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  1. Appreciate the replies guys.
  2. This isn't user error cause this is my 2nd ship I've gotten the personal task done on. I was a little surprised when I got my first there was no "Congrats" or notification of any kind, but now on my CV, the mod simply isn't even available! Anyone else experience this?
  3. MajorHavoc

    I'm not having fun anymore - NOT a rant

    Monty had me feeling a similar way, I just had really bad luck with her. Even turned me off of battleships for quite some time. Could just be her,
  4. MajorHavoc

    Salute to potatoes

    How do you suppose they do this?
  5. MajorHavoc

    Salute to potatoes

    Jeez I started a thread telling people to stop being [edited] and it got locked within about an hour. Im sure this one will end up being constructive tho.
  6. MajorHavoc

    Cheer up, Buttercups

    Chill out, I come here bi annually or so and say the same thing. Think of it as a PSA.
  7. MajorHavoc

    Cheer up, Buttercups

    If you're gonna call someone useless, and their mother a [edited], because their 4th kill of the game wasn't the ship you wanted sunk, you may wan't to look into therapy, maybe even medication. Or maybe go clean your gutters or something until you calm down and put things into perspective a little. Thanks!
  8. MajorHavoc

    black screen system crashes 10/28/2018

    One obsure thing I found is that GeFOrce Experience tells me to shut off Shadow Quality on WoWs. I have a gtx 760
  9. MajorHavoc

    Critical error

    One obscure thing I found is that GeForce Experience tells me to shut off shadow quality on WoWs
  10. MajorHavoc

    black screen system crashes 10/28/2018

    Having the same problem. Video card just freezes. Gone pink 3 times now because of it. Not to mention it really takes a toll on trying to enjoy the game obv. edit: Was happening very frequently, even without game running, so I re-seated vid card and did a clean install of driver. If I don't check back in that fixed the issue.
  11. 11 other people I have no control over. Or in ranked, 6.
  12. MajorHavoc

    Game Unstable since patch

    Update: I ran repair and it was fixed. Somewhat obscure tool in the settings of the launcher. Good Luck!
  13. MajorHavoc

    Game Unstable since patch

    Im scared. Task manager isnt even letting me close it when it crashes. Go away kgb.
  14. Anyone else? So far im 2 ctd's in 3 games.