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  1. Super_Tactical_Droid

    Twilight Bug

    Just happened to me as well what a strange day.
  2. Super_Tactical_Droid

    gaming center hitting a trojan site/IP

    well this is odd today it seems the launcher is causing Malwarebytes today to go nope thats not a normal launcher and now it seems to think its both compromised & is a trojan as seen here:
  3. Super_Tactical_Droid

    is grober kurfust good

    thats a negative The following changes will be made to the Grosser Kurfürst after the replacement of ships: Grosser Kurfürst will become a special ship - the cost of the ship's post-battle service will be decreased. You will be able to assign Commanders from other ships of the same nation to her without any penalties and retraining requirements. Current commanders will keep their specialty. The ship will be added into the Armory for Coal. Grosser Kurfürst will remain on the accounts of its owners. If the ship was researched but not bought, sold, or the branch was reset, she will be invoiced to the player's account. The ship will keep its unique upgrade and any purchased permanent camouflages. If permanent camouflage Type 20 was not purchased - it will be credited. All players who own any permanent camouflage for Grosser Kurfürst will receive the Type 20 permanent camouflage for Preussen. The ship herself can only be obtained after researching and purchasing it in the tech tree.
  4. Super_Tactical_Droid

    25 German Battleship Container Haul

    I figured hey i already got the Immelmann from coal & I pulled the Weimer from the free amazon crate I know I had a simple rule and that is don't waste any doubloons on containers as the plan was to use them all on santa crates..... but I figured hey that t8 bb looks interesting and since it costs 12800 doubloons by itself why not just gamble and buy 10 containers just 10 for 10600 and hope for the best. Well here's the results of opening up 10: crazy I get a ship for only 10,600 plus a tech ship i didn't have already and some coal some free xp,flags and camo. So I have 76,198 doubloons atm so I will just not buy anything else till then hopefully my good luck continues.
  5. Super_Tactical_Droid

    Oh me oh my

    gratz I got one as well from mine:
  6. Super_Tactical_Droid

    October Prime Loot now available

    well after a long day at work I come home and I got that: can't say no to a free ship
  7. Super_Tactical_Droid

    How did your bids go?

    I figured for 10m i should get that flag but nope at least I got the coal so thats good enough for me.
  8. Super_Tactical_Droid

    Lighthouse Auction how did you do?

    For a laugh I decided you know what lets bid 6797 for that ship & I didn't win that. At least I got the coal & its actually 110k coal (100k + 10k clan bonus). Broke again but with the amount of ships I got money wise thats ok. I just hope to have another 125m for the coal auction the next time. Im surprised I didn't get the flag for that price though. Doubloons I assume will be returned within a day or so.
  9. Super_Tactical_Droid

    Your Schlieffen auction predictions here

    or instead for a low low price of 53,500 doubloons they can unlock everything from t3-t9 in the new german bb line and get some perrm camo's and 7 port slots for whenever they reset the line they would get more rp vs resetting the line with just the t10 ship. Maybe they are doing it to hopefully get something from the super container who knows lol.
  10. Super_Tactical_Droid

    Your Schlieffen auction predictions here

    That's crazy you need to tell the person that rather then spending that amount on a t10 ship instead spend it on premium time and a few santa crates.
  11. Super_Tactical_Droid

    New PermaCamo for NorCarolina

    Well heres the answer for you: If you’ve already previously completed the King of the Sea collection, or if you manage to complete it before the end of the KotS XIII, all you have to do is receive at least one King of the Sea Twitch Drop during one of the tournament streams, and you will unlock an exclusive mission to earn a brand-new pirate-themed permanent camouflage for VIII North Carolina. Please note: the mission will only be completable after Update 0.10.10 goes live.
  12. Super_Tactical_Droid

    Your Schlieffen auction predictions here

    I would be shocked if my bid of 1001 wins but I think 10,000 is a rough number to me.
  13. Super_Tactical_Droid

    Thought on new german BC line?

    they don't seem a bit crazy tbh ive seen a few t9's so far and they seem to get sunk pretty easy. Really odd.
  14. Super_Tactical_Droid

    Bonus Code for today HMTOASTER

    good to hear.
  15. Super_Tactical_Droid

    Lighthouse Auction: Schlieffen

    I think I'll bid at most 1002 doubloons for the tech ship as I can't justify anything above that of course the coal will cost more then 100m credits