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  1. Proposed Consumable: Sabotage

    Someone gave Sbane a list of logical fallacies and he's been impossible to have a conversation with ever since.
  2. He's not gonna concede. If you make a valid point it's a fallicy, if you have an experience it is invalid due to statistics. We all know the type.
  3. Not really. But I know what I know. As I said before, nobody is gonna agree that bb's are more accurate than the other two gun classes. Nobody with more then 160 games.
  4. There's a difference between numbers on paper and practical knowledge and implementation. You know this I would think. An example would be back in the day I found a spreadsheet of ships by DPS. Gearing was number 1. Do you think in actual games gearing does the most damage of any other ships? Regardless of its shells hang time and opportunities for it to constantly be firing? I have thousands upon thousands of games. Battleships miss more than other classes.
  5. Now your gonna tell me how quotes work lol. What other reason would I have for using them there? What I am disputing is that Battleships, no matter what you say, can be amazingly frustrating to play when you couple the slow reload with an astounding number of dispersion misses. Ask literally anyone that's played them a lot.
  6. You were coming off so hyper intelligent until this.
  7. Hence I put "Facts" in quotes. People can claim anything is a fact, doesnt mean it is.
  8. There's education and practical experience, book smarts and street smarts. "Facts" don't always match the truth.
  9. Whatever the data may say is irrelevant when I am playing for several minutes, guns firing at max rof and every single salvo, although well aimed, is landing on all sides of the target. The point stands that this is why battleships are less fun to play for me and why they are my least enjoyed class.
  10. I dont think I would be alone in never touching a bb if they nerfed gun damage. The bad accuracy makes them hard enough to have fun in.
  11. Correction - Her secondaries are better than Yamato, and before the KM Battleships Yamato was the 2ndary king.
  12. WGC isn't reason to ragequit

    Two of my friends wore the same jeans to school for a whole year in an effort to out grunge each other
  13. WGC isn't reason to ragequit

    What about underwear or socks tho? Should we get into a logical debate about changing those?
  14. Ship sucks anyway. I was excited for her in vain.