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  1. What is your Karma score right now

    This post made me check and its 9 lol. Last time I looked it was in the 50's. I don't dish out crap (usually) but I def. don't hold back when given it either.
  2. Rank 10+ even worth it?

    Nope, its a giant waste of time for the general masses.
  3. High Salt Advisory

    Come play! Needs more people. The reason i mentioned it is the community doesn't put up with much crying.
  4. High Salt Advisory

    Extreme levels of sodium enriched potatoes have been seen on every map since early morning EST. Those with allergies or thin skin are advised to stay outdoors or do chores this weekend, or perhaps try Wildstar. When encountered, all steps to attempt to ignore should be taken. Avoid eye contact, muffled giggling is ok. Retorts such as "I love you" or "You mad bro" have been known to incite team killing, it's up to you whether you want to embarrass and fine the offenders in this way, so do so at your own risk. As always, play how you want, not how some random pleb suggests. Please only report the worst offenders. Happy hunting!
  5. How is the premier league meta?

    or better yet write a line of code equivalent to rank 1 * (X) = [SHIP]. (forgive my programming illiteracy)
  6. Ranked, has this happened to you?

    I have suspected this kind of "R"ng for some time and have written about it many times. Often met with riducule, but quite a few have agreed there is gremlins in the system. Hell 10 mins ago I was hit by a Kurf, in a Khab, for 3 consecutive salvos with ap, (well 2, then kill shot) for 10k dmg at 20km or so while speed boosted and turning sporadically. Sometimes the game just tells you "you're not winning today".
  7. Just us geezers :P
  8. How playing ranked feels to me:
  9. "R"NG

  10. PLEASE tell me this was a humorous filibuster.
  11. "Only a petty child with no understanding of social interaction would be so stupid as to spend time berating others on the internet. grow the hell up." - TheNargacuga
  12. "R"NG

    Please, explain. Note: this is the second time you've come here to bash the thread, both times making zero sense. "Only a petty child with no understanding of social interaction would be so stupid as to spend time berating others on the internet" - TheNargacuga
  13. "R"NG

  14. COMPLETE waste of time. This is not an anomoly, this has been the "norm" for the last two seasons!