missions that encourage bad behavior that throws off the game for others - damage farming, x amount of kills, torpedo damage, play only this ship class requirement. Those that ever pay attention to points lost/earn from each ship type destroyed, and still think ramming is the best option. Thanks man, you just threw the game for us.
  15. Yep that step requirement was hard and in my opinion, it's a bit too high of a requirement considering we have only a few days till next Tuesday (Wed. is patch release for Pan-Asia line). On top of that, it's also a holiday weekend with many spending time with family, so it's not possible for the typical player to reach this goal.