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  1. Some things nee to be revised the AA is way to powerful if this is stock, second it is a must to be about to control your carrier at all times in some sort of way, focus fire should still be a thing. 1. Give aircraft more HP or Lesson the AA. (In current state) 2. Get ride of the banking harder with D and A just keep it smooth with the mouse controls. (It feels sluggish the squadrons), you can also and in a counter measure bank if there are fighters 3. Have AA focus for and Def AA for CVS they need them back, they are un able to defend them selves 4. ADD in a fighter squadron with a strafing run so the CV can deside to defend there friends/fleets 1 mouse click for regular attacks, double click mouse click for a strafing run 5. Bring double carriers back to high tiers now is the time. (tiers 8,9,10) 6. Leasson the torp armament time just a little if we can only use 1 squadron at a time already hard to hit ships with torps as is!!
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    So not true AP is not a hindrance at all, devastating strikes yes but HE would make them so over powered, smoking and destroyer killing is to its max potential without making them OP. These ships are for high skilled players due to the fact they are squishy ask a player called Tally_whacker he is he best cruiser player I know for the british cruisers even better than flamu!!