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  1. DemonW0lf

    Favorite Premium

    Most fun has to be my arkansas beta yes its only T4 and has zero AA and its really slow but its a fun ship to drive around every once inawhile.
  2. DemonW0lf

    CV Rework - option to opt out

    I will give the new cv's a shot but if I don't like it ill just sell them all for that xp. Now the only question is can we get refunds on perm camo's.
  3. The only good thing about today is I managed to get enough coal and steel to finally get the musashi.
  4. Which is to bad as I figured odds are I would at least pull some coal from one of them. So I figure you either a) get a ton of ships b) get a few ships or c) get this. 1)15x Wyvern 2)6x type 59 3)15x Basilisk 4)15x Ouroboros 5)15x Ouroboros 6)1000 doubloons 7)15x Red Dragon 8)10x New Year Streamer 9)15x Basilisk 10)10x New Year Streamer 11)10x New Year Streamer 12)15x Basilisk 13)10x New Year Streamer 14)15x Dragon 15)15x Dragon 16)1000 Doubloons 17)10x New Year Streamer 18)10x New Year Streamer 19)10x New Year Streamer 20)10x New Year Streamer Anyway I don't think ill be buying anymore until next Christmas.
  5. DemonW0lf

    No chat server available?

    I was wondering why I wasn't able to login. Makes sense.
  6. DemonW0lf

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    took a min or so but was pretty easy 950 doubloons+port slot thanks op.
  7. I opened up 20 of the Santa's Gifts. Seems my luck wasnt with me today. Maybe ill buy some more down the road: 1) 10k free xp 2) 300 doubloons 3) 300 doubloons 4) 300 doubloons 5) 50x zulu hotel 6) 50x zulu hotel 7) 2 type 59 8) 50x equal speed charlie london 9) 10k free xp 10) 10k free xp 11) 4 new year streamer camo 12) 50x zulu hotel 13) 50x zulu 14) 4 new year streamer camo 15) 50x equal speed charlie london 16)4 new year streamer camo 17)300 doubloons 18) 10k free xp 19) 4 new year streamer camo 20) 300 doubloons 21) 50 x zulu 22)2500 coal
  8. DemonW0lf

    Graphics card for WoWs and WoT?

    exactly I also have a GTX 970 if its not broke don't fix it.
  9. DemonW0lf

    2018 Santa Crates

    Last year I spent around $200 cad I'm pretty sure I pulled around $450 worth of stuff. I'm just hoping the $3 middle of the ground creates are still overall the best value vs $5 one.
  10. DemonW0lf

    CV Rework Feedback

    i just hope the testing this time around is a bit longer then the previous two.
  11. DemonW0lf

    Dear Little White Mouse.

    Yep agreed I got that ship out of a crate last night and played a few battles and that was my best result.
  12. Purchased 6 crates using a 30% off coupon for $26.46 Cad not bad I suppose considering how I refuse to buy any crates at all. But I figured might as well as I had a crazy day at work being black friday and I got a few extra bucks so yeah. Anyway onto the results: So I managed to get 1) 35k free xp (worth in terms of converting xp if you wanted to around 1400 doubloons or $9.75 CAD) 2)35k free xp (worth in terms of converting xp if you wanted to around 1400 doubloons or $9.75 CAD) 3) 14 days premium time (worth $11.83 CAD) 4)1250 doubloons (worth $8.43 CAD) 5) 20 x shadow lurker 6) and I got that So considering ship by itself is $49.23 CAD.... and I only paid $26.46 CAD and I got a grand total of $88.93 worth of stuff. So they pretty much were like here have $62.53 worth of stuff for free. now am I going to buy anymore? Nope got no interest now got the ship that I wanted and not the tirpitz that i never use Good luck to everyone else who opens up your crates.
  13. DemonW0lf

    PSA for our resident Armada whales.

    So for the cost of $800 cad you can get 2 brand new ps4s and a 49" tv. I'll pass on that thanks
  14. DemonW0lf

    where's the coupon?

    I got mine after the 3rd battle yesterday as I've been around since April 2015.
  15. DemonW0lf

    VETERANS Thank You So Much

    I found out recently two of my great-grandfather's here in Canada were both involved in world war 2. One of them died on the beaches of Normandy and the other was found injured but survived.