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  1. DemonW0lf

    Dont see point of tech tree ships anymore

    Just noticed I have 29 vacant ship spots and out of the 85 ships i have at the moment 59 are premium interesting....
  2. I like how I somehow got the same bundle for both at least on the plus side I won't be buying doubloons to waste them on a tech ship. Me thinks buying the santa crates are a better value vs this.
  3. I would like the beta to have a fighter but I don't see that happening at least it does great when there's no cvs. Oddly enough not a lot of people know the beta dosen't have AA and tend to ignore me....
  4. So ignoring my last attempt of spending $60.47 CAD and only getting one ship (TLDR it was only the EXETER) I proceeded to buy just one Santa's Gift at $1.26 CAD and of course I pulled zulu hotels. Not bad better then camo's that I will never use. Anyway I had this feeling telling me to just roll the dice one last time. As I remember back in 2017 was the only time I ever managed to pull a bunch of ships. Sadly I can't seem to locate that thread I posted a few years back....So here is what I pulled from the 20 crates.. (pictures are attached below). 1) T-61 2) 15 x Leviathan 3) 1000 doubloons 4) 15 x Red Dragon 5) 12 x New Year Streamer 6) 1000 doubloons 7) 15 x Ouroboros 8) Duca Degli Abruzzi 9) 15 x Ouroboros 10) 12 x New Year Streamer 11) 1000 doubloons 12) 12 x New Year Streamer 13) 15 x Scylla 14) Yahagi 15) 15 x Leviathan 16) 7500 coal 17) 7500 coal 18) Blyskawica 19) 12 x New Year Streamer 20) 12 x New Year Streamer After that I had 3001 doubloons leftover after everything was said and done. So I proceeded to gamble 2500 of them and bought two more mega crates. Here is what I pulled: Mega Gift# 1 Marblehead #2 crate: 2000 doubloons I then had exactly 2501 doubloons left and I gambled again and got 20x Frosty Fir Tree and that: Mega Gift#2 Scharnhorst So long story short RNG is sometimes odd. Usually I don't tend to do well buying crates and as such I dont spend as much as I used to. However with the way things are going maybe ill give it another try later on this year. The value of all the ships I pulled was : T-61 -$28.63 CAD Duca Degli Abruzzi - $44.86 CAD Yahagi $21.67 CAD Blyskawica - $25.70 CAD Marblehead-$17.14 CAD Scharnhorst-$49.39 Total value of ships: $187.39 CAD Total cost of 20 crates: $60.47 CAD Total value of ships -cost of 20 crates = $126.92 profit. I hope you have some good pulls if you buy any crates
  5. DemonW0lf

    Results of 40 Santa Crates...sigh

    Meanwhile over here I opened up 20 of those mega crates and I only got this: 1) 30 x Wyvern 2) 30 x Red Dragon 3) 5 x Asian Lantern 4) 5 x Spring Sky 5) 30 x Scylla 6) 12500 coal 7) Haida 8) 30 x Scylla 9) 12500 coal 10) 20 x New Year Streamer 11) 20 x Frosty Fir Tree 12) 30 x Ouroboros 13) 30 x Dragon 14) 5 x Asian Lantern 15) 20 x New Year Streamer 16) 30 x Red Dragon 17) 20 x Frosty Fir Tree 18) 30 x Ouroboros 19) 12500 coal 20) 30 x Basilisk I must have the worst luck when it comes to these crates.
  6. I knew this on day one
  7. DemonW0lf

    Mega Santa Madness

    Another year of buying the $3.00 crates and as usual not much to show for it. Sure I got a ship but its something you could have gotten for free so there's that I suspose. I miss 2016,2017 that was when you got a ton of ships.,... 1) 12x New Year Streamer 2) 12x Frosty Fir Tree 3) 12x Frosty Fir Tree 4) 12x New Year Streamer 5) 1000 doubloons 6) 1000 doubloons 7) 15x Basilisk flags 8) 1000 doubloons 9) Exeter 10) 1000 doubloons 11) 15x Hydra 12) 12x Frosty Fir Tree 13) 12x Frosty Fir Tree 14) 15x Leviathan 15) 12x Frosty Fir Tree 16) 15x Scylla 17) 12x New Year Streamer 18) 12x New Year Streamer 19) 12x Frosty Fir Tree 20) 7500 coal
  8. I was wondering why I got 1m in my Erie the other day as I had just reset the us des line and took it out for a spin. This makes sense now.
  9. DemonW0lf

    Super Container haul, what did you get?

    opening up 7 got me: 50 x gamescom black 100 x equal speed charlie london 50 x world of warships anniversary 1000 doubloons 25 x scylla 100 x november echo setteseven 50 x gamescom black nothing amazing but camos are fine i suspose.
  10. DemonW0lf

    Super Container haul, what did you get?

    well i saw this thread and now im redownloading the game again its a nice way for me to get back into maybe me being away for almost five months or so might help my odds. Ill post below what I get in the next few hours
  11. now im kinda glad I took a break from this game a few months ago as its kinda going off the deep end now. Maybe in the new year it will look better thats when ill be coming back.
  12. The most damage ive done is with my Missouri at 221,608 dmg
  13. I think they did this over what happened last time when we all got a few ships for super cheap.
  14. I already work 40 to 45 hours a week at my current job. And since my time when i get off work is less then 6 hours before i go to sleep. So yeah this crazy idea of me playing 40 hours a week for a month straight is just plain crazy. Easy pass for me.
  15. DemonW0lf

    Almost Cured!

    ive not played a game in weeks mostly due to the cv changes. I figure ill wait a few more weeks or months for the meta to calm down then come back. In the meanwhile im just going to keep an eye on the forums.