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  1. Merc85

    Puerto Rico Dispersion

    Thanks for the great info. +1
  2. Merc85

    Puerto Rico Dispersion

    Just out of curiosity why is dispersion always listed but sigma never is? I assume both matter about equally in terms of accuracy, or is this assumption incorrect? Thanks.
  3. Merc85

    how to GROZOVOI

    Yep....that legendary mod is super for a gunboat Groz!! Well said.
  4. Merc85

    how to GROZOVOI

    I had trouble at first until I set it up as a pure gunboat. Lert made a post about this build and it really helped me a lot to improve my results in it. I cannot find his post from quite a while ago about it, but here is where I ended up and it has been a lot more fun to use since then. LS as usual is a must for a DD. SE plus Supt to get the extra health and extra heal are also a must imo. And since it's a gunboat and it has great high velocity guns (950 m/s) use AFT as well. I took CE to go dark when needed and use AR to boost dps when hurt. I use steering gears mod 2 to get a little extra movement to avoid shots at range while open water firing. And when the slow reloading torps are ready use them when possible. Good luck.
  5. Merc85

    Nerf CV AA

    Even if I buy your argument about planes being health, you obviously agree a CV can spot a BB or a CV (and can spot a cruiser and immediately run away without taking "damage" in your terminology) with no health risk. Plus you ignored the basic fact that CVs spot hugely more effectively than any other class regardless of any other of these health issues.
  6. Merc85

    Nerf CV AA

    I guess you don't think they can spot hugely more effectively too?? (And not risk taking any health hits while doing so)
  7. Merc85

    Nerf CV AA

    I don't think so since no other ship type has massive protection from the same ship type on the enemy team...only CVs have this.
  8. Merc85

    Nerf CV AA

    Doesn't this make it obvious that WG knows that CVs are just too powerful in their game if they went to that extent to ensure that one CV couldn't take out the other one?
  9. Merc85

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    For sure. On Saturday my Somers put 3 torps into a Kleber and it survived!!!!!
  10. Merc85

    Event Pumpkin

    It shows up on the lower right area (notifications) on your port screen as soon as you get back to port after the battle is over. It's in the list where things like consumables replenishments, etc., show up.
  11. Merc85

    the few outweigh the many

    Yep, the skill difference with strafing was a major problem. Too bad a simpler solution wasn't tried first before reworking the whole CV game play.....like totally eliminating both strafing and manual drops. It may not have been the best thing to do, but it could have been tried quite easily and data gathered on it before spending all the time and money for a rework that the results of which seem to be problematic in terms of increasing the CV population.
  12. Merc85

    An early assessment of Clan Battles

    Of course not. They won because they are skilled at the game. But I think they used a ship mix that was heavily Russian and not, let's say, heavily German for a reason.
  13. Merc85

    Arc idea: What's old is new again

    @EdgecaseEdge, this is a very very good idea...well thought out and quite practical. It sure would be nice to see better balance for ships that used to be fun to play but have been relegated to my and lots of other captains' ports...like the Hindy. +1 Great suggestion.
  14. Merc85

    Clan Battles

    And a Shimmy would send out 15 torps for area denial, albeit with a somewhat slower (about 20 seconds) reload time. So the Somers is something of a hybrid between a Gearing and a Shimmy in this regard??
  15. Merc85

    Clan Battles

    But Gearing (with legendary mod) has lower concealment and 50% more gun dps.