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  1. Merc85

    The biggest problem in the game is MM.

    I can live with that as long as AA is returned to it's former self as well......I remember the days when an AA spec'd DM was a total no fly zone.
  2. @Ahskance Congrats and good luck man.
  3. @Boggzy Doesn't this mean in plain talk that the Thursday session this week is cancelled and nothing else changes? Thanks.
  4. Merc85

    Fletcher Vs Gearing

  5. Merc85

    Hot Fix article in WOWS News

    I agree 100%. imo this is the best article the devs have ever posted.
  6. I cannot figure out why DDs trashing a CV is abusive but CVs trashing a DD is not.......
  7. Merc85

    Matching Making, a question

    I never suggested that adjusting the MM could not help game play.......I believe that it could have the chance of making the matches such that both teams might have a more even chance of winning. But that isn't at all saying there won't be blowouts. At least the data I took said there will be as many blowouts either way. P.S. By the way, I am against using a skill based MM.
  8. Merc85

    Matching Making, a question

    Very true. But since this is a game about winning win rate seems like a good metric to use to determine balance.
  9. Merc85

    Weekly Combat Missions and Daily Trials

  10. Merc85

    Matching Making, a question

    The data I collected and posted about a couple of months ago (and attached below) sure indicates that having more "balanced" teams does nothing to change how many blowouts there are. So a SBMM wouldn't change that issue in any way.
  11. The only thing it does related to divisions is to make sure the if there are divisions in the match that the teams have even numbers of divisions or at most are one apart. So having 1 vs. 0 or 1 vs. 2 divisions is possible, but 0 vs. 2 or 1 vs. 3 is not.
  12. @Fluke_Starbucker Lots of good info/links for you in this thread. Another issue that impacts damage being done is what WG calls "saturation". This link spells out how this affects the game. Just another thing to understand when you see different damage numbers coming up as your shells hit. Good luck. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Damage_Saturation
  13. Merc85


    Just looked and all I have is the summary sheet/data that I posted....sorry. I tossed all the paper sheets that I was using for keeping track of all those battles... :(