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  1. Probably the best answer is to limit the number or each class of ship in each game. May mean a bit longer in waiting for the game but the team set-ups would be more balanced.
  2. Downloaded the new patch this morning and crashed out of the game. The computer went to blue screen and said that there was a failure in the iastorA.sys and that the computer would need to be restarted. Anyone familiar with this error? P.
  3. Nothing wrong with the Montana as it is right now. No need to change a thing.
  4. Iowa is a much better choice for T9 BB. However, when you get to T10, you'll love the G. Kurfurst!
  5. Yeah, I'd seriously think about the captain skill vigilance to help with the torps. It is extremely long and turns slow but still an amazing ship in a fight.
  6. I like the thing, especially after the cit. change. I have the Missouri now so don't play it as much. As said above, this is not a yolo tanker in any way. This is a fleet support ship of the bow angle to enemy class but it has great guns. The US BBs are a great line when played properly.
  7. My first time over 200 and my best game ever. It was a blast!
  8. I hadn't even thought of it. Thanks!
  9. After two weeks of bad, low scoring games I get a good win. The GK has not got the best guns in the game, but they are still very good. This game was thanks to some awesome division mates to say the least. Thanks for letting me division RSE Talisco and OPGS Bignats.
  10. I've been on a steady downward trend in wins since the RN BBs came out.
  11. Lol, Von your stats indicate that in situations where you mess up I would have been so blown away in doing so well! :)
  12. Ok is it just me or is there a confused mixed message here. I watch Zoup's video on battleships and he talks about how BBs are ruining the game and Wargaming is aware of the problem. Yet Wargaming is constantly releasing more and more battleships as a full RN line and multiple premium BBs. This makes no sense to me. If the BBs are overpopulated why would you release even more? The only answer I can think of is money. The premium BBs generate a lot of cash for Wargaming I'm thinking. Why don't they start producing some tankier cruisers with a good rate of fire at a few lower tiers? I'm a BB main and reluctant to try cruisers because of the paper mache armor. If they had a sturdier line of cruisers it might induce players like me to be more accepting of cruiser play. Just a thought.
  13. lol, always the positive side Elegant. It's refreshing
  14. I did Cluch. Tier 4 wasn't too bad but 5 was just plain silly. They've made the game silly, like a little kids game.