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  1. Some of us BB players do still push, and we die for it as my 45% survival rate will attest to.. At the first sign of an enemy force most support ships turn and leave the BB to slowly try to get away and slowly burn to death. I'm thinking that those BB players who don't push just might be right. But to be honest I find no fun in the long range sniping thing.
  2. Yeah taking a break. I'm stinking up my own team with poor game play.
  3. lol, you might be right. Just a bit frustrating this morning :)
  4. Ever have one of those morning where not not only want to delete the game but go get hypnotized so that they can remove any memory of the game? Yeah, that would be today :(
  5. I hated the FDG and found it frustrating. On a happy note the GK is much more fun. One thing I do on my BBs is go concealment. It saves me from burning non-stop.
  6. Ah, the feeling of utter entitlement. They own, we play and sometime even pay.
  7. I would think I would want to fix it. With the way things are I'm sure there are several people that can't get to the premium shop which would affect their income,.
  8. Definitely not a router issue. From what my isp told me wargaming appears to be aware of it.
  9. Meaning wargaming is having issues on their end
  10. I just received this message from charter. "I am showing the server connection for this site is currently at 85% with web site connection at 10% and login at 4%. The site is reporting issues on their end, not with any isp that is being used to connect.
  11. I think it's not going to be a problem with anyone's router but rather with specific data routes
  12. Yeah done that. Looking at the support threads and it appears others are having issues as well.
  13. The past several days I've been unable to establish a connection with the wargaming.na Web pages such as the forum, premium shop, and login. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm finding a lot of packet loss. So far I've still been able to connect to the game.
  14. I was being a smart a** WaveRider, I agree with you.
  15. Gee, why not just take the individuality of ships away. Just make one of everything and that's what players can choose from. Take away the premiums and anything interesting from the game. Just make it all the same. Yeah, that'll make it fun to play. Everything shoots the same and works the same. Brilliant!