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  1. ctlbulldg06

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    Why are there no patch notes posted for the 12/17/20 update that my computer is installing right now? Is this some sort of quiet hotfix?
  2. ctlbulldg06

    Ranked Battles: the Seventeenth Season

    If I have 17 starts from last season and I start at rank 11, do I automatically receive the rewards for ranks 18-12? Or do I miss out on account of my greatness?
  3. ctlbulldg06

    Worst Ranked Sprint Ever

    I agree with OP and will probably post elsewhere. WGing needs to understand THIS season of ranked battles is not what players are looking for. 1) 12 players? its just another random battle. Reducing the number of players on a team increases the value of each players individual contribution. I can play well in EVERY match but, because there are so many player variables, have only a marginal increase in win rate. 2) Arms Race? Putting random buffs all over the map forces a team to split their forces to maximize captures. This deny's a team to use the strategy of massing a force to overwhelm a flank. The buff create their own strategies, but from the player interaction I've seen--there is much less overall coordination. 3) Tier X again? As desirable as it is for WGing to incentive all players grinding away to get a tier X or speding $$$ to get there--they are overly capable ships. I am sick and tired of radar boats being a constant threat that I have to watch out for, or having aircraft flying overhead constantly that cant be shot down in time to keep from getting hit. Not only do lower tier reduce some of the complexity in game play--but the change up is just nice. I've got 20+ tier 5-6 ships in my port but only 5 tier 10s. WGing, please go back to the way ranked battles were at the beginning--even allow CVs.
  4. ctlbulldg06

    Update 0.8.5.: Rogue Wave!

    I haven't played yet, but this may be the coolest thing that WoWs--nay WGing--has ever done. Can't wait..REALLY upset that my 10yr anniversary trip to Ireland happens smack in the middle of this event.
  5. I am separated from my badass gaming rig and wonder when i'll be able to play WorldofWarships again...