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  1. Termx

    Getting good Wiki

    That's unfortunately the downside of a wiki site since it is open for anyone to suggest edits. More so for example when you look up certain classes like battleships and the build suggestion lists skills like "Radio Finder" or "Survivability Expert". As long as that option is there, it will continue to be a mess when it comes to accurate information. Those that have wiki authorization should at least reject edit submissions that are just downright...silly.
  2. Termx

    BB's camping

    ^^^^This! There's plenty of those that pad their stats for various reasons, but they lack the knowledge on actually using them right and winning games. So you always take numbers with a grain of salt. But the most common is some typical player that has an arrogant ego (aka Captain KnowItAll) giving orders/advice for ships they don't own and have no battle experience playing them.
  3. Termx

    Please just remove stats from the game.

    This is true as actual good players are busy focusing on winning the game as they developed the ability to take ownership of their performance, correcting their mistakes over time with practice. Bad players do not as they have serious "personality" problems that hold them back. Instead, avoiding constructive feedback and throwing blame towards others for their errors. You see a lot of these types during Ranked season. I really don't understand why or who thought it was a good idea to implement that system to give the player base the power to rate and police themselves. We already experience the system not being used responsibly as most abuse it to spite others over various childish reasons. It's going to vary depending what the ship is and its key role. But one thing the API needs is the ability to properly track and report values from your spotting, potential damage, and capturing/assisting/defending key locations. The point is it only provides basic values like win rate and overall damage for developers to use. This is why 3rd party sites and apps have stuck to this damage farming statistic formula since they are limited on options to use when making their performance calculations. I'm sure clan recruiters will like more details about players that applied to them like: DD player with good scouting/capture point numbers CA/CL player with good defensive point numbers, someone that focus on controlling key areas on the map. BB player with good potential damage; not someone that sits back and damage farm.
  4. Radio Location is very common and used in competitive gameplay (both Clan Battles and Ranked) as it provides a lot of information to you on ship movement. It's a skill that many tend to overlook to help them firing torpedoes where your opponent is expected to move. Also quite useful in anti-DD builds as well.
  5. Kronshhtadt is a maybe, not not ideal since her deck armor is only 25mm. The poor girl is going to get melted away from HE spam from cruisers and destroyers. Even worse later on when the reload buffs kick in. She will be fine if position properly as a support ship using the Russian 11.7 km radar, but I don't see her being able to carry if you end up getting teams that don't bother working together.
  6. I remember the early days of online 1st person shooters when killing someone always lead to excuses regarding them lagging out. But cheating (or hacking) seems to be the norm for that past 10-15 years in online games that replaced that old excuse. Different excuses over time, but still the same reason. That someone is just unwilling to accept they got outplayed.
  7. That was my experience too in the test. I'm going to try it out this season, but I'm seriously not looking forward to the mess this is going to cause with the typical player getting tunnel vision on opportunities with the capture points with YOLO charges - ignoring any danger nearby.
  8. The problem is many of the cruisers in this tier are open water range support type ships that are not ideal for up-close Arms Race gameplay. The few island hugging cruisers are very situational as any simple mistake and it's back to the port for you. It's not something to take just for the sake of it unless your comfortable playing them and is aware to your surroundings.
  9. It's not impossible. The official WoWS Wiki site already has walk-through guides listed for these Scenarios. You can even find more information on the official forums, Reddit, or via YouTube videos. The problem has two reasons: Players new to the game that don't understand the core mechanics and their ship. That's fine, everyone starts somewhere and mistakes will be made. Players that played for some time, but play poorly because they don't care about self-improving which is not fine. A sign of someone that has "behavior issues" that blocks them from getting better. Nerfing this or that is not going to change anything. If everyone misplays their ship, you will continue to have undesirable results regardless how dump down the mode is. There's even players that even loose in Coop. Should they nerf that too? Might as well just add participation trophies, because that is pretty much what you're asking for. The developers are not going to redesign something just to cater to your own play-style, that way you can continue without consequences for poor play. If you want the rewards, you need to work to earn it like everyone else. And this has nothing to do with only Elite players completing it - that's so untrue. Players in this community from all skills levels are able to complete them just fine (solo and/or in divisions). It's because they understand their ship, the basic core mechanics of that Operation, and they take the time improving if they do fail. Those that jump in expecting to breeze through with little/no knowledge of what they're doing will mostly get undesirable results.
  10. Termx

    Karma -1 REALLY!

    Well it's possible someone was salty or it could also be something you did wrong without realizing it. But it could also be a case of someone who believes you play incorrectly when you didn't (aka Captain Know-It-All). It's hard to say what the issue was unless you can provide a replay. Besides that, it's one of the reasons why the report system is flawed as it doesn't provide you that feedback on why you received a strike, so your left guessing if the issue is valid or just another case of salty tears. Sadly, it's hardly ever used in a way to help improve others, just spite them in order for that other player to feel good about themselves.
  11. Termx

    Is it real?

    So your saying that if I drink tons of beer one night playing a destroyer and end up getting a 10% WR after playing x amount of battles, that is all because some back-end code formula is preventing my team from winning? I guess we don't need to blame the alcohol on those nights anymore folks.
  12. Budyonny is a better option instead of Molotov, due to her typical Russian rail guns, spotting plane, and the best Tier VI range for the main guns against other cruisers of the tier. Her armor layout is also not as fragile compared to the Molotov. Warspite has the best accuracy for the main guns. The only drawback is that she has a huge superstructure and is considered a floating teabag due to catching fire very easily. Fuso has the better range, but also wonky dispersion like a shotgun. You have to get a bit closer to get results, unless you want to be that type sitting in the back throwing HE. Oh god, I'm getting flashbacks from Ranked season 7. Mutsu is too fragile, you're better off taking out the Fuso. I'm surprised no one has mention the Dallas that replaced the Cleveland, but I guess not everyone is into playing a ship while island hugging.
  13. That's the typical mindset of a casual player in any game. They just want to log in, screw around, and chill shooting stuff. Many of them have no desire to learn/improve, or read up on upcoming material. It's like the old saying goes that you can take the horse over to the pond, but you can't force it to drink from it unless it feels like it. Unfortunately, that also applies with online games. And with Thanksgiving and Xmas coming up, you also have many kids off from school under holiday vacation. So expect rough seas going forward till the end of the year. You can either ride the storm and do what you can to carry using the best ships you have, or just wait it out and take a break.
  14. Most likely because you picked a DD of a line that plays more like a cruiser/gunboat, which puts you at a disadvantage in a competitive environment against actual destroyers with better concealment and spotting range. When others see you bring a certain ship that's not suitable for the Ranked mode, they'll consider you dead weight for the team and that often leads to a click of that report feature. It really does nothing, but to them it just makes them feel better I guess. Even good players get reported to due to a Captain "Know-It-All" believing you played your ship wrong, or some salty player that died first and blames everyone for not supporting him/her, never accepting accountability for their own mistake. So loosing a few points of Karma per ranked season is pretty common regardless how well you did...especially that final push at the higher league bracket before ranking out. But if you're receiving more that 5 reports per season, it's a good indication you're doing something wrong. Either wrong ship for the task, poor map positioning, wrong target focus, throwing games without paying attention to the score, ramming low health ships when you are full health, or getting too heated in chat.
  15. Termx

    Clan Battles season 4?

    It's not a simple task to get various servers to sync properly and also communicate well between four client builds, so more time will be needed to be sure the server hamsters are feed well. A lot of troubleshooting and table flipping by IT/Network engineers needs to be done to make something of this scale to work. But I really don't understand Wargaming's logic when they started developing this game (and their other titles) by separating it into four client builds with each having it's own region server/database. It's much easier (and cost efficient) to have one client build that includes all the localization settings to support each regional language they want to make their client support. Making four client builds just increases the QA testing phase process to check if every belt and whistle is ticking before releasing the build, and the likelihood of an issue to slip by. It also doesn't help matchmaking when the community is split apart and limited based on local authentication/database servers per region.