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  1. Termx

    new Warspite owner

    You defiantly want to get a 10-point captain with concealment first: PR-EM-BoS-CE, followed by Fire Prevention, SI, and finally AR. Her issue is that she is a floating tea bag and can catch fires quite easily, so you want to strengthen her with survivability skills. Also, keep in mind she has a large superstructure so anyone that knows how to shoot will mostly aim there when you angle her against them. For gameplay she is effective at medium-range and has the best accuracy/sigma for her type in Tier VI. Do not stay at max range and snipe, you want to be a bit closer and use those accurate guns to punish cruisers and destroyers.
  2. I think too many are taking this a bit too serious than what it is. This semi-season is pretty casual, a lot of irrevocable points along the ladder and is quite similar to what you find for Ranked on PTR. Anyone experienced with ranking out in Ranked and also those that can at least hit targets will clearly rank out within 13-20 battles, about 1-2 days of casual play at least. Those that go full hardcore can finish it in just a few hours. It will be too fast that a meta will hardly set in, so what you face can be completely random every hour. But like any ranked season, the first day will be brutal as you'll face that storm of those rushing to the finish line. Kind of like a group of hamsters charging through a narrow door.
  3. Termx

    whats up with arms race

    It was active during the first week when the current patch dropped, but soon after everyone stop playing it once word got out that various missions (even T10 legendary) did not count since it is a test mode. Considering how fast the matches can end, you really don't have much time to earn enough XP and credits compared to a decent Random game. Me personally, I just got annoyed with too many random players just throwing themselves away as sacrificial lamps too early in the game (way worse compare to Random) by getting way too greedy for those caps and not paying attention to the position of their team for support and the enemy. It was frustrating dealing with the quick one-sided matches while trying it out. While I like the idea of aggressive gameplay to shape up the boring high-tier passive play in Random, it causes another issue with too many regular players being way too suicidal without considering that they're providing free points to the enemy team.
  4. OP, I wouldn't stress over it. It won't matter if you did something right or wrong as certain individuals will behave this way and no form of logic can explain it. Some people just have anger issues and anything minor from playing a ship incorrectly based on their standards...to a simple bumping into them (love tap) and they go ballistic. It's just part of online gaming and no different from real life like experiencing a road rager while driving from work/school.
  5. Termx

    T5 Ranked Recommendations

    All Kamikazes types will only rule (just like any IJN destroyer) if the other team allows them to run around unopposed. Any destroyer player that's experienced and aggressive enough in a decent gunboat spec destroyer using Radio Location can just chase you down, then gun you to death without you being unable to do anything about it. Ranked at these tiers has always been ruled by gunboat/hybrid type destroyers. A pure torpedo boat is not going to change that.
  6. Termx

    Submarine Mission

    The speed is 27 knots and the concealment is 6.3 km (the CE captain skill does nothing). The real problem is that low oxygen tank level that doesn't give you much time to get out of detection range when you need to. Adding on top of that the rudder shift being 7.6 seconds at a 550 meters turning circle, so handling her is very sluggish..
  7. Termx

    Anybody played the subs on the PTS yet?

    This was my experience as well with the Barracuda...from the wonky rudder shift to the short oxygen level. Having this as a starting sub and a team full of them makes the new operation very difficult and frustrating to complete. The main problem is putting a lock on testing with the other subs unless you 5-star the other prior Halloween events. Not everyone has the time or a group of other clan mates/friends that's available to form up with on PTR in order to 5-star unlock them in a pre-made division. Like most players on PTR, you have to do it solo with other random players with only the Barracuda unlocked (which at the current state is a stinker compared to the other subs). It's no surprise feedback is pretty mix with most not enjoying them and/or finding the new operation too difficult to complete, all while using the Barracuda as the only sub available to them. Those that unlocked the other subs seem to have a much better experience.
  8. Termx

    New Ranked Battles

    It doesn't matter if you do that team version. If it's still the same outdated ladder system like in Ranked, it's never going to be laid back...ever!
  9. Termx

    Idea to fix MM and Karma

    You're making this more complex than what it really is. It just comes down to killing off the destroyers ASAP, controlling the objectives and where you are positioned at all times on the maps to maintain the point lead. If a certain ship is seen in the meta for the day, then you take another ship that can help counter it - a case of rock-paper-scissors. Spamming battles away and expecting some magic matchmaker to favor you is not the most effective way to move up the ranks. You need to take the initiative and do your part to earn that victory.
  10. Termx

    Idea to fix MM and Karma

    It's only possible if you actually observed the main source code that's written that calculates how the teams get formed. But that requires accessing their server-side data which will be secured and unavailable from an outside connection. It looks more you're just going by what you observed while playing and just writing down your results on a notepad. That data will be flawed as matching depends heavily on what ships are in the queue and how many players currently online in that bracket, and that various every hour during the day. So it's not going to be conclusive data since everyone's experience is going to be different.
  11. Termx

    Idea to fix MM and Karma

    This is why any system that allows the public to vote is so flawed as anyone can strike you for various reasons that they think they're in the right. There's even times others use it in a way to spite someone just because you play a certain ship, as revenge if you killed that person, or blame you for their death (or team loss) when that other person has only themselves to blame for their error.
  12. It doesn't look like that to me. From my experience doing the Random Ops, it's a lot to do with various players doing questionable choices and bad habits with their ships.
  13. The current Op is not that difficult, but it serverly punishes teams for having too many team members out of position in various locations that makes it challenging to complete the secondary objectives in time to get the 5-star win. When you have a random team with mostly those that just sail around unaware to their positioning, well the team just falls apart going forward. Even being decent yourself, you can't carry a team of players that sail around the place and most of time are out of the fight to assist others. At the most you're lucky enough if you can get a 2 or 3-star win at least.
  14. Termx

    Ranked did me in!

    Agree, I've seen the typical behavior issues when I ranked out in 138 games this season. Even with the pros and cons of T10...the irrevocable pushed back at rank 12 did make a difference during the first week. It didn't cause a bottle neck when progressing like last season. That's pretty much ranked, a "carry-the-potato" simulator. Many don't play from a tactical mindset, just shooting/farming ships like they do in Random. I lost count how many times I've seen teammates capture objectives, then get greedy pushing hard on the enemy team thinking they need to kill them all to win the game. It's like basic math is hard for many to understand regarding the point system. But either way it's a game of chess with ships being used. You just have to observe what the meta is for the night and take out the right ship to counter it.
  15. Termx

    XVM Prevalence

    Anyone that has programing knowledge can make their own 3rd party program or a Node.js web application to pull the API data from the WG Developer site. Those other programs are just available for those that don't have that knowledge to have easy access to the information. You can't ban a mod or program when it doesn't violate the terms on the developer site, and it's not the program author's fault if someone wants to misuse that information and be judgemental about it. But in all my time playing in over a year I haven't seen anyone use them to a point like what you hear about XVM in WoT. The most I've seen on some occasions is someone throwing a temper tantrum about matchmaker screwing them for the day with placement on <48% WR teams.