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  1. Merc85

    DevBlog 424 Explainer Video

    Excellent video.....thanks and well done!!!
  2. Merc85

    Clausewitz...I don't understand.

    In my mind the Hindy is a much better ship vs. her tier X counterparts that the Clause is against the tier XI cruisers. When WG decided not to give it a funny button, it was clear to me that they understand the mistake that was made giving the Conde and Annapolis one. Those two cruisers are much better than the Clause.
  3. The only utility a CV has.....really??? imo it is the utility that makes CVs quite OP, so removing it will bring them back to being able to get free attacks without risking their hull, which in itself seems pretty darn good. I wish I could do that in any other ship type.
  4. Merc85

    Z-42 In-Depth Guide

    SAT, excellent writeup. Thanks.
  5. Correct. So obviously there is variability in the results for odd ball things like that (I never saw 6 purple on one team tho). The data collected basically said that for every extra red player a team has it has a 10 percentage point less change of winning the battle. i.e. one more red 40% change of winning, 2 more reds 30% change of winning, 3 more reds 20% change of winning, 4 more reds 10% change of winning, and 5 or more reds very very small chance of winning. (Red players are those with less than a 47% account win rate).
  6. My analysis used overall player win rate in the link I posted for him. If that isn't helpful, then so be it. Also, my post did say how I defined a blowout:
  7. @TheArc suggested that my post didn't address the real issue you were interested in. So here is a link to a study i did a while ago that I believe does address what impacts the ability of teams to win battles. it shows that the difference in the number of weak players between the two teams is a very good predictor of which team will win and I also made a suggestion of something that could easily be done to help in this regard. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/220769-how-a-small-change-to-the-mm-can-make-a-big-difference-in-team-balance/
  8. Here I thought he said he couldn't read my insert so I gave him the link to that post. That was what I was addressing. And i agree with you win rate in the long run is a simple but very good measure of player skill variance even though it does have some issues.
  9. Satin, I agree with you on this. BXP is a hugely better measure than PR for many reasons. Why WG won't give us those data in a way that elimanates the major difference of premium vs. non-premium account's impact on BXP is hard to figure.
  10. When I click on the PNG it gets larger....it doesn't do so for you? In any case, here is the link to the original post: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/243942-will-an-improved-matchmaker-result-in-fewer-blowouts-an-analysis/
  11. The data I collected and posted previously indicates that this is NOT the case. While I am against a skill based MM for a number of reasons, it could make the matches more balanced in terms of which team wins (if it actually worked well which is debatable). But the post below debunks the feelings players have that skill based MM would lead to fewer blowouts....it just won't.
  12. Merc85

    What did they do to the forum.

    Hey guys, please revert the forums back......they are so so sluggish it's a painful experience to try to use them. Plus an option on the colors would be appreciated if someone thinks they should change what worked fine before. Thanks. @Ahskance @Boggzy
  13. Merc85

    [ALL] ModStation

    @ModManager Here are screenshots of the issue I posted about above. This is the same battle and both I and my div mate are using the Hakabase side panels with all the settings the same except how he adds more color to the ships as you can see (but we later tested changing that to be the same and this issue was still there). The issue is that for some ships the concealment numbers we both see are the same, but for a few ships the concealment numbers are 10% different (even though we are using the same settings!!!). The first screenshot is mine and the second is his. Note for both our Akizukis I show 6.8km concealment and he shows 7.5km concealment. For the enemy Musashi I show 17.5km concealment and he shows 15.7kms. For the Enemy Worchester I show 12.1km and he shows 10.9. And for the enemy Bayard i show 10.7km and he shows 11.9km concealment. So for some ships they are identical, for others I am showing 10% higher km concealment, and for others I am showing 10% lower concealment. This makes no sense. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Merc85

    [ALL] ModStation

    Thanks for the info. But how would that result in the two of us seeing 10% different concealment values on the same exact ship in the same battle when we are both using the same exact mod? We see the same concealment on some ships but 10% different concealment numbers on others!!
  15. Merc85

    [ALL] ModStation

    A guy I play with and I both use Modstation and the hakabase side panel. We both have the box checked that shows ships concealments. But for some ships (both on our team and the enemy team) we see the exact same concealment number but on other ships we see different concealment numbers (off by 10% between us). I know that the mod misses the captain's concealment skills on ships (at least I think it misses that impact) but why the heck would we see the same concealment distance for some ships but different ones for other ships? Thanks for the help.