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  1. Been getting burned out too with Ranked and CB between each other this year, more so with the focus on higher tier ships only. Like what's the point of grinding a line if WG wants to force T10 for game modes/events? Like there's other ships I would like to play in these modes, not Hindy, Moskva, etc because your game rules forces you to play the same class over and over. And out of all the Tiers you have to pick the top one that has the largest maps that encourages sniping/passive gameplay and the most unforgiving ships that rewards those that damage farms (referring to last season of Ranked) that handicaps those that prefer other ships/classes that put in more effort for their team. The competitive modes right now are just too repetitive. Like make them not super serious for at least a season; try something new. Would it be fun to have Ranked or CB as destroyer only (Tier IV, V, or VI) and everyone brawls away while on silly maps like in the April Fool's Bathtub event? Yeah it's silly...but it's something different at least. Since I work a day job like many of us, I don't have a lot of time to devote to every single event that comes out every week or so by playing x amount of hours per day. Just enough time to come on and help my clan mates in Clan Battles. But that also limits me to play Random and try new things like the recent released US cruiser line. It's nice to have something to do, but not to the point you're overloaded every month with these events back-to-back on top of the competitive modes. At least provide a month or two of breathing room before starting the next season. Because right now attendance is a major problem for many in Clan Battles due to the time periods and the repetitive Tier/Ship lineup that many just stop playing it. And it looks like from my eyes this can lead to the mode being dead just like Team Battles if this path continues.
  2. My thoughts: French cruisers - Reload I didn't see much difference in overall gameplay using it. But the consumable was indeed useful to help boost main battery DPM at key moments in order to finish off priority targets. Other than that I'd found no other use for it. Collection There's not much to say expect just a new collection with some rewards. I did collect the Dasha captain for each nation, but the Russian voiceover seems to be the same that you can get from 3rd party audio files found in MOD packs. But it's an easy 10-point captain to acquire, so I'm not complaining. UI Scale There's not much it can benefit me since my monitor is only in 2k and was displaying fine under default settings, so I really didn't bother enabling it. Ranked Battles So I already played this the first week on PTR and ranked out, and on Live I ranked out the two prior seasons (season 7 & 8). My take on this is why are you doing the Tier VIII/X setup again? Was any ounce of feedback regarding the last season even considered? Those of us that play competitive and even partake in the Clan Battles season is starting to get hit with burnout with these seasons bouncing back-to-back with only a 2 week break period between these modes. The attendance for the teams is starting to become a serious problem right now. On top of that...it's the same Tier over and over. Making a map design change here and there with the high-tier map rotations is not going to solve the key problem...that the competitive game modes are starting to become repetitive. Please do not stick to Tier X because you feel it is balanced or that you want to encourage those to Free XP their way up a line in order to participate (increase sales). The Tier needs to be switched every season in order to keep things interesting and engaging. Nobody likes to be forced to play one ship or two every season. Like what's the point grinding up a line when you are only going to be forced to play ships at a certain Tier going forward? Any Tier is fine at this point. Heck, make it Tier III, IV, or V and we brawl in the bathtub April Fool's event map. At least it's not Tier X and is something different for a chance.
  3. The data is meaningless since matches in Coop end far quicker compared to a Random. Many of the times the bots get destroyed without killing anyone on your team at which point the match will end early due to the huge score difference. There's also times you have some bad luck with your spawn location and the entire bot team goes to the other side, leaving you without a target to shoot at for a good amount of the battle. Same thing if they YOLO charge your team that has bots placed in it...leaving you with fewer targets left to fight over with other human players. The data is only available since Wargaming included the API commands to pull it from their Developer site. The same thing for certain commands regarding Scenarios regarding number of seasons played in divisions or random groups. But how useful is that? When a game mode is only useful to just go chill for awhile, clear some special/personal missions quickly, or test a new ship you unlocked...its kind of pointless to consider statistic data when it provides nothing useful to assist you in self-improving in the game.
  4. Clan Battles Match Making

    That actually makes sense. I wasn't there at the time, but from what I heard from a team of my clan mates last night is they encountered two Typhoon clans from Group I. The first group was a loss of only -9 points, but the second group later during the night was another loss at around -20 points. They were running a training team in Storm Group III at that time. For me personally, I was wondering if we encountered some bug since the difference in points from two higher league groups. But yeah, that could just been a Bravo team that's around Storm Group I or Typhoon Group III. I think WG should at least update the UI to at least display if the team is Alpha or Bravo (with their current standing). That way it can help reduce any confusion about MM or point loss/gain.
  5. That site is not helpful since it combines both Random and Ranked data of your played ships as a single total. So if you ever played any of the seasons in Ranked Battles, your data on those ships will be a bit different compared to just Random data only. On top of that it lacks other useful data like your main gun hit rate, survival chance, etc. Another thing to keep in mind is that Warships.Today can pull data every 10-20 minutes from the last pull request. On wows-numbers, it is locked with a 60 or 120 minute cooldown before you can request again. So if you wonder why data is not updating, just check the upper-right cover to see if there's a cooldown time left before you can make another request.
  6. Cherry Blossom observation

    And how do you propose to fix it? A developer can only do so much to show someone the door, but they can't help them if all they do is keep running into a wall. The only bad teams I recall was on the first day the patch dropped, but other than that it's been mostly 5-4 star win teams for myself. And I've been playing in everyday, a good relaxing way to farm high commander xp/free xp for those Tier VIII cruisers. I'm sure the team quality will decrease in time since most decent players will no longer run it after earning all 5-star rewards, just like the other operations. But whatever the team is, you should never expect others to use their ships to the fullest (even the consumables). Heck some of them have very poor awareness and eat torpedoes left and right, no different when playing in Random. You just have to do your best using the ship you have and focus on what objective needs to get done. Take the initiative yourself, don't expect your team to do it for you. If joining random players is too much, get together with others and division up. There's also a lot of older players that play mostly Coop/Operations that will never have that awareness due to age or various medical conditions. It can be frustrating at times (understandable), but we shouldn't be too hard on them over it. Just do your best to communicate and help guide them, since most of them I find will appreciate the assistance. But those that are stubborn and give you a grumpy attitude, well you're free to do what's best.
  7. We've been using Bravo since day 1 of CB start due to too many of our core team being away with family due to the July 4th holiday. So it is a welcoming feature that at least provides an alternative to help with ship lineup testing/training members, or just derp around in meme lineups for just some fun.
  8. Numbers can be Misleading

    That's one of the downsides of the program, it only collects data for just the ship itself. It does not provide you with any overall data on the player's account. So in the end, you're only getting half of the intelligence to compare between both. But the best thing to do is not take any stats data to heart since statistic data can be manipulated/padded. It's only going to distract you. Just observe them in the battle, never slacking off based on the numbers alone. Even a bad potato can still fire his guns/torpedoes and harm your team if you let them. Treat everyone as equal threats, take no quarters and no prisoners.
  9. Is warships.today down?

    WoWs Stats has been around just as long as Warships.Today. Overall it has a lower database population compared to it. And as you pointed out, it does merge both Random and Ranked statistics together - which is odd and not a very accurate way to determine skill/improvement over time since Ranked games is just a solo grind. The only thing that matters there is just win rate. The other thing is that your Random data is the overall total. You can't separate it based on solo play, 2--player, or 3-player division data. And it only provides just your WTR score and overall win rate for the ship. There's no other features to provide you with additional information (main battery hit rate, survival chance, average XP, etc), and it hasn't been maintained and updated that much just like Warships.Today. As for wows-numbers, there's so much useful data there for you (especially if you're a data analyst nerd that likes studying the logs). There was someone here that mention the lack of hit rate and torpedo hit rate. It's there; you just have to click that "Details" link for each ship to open the popup window that shows the detailed data of that ship. I like the fact there's a Progress tool to actually go back prior weeks and see your games on those days, even the feature for more recorded data via additional charts. And especially thanks to Wiochi for the time he put in to improve it over time with new features, especially taking advantage of the new API calls regarding Clan data. Actually seeing a leaderboard base on member performance over various categories is useful to see where improvement is needed when it comes preparing to modes like Clan Battles. Even recording the overall Clan membership of a player...very useful if you're a recruiter and want to watch out for those that bunny hop between various clans in a short time span.
  10. Avoid any Tier 2-4 Premium cruisers. Your not going to be playing down there a lot since the rewards will be minor compare to mid-tier and high-tier game play. So there's no need to get them, unless your the type that likes collecting things. But I don't see anyone asking the important question is what play style you prefer? I ask this because there's two types of play styles for the cruisers: Open Water or Island Huggers Each type has their role - pure support ship to deal with other cruisers/destroyers, a flanker to start burning down the enemy team (lots of DAKA DAKA DPM), a kitter to troll the enemy team and bait them into your team's crossfire, or a playground bully that helps lock down the areas around the capture locations from enemy destroyers. If you enjoy being a support ship, but be at medium-long range as a sniper/flanker - the French De Grasse is a good ship for that style while using the speed boost. It's also a decent ship for training French captains for moving up the French cruiser line. The Admiral Graf Spee is fine for what she does, but she is very vulnerable to massive hits. So just stay aware where the enemy battleships are and don't expose yourself, otherwise it's lights out. If you want to practice map awareness/positioning, this ship can help you with that. But keep in mind that Tier VI often gets uptiered and she can struggle with higher tier ships - especially battleships that hit harder and have better accuracy. Prinz Eugen is also decent now with the heal, but like most German ships in the higher tiers the HE shells is not what makes them shine - it's their AP shell penetration. It's best to avoid this one for now like the Atago, since higher tier game play can be rough for those that are new and still understanding the basics. If you do get the Atago, you can play her as a flanker or as a support ship with your team's destroyers to lock down the capture points. Her special torpedo arch angles makes her very special and gives you an advantage to do javelin attacks on those foolish enough to rush you. Even her AP hits hard and punishes any other cruiser showing broadside to you. But one thing to know is don't play her like a torpedo boat. Yes she has great range torpedoes and IJN torps hit hard, but they are purely for defense use only or area denial in certain locations to prevent enemy advancement. Avoid both Italian Premium ships, they're made of glass and not forgiving for someone new that's still learning. They require more of an experience player to use them. Same with the Commonwealth Perth ship. She requires a unique style using the smoke and needs someone that has some experience to start using her; not forgiving for a new player. The same thing for the Pan-Asian Huanghe that uses the same game play style. The Russian Admiral Makarov is a decent ship to practice kitting or medium-range support role; is also the German Nürnberg that was handed over to USSR as a war prize after the war. So she gets the typical extra penetration from her HE shells without the need to get the IFHE captain skill. The Indianapolis is a good ship and like most USN heavy cruisers, their AP shells are heavier and have great penetration - you can even nail the superstructures of battleships showing broadside (getting good numbers). But just like the USN line, it requires staying in island cover as they don't fair well in open water. Same thing for the Atlanta, it needs to stay behind cover. She is pure fun for the luls using her machine gun DPM, but she is not easy to master for someone new. But once you gain enough experience, she is something you want to consider looking into. The USSR Murmansk and the USN Marblehead are the same ship, but are really fragile and known to be floating citadels. So avoid playing these two in open water like a battleship; a mistake I see many do.
  11. FeelsBadMan

    It's matches like that...that matchmaker is secretly telling you to call it a day and play something else.
  12. It's easier with a division on a voice communication program (Discord/Teamspeak), but when playing solo you just have to do the best you can working with various random players. There's no easy way to work around it. Putting in other ship classes is not going to solve the problem to make this operation any easier. The ship is just a tool; it still depends on the captain to drive it and use it to its full strength. But anyway, it's hard to tell what went wrong - was it captain error? A replay file will be needed to fully analyze the battle outcome. But what you've said in your lineup: Chapeyev - Yes she has hydro and excellent 11.7 km Russian radar, but the Chapy has a 890 meter turning radius. So she is sluggish on the turns and your putting her into an environment that requires heavy "torpedo beats" cross drops - her weakness. Having one on your team should be good enough, but she should be behind others as just a support ship (not ahead of the group as a spearhead) to avoid being focus fired by the A.I., since she lacks A-S-W-D key hacking capabilities to dodge torps and incoming shells at close range. Like all Russian cruisers, she shines at medium-long range engagements. Mikhail Kutuzov - If any of your clan mates has her, consider taking one along with someone that's comfortable playing her. Her AA firepower is deadly and she has a Defense AA consumable. Her Russian rail gun accuracy is what makes her shine, a maximum of 19.1 km range. From the location of the carriers doing the repair, you'll be very close to rain HE shells on both airfields from that safe distance. So consider her insurance in-case killing the reinforcements is going south. Cleveland is good, but don't forget to take a mix of the Baltimore as well. Sure the Cleveland has better DPM due to her reload, but the Baltimore packs a bigger punch with her 203mm guns. Both ships are great as AA spec, because it's USN anti-air guns of freedom yo. Edinburgh - One should be ok enough as optional, but having a team full of them is questionable. The RN cruiser line is known to have cruisers that have toilet paper armor and limited as island huggers, easy to receive massive citadel damage when focused fired - making them a situational type of ship(s). Also keep in mind that the bots will focus fire key ships in your team and anyone that is low on HP, because they're programed like that. You also don't want to show your broadside, because the bots are also programmed to switch to AP shells and punish you for making that potato mistake. So be sure to angle yourself and bow tank a bit if need be. You don't need to get all your guns to bare if that requires exposing yourself. It will be minor damage compared to HE shells when using the Edinburgh, so that's why she is an optional ship. A full team of them is going to be "MEH" results. But for sniping from the island or at the carrier repair circle, the "Mikhail Kutuzov" will be the Queen in that category.
  13. Happen to me this week in one Hindy game that night were I end up at the bottom with my div mates. But that was because our victory ended way too fast since the enemy team got greedy, and overextended hard to get picked off one-by-one in under 5 minutes. Sometimes even in victory, you just get those bad games that is one sided.
  14. I'm aware of that Hassan, but what I'd said still applies. Did you guys using your radar to flush those destroyers firing in smoke? For those with Hydro, did you use it to help spot torpedoes when the waves of destroyers showed up? Did you guys have proper captain skills for your ship captains, like AA builds with BFT-AFT or manual AA? Did you use the Defensive AA consumable (and coordinate cooldowns with each other) to help chew through the aircraft waves, and reduce their accuracy?
  15. It is if you totally lack map/situation awareness. It is not an operation you just sit back sipping your pina colada drink, take a nap and expect to get a participation trophy at the end just by farming ships alone. You need to work together as teamwork is vital here to get through the waves as smoothy as possible. That means communicate with your clan mates to focus fire key ships, and any ship that gets close to you so the reinforcements don't overwhelm you in time.