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  1. If I were you I would have saved that money and put it into the christmas crates as they at least I hope this year as well contain more value vs these other crates.
  2. So I will put the money that i was thinking of spending on the 40 crates into the santa crate fund during Christmas time. Hopefully those crates will offer the same value as the past few years.
  3. The New WGC Launcher

    im sorry but if their forcing us to use this launcher when the current one works just fine then I might have to take my wallet elsewhere.
  4. I hate the state of the game now.

    i look at the summer and I go well the kids are out of school. So for the next few days or so ive decided to just take a break theres no point stressing out over a game that you have zero control over.
  5. hmm $140.77 CAD for the ultimate bundle only a crazy person would pay that much. $49.34 CAD so about $25 CAD per ship interesting but ill have to pass. Now if it was $30.00 I would consider it.
  6. Mine on the other hand don't even show me that I have a mission until after the battle kinda odd tbh.
  7. Well i guess for now ill just save my money. I didn't buy anything the past weekend nor last week or pretty much for a few months now. Will more then likely buy some crates come Christmas time though.
  8. Indianapolis Daily 24 - Kay?

    I sadly didnt have any time to play the past few days so i missed out on that mission. Thats ok I already got the ship.
  9. I was wondering about this the other day we had a CV with a 27% winrate and the reds had a 73% winrate. Our CV just drove straight towards the cap and was sunk. I think I'll send the replay to support because this is starting to become a problem.
  10. and finally done now i can stop playing as much for awhile until the next earn able ship comes out.
  11. I used the code a few hours ago got the Kidd mission its an ok ship not the best in the world but hey free is free
  12. Have a code for July 4th!

    Well since I already own the Cleveland, Atalnta, Sims and soon to be the kidd I don't have any desire to buy any box's at all as i only need to get the Monaghan so i just saved myself some money.
  13. Have a code for July 4th!

    All I can say is thanks for the code I finally managed to get a ship for free and the best part is the base xp matches with today's thanks again OP
  14. $157 Canadian not really worth it tbh. As I can go and buy 25k doubloons for $126 So ill pass.