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  1. First of all DD's even spec with AA can shoot down T10 planes. Maxed out AA cruisers, no prob. Montana, GK maxed out planes disappear. Who are you to say to players that they can't play low tier CV's because its seal clubbing so you ruin tier 4/5 for us then you go out on us note letting us use our high tiers. Not only that but the only competitive play that promoted this game that made sense was supremacy league, and you even tried to make there lives harder by not letting do it there way. OMG 1500$ in prizes wow you honestly think you have a right to dictate what competitive teams should do when we set up the events. Not only that I grinned for months to get these ships and captains. It's called investing the time. If I would have knows this I wouldn't have grinned my tier 10 ships. Enjoy players who are inexperienced having 1GK and 6 shimakaze in clan battles!!!
  2. Clans costing Doubloons??

    10,000 doubloons wow there making money off of you!!
  3. Clans costing Doubloons??

    500 doubloons maybe not 2500!!
  4. Clans costing Doubloons??

    I have come see that making clans we will have to pay in order to create a community witch intern promotes the war gaming product, intern gives more profit because people will play the game and enjoy that community. For those players have invested thousands of dollars into this game they shouldn't have to pay a penny for anything for having to put lettering next to our names. Especially of the fact for players who live paycheck to paycheck and spend what extra little money they may have on this game, yet you are going to make someone work to put Lettering next to our game tags. I understand wargaming employees must get payed for there time as well but have players not given enough?? How many premium ships have we payed for even you guys stated most premium ships make 12x there worth, premium time we also pay for. Please many clans have sub clans to count for all there members you are just money grabbing this one!!! 5th Dimension for example doing all the creation of the community and promotion of the game we have invested thousands of hours to prepared for the Supremacy League witch is run by community members witch we have done all the work and you guy promoted it like your own and took advantage of it!!! We the clans have made these communities not wargaming, we the clans made the supremacy league and the omni cup on EU sever not wargaming. We deserve this one little creation of clans for free, especially for us clan leaders telling our clanmates to be patient because there are no clans in the game and not to leave yet and keeping them entertained. 500 Doubloons maybe!! or in game credits!!!
  5. Clan Closed Beta Bugs

    Some of the problems: - clan invite failed - clan invite accepted but not in clan and can't re invite (Sea8ones) - Load screen after acceptance glitches out sometimes it accepts sometimes it doesn't - check marking 2-3 people to reajust there rank isn't working only does it for one person at a time!!
  6. Clan Closed Beta Bugs

    xTheCanadianx still has Fifth Dimension clan when it's supposed to be me as commander I tried contacting him in game, on forums, PM and tried putting in a support ticket can you somehow please fix this!!!
  7. Clan Closed Beta Bugs

    I don't have my clan LOL it's xthecanadianx who has it lol this isn't fair ;(
  8. BB accuracy

    BB on the japanese line especially kongo and nagato need an accuracy buff!!!
  9. Clan Beta When?

    Nope not for the NA, the EU got there list of clans 5th dimension is in for the EU!!
  10. Smoke

    These cruisers are not op because the get smoke because one small screw up, one radar, one set of torps you don't notice and your dead. AP can't pen DD at longer ranges who are bow out or bow in. They are high skill ships, you need to know the game very well!!!
  11. So not true AP is not a hindrance at all, devastating strikes yes but HE would make them so over powered, smoking and destroyer killing is to its max potential without making them OP. These ships are for high skilled players due to the fact they are squishy ask a player called Tally_whacker he is he best cruiser player I know for the british cruisers even better than flamu!!
  12. Subs

    I don't think subs should be added, they are too slow, too concealed, and to create this new game dynamic would take too long. Yes there are sub games, but subs where raiders and scouters not heavy combat. Can they be implemented?? YES!!! Should they be implemented??? No!!! everything will have to be balanced out once more. I don't hate subs I would actually play them, but the game play would be too slow in my eyes if you think American BB are slow wait till you play subs lol
  13. How should carriers be improved???

    I'm trying to improve carrier a little nothing that would make a huge difference
  14. How should carriers be improved???

    Please vote carriers do need some love there game dynamic need some sort of love!!!