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  1. Well i guess for now ill just save my money. I didn't buy anything the past weekend nor last week or pretty much for a few months now. Will more then likely buy some crates come Christmas time though.
  2. Indianapolis Daily 24 - Kay?

    I sadly didnt have any time to play the past few days so i missed out on that mission. Thats ok I already got the ship.
  3. I was wondering about this the other day we had a CV with a 27% winrate and the reds had a 73% winrate. Our CV just drove straight towards the cap and was sunk. I think I'll send the replay to support because this is starting to become a problem.
  4. and finally done now i can stop playing as much for awhile until the next earn able ship comes out.
  5. I used the code a few hours ago got the Kidd mission its an ok ship not the best in the world but hey free is free
  6. Have a code for July 4th!

    Well since I already own the Cleveland, Atalnta, Sims and soon to be the kidd I don't have any desire to buy any box's at all as i only need to get the Monaghan so i just saved myself some money.
  7. Have a code for July 4th!

    All I can say is thanks for the code I finally managed to get a ship for free and the best part is the base xp matches with today's thanks again OP
  8. $157 Canadian not really worth it tbh. As I can go and buy 25k doubloons for $126 So ill pass.
  9. I find it you keep trying somehow things work themselves out Saturday I think I went around 5 and 15 and yesterday I went about 8 and 3.
  10. Ive had one since Closed Beta but ive not taken it out in a long time.
  11. Well I just wish that the replay's are installed automatically as I had one of my best battles in a long time just now.I equipped my last Asian Lantern not sure where I got them from but I figured why not give it a try... Battle proceeded I told my team to just work together and we will win. I then proceed to head towards C then switched over to B slowly and sunk two of their dd's. Their Hindenburg got stuck next to an island fired his torps at me. I managed to slow down enough to reverse in time so they missed me. And then I went around the map supporting my team. I just wish i had the reply as I feel it might have been featured on their channel as that is one of my best battles with my kurfust in awhile. But thats life at least I have pictures to show the memories. So yeah in conclusion I would to thank my dd's for their support in ensuring we would win the battle as well as the rest of my team and lastly don't give up if you cant get the 1750 base xp just try your best and you will succeed :)
  12. i think after all of this going on today im just going to stop playing for a few days. Its not worth my time or effort if I dont get any reward whatsoever.
  13. well it seems the server we were all on is going off and so were all being switched over to another server... edit: never mind it switched me over every ship is out of battle and i got nothing for doing anything and i lost a bunch of flags overall. great start to my day.
  14. Haida Has Arrived

    same I will be buying it if I dont manage to win one.