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  1. All, I need some guidance from the community before I go insane. I'm having major issues in Tier 9 game play. I've been a pretty good player up until this point, but I am not adjusting at all for Tier 9. I didn't have any issues in Tier 8 with the Benson, but my Fletcher play is abysmal and I am not contributing to my team (the Fletcher is the better ship too!). I just returned from a year and a half hiatus, so I am not caught up on everything, but this is part of the reason I lost interest in the game and left the last time. I have no desire at this point to continue to Tier 10 because I cannot do well (even average) in Tier 9. I attempt to capture a point at the beginning of the game, get radar'd and die (or lose almost all health if I don't die). Then I decide I am not going to do that anymore and the enemy team has a free capture point to take, takes it, and then somehow I still get radar'd and die. Attempt to screen for my team, get radar'd and die Things I think I'm doing wrong: Lack of map awareness as battle progresses (if I am even alive that long) Relying on smoke to conceal me Not memorizing which ships have radar Not fully grasping the slower game play at this level, it's much slower and deadly Questions for you: What is my role playing the Fletcher in a Tier 10 game? What is each ship class role? Battleship, Cruiser, Destroy, Carrier. (I think I know, but sometimes question in this tier) Are there any helpful videos or guides you've used? I watch many games on YouTube, but clearly it isn't helping me... Any help is appreciated, thanks for letting me rant. Statistics below:
  2. PyRo_MaNiaC

    WWI SMS Scharnhorst Found

    Not sure if this is the correct place for this, but saw this article and thought others would be interested: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-50670743 Putting this under German Battleships since Scharnhorst is a Battleship in game.