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  1. Its kinda odd to see ones gameplay from the other teams perspective. Thanks for tagging me.
  2. Oh Gaea... Are you still here? Or do we need to Ari after you again?

  3. can jou help me for download the game?

    1. ElvenLord


      The game is not available for download yet. I suggest that you read the FAQ, it has all the answers that you are looking for. The date fro Alpha to start has not been announced yet, the rest of the testing process will proceed from there.

  4. Welcome back to Life! Good results on the pumpkin contest....

  5. Waiting hopefully for Alpha testing to begin and crossing my fingers that I get in...

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    2. Kickyourass123


      oh quit ur whining u punch of pusscakes


    3. ElvenLord


      If you will please note that 1). this Status was posted 9 months ago, 2). that it merely states that I am interested in Alpha testing, and 3). it is on my private wall, which you had to go find. I do not appreciate your comments here.


      Also, beyond reporting you for your general unpleasantness, your name is also in violation of the EULA and ToS that you agree to when you use this forum.

    4. Flakstorm_


      lets just hope that everyone on this forum ,that is a nice person can get into alpha.

  6. Hello all, I realize that this isnt the suggestion forum, but I cant seem to be able to start a topic there. I am looking at focusing on the American Line for this tech tree. There will be 10 tiers. Types will include Cruisers, Destroyers, Battleships, and Aircraft Carriers. Tier 1 Tier 2 This is a W.I.P I will update it as I have time.