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  1. _Sh3ath_

    no more money on this game

    Honestly that is the whole point of RDF. Stealth torp DDs are not as effective(in my opinion) as a good CV player. I see both sides of this argument and I think in the right hand both can be cancer. The ease of use is the other side stealth torp DDs tend to be easier to use then CVs. Currently that is!
  2. _Sh3ath_

    A win is a win; but....

    I mean he can either be looked at as really smart or a coward. I mean you won the game because he was in the back. And he was a bottom scorer of the team. Interesting.
  3. _Sh3ath_

    Server Down or is it just me?

    I got booted then tried to log back in and it says to contact WOWS customer support.