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  1. Merc85

    Stalingrad breaking Clan Wars

    Well using one means they think it is the best "cruiser" for it's purpose in clan battles it seems to me. If it wasn't pretty good in the eyes of these good clans they wouldn't use even one. I have no problem with the way steel has been given out, etc.. I do think the design of the Stalingrad is OP. I only have an issue when a ship is pretty darn good but people that have one it say it's really not that good but still use it when they have other options.
  2. Merc85

    Stalingrad breaking Clan Wars

    That is not the issue. The issue is whether or not any team will pick the Stalingrad rather than any other cruiser. Clearly so far, in spite of all the rhetoric when the Stalingrad was released on how it has weaknesses , it is being picked quite a bit by clans/players.
  3. You can get the "feel" for the ship in coop, but coop will never get your DD tactical skills anywhere near to the point where you will be effective in random battles....they are hugely different. So I suggest you follow Super Dreadnought's advice to learn to play the IJN DD line in randoms before trying out a tier VIII DD since DD play is hard enough let alone trying to use the unique Asashio. Good luck and have fun.
  4. They never should have been in the game in the first place imo. Mixing a RTS ship in FPS game seems like a dubious choice, especially now.
  5. Merc85

    Steel for Coal (aka Downvote Harvester)

    I know that....I am waiting to see what "normal" clan battles will show. However I am suspicious about it when it seems that people saying it is not OP "doth protest too much" .
  6. Merc85

    Steel for Coal (aka Downvote Harvester)

    As I said, I am going to wait and see what ships the clans that have earned the Stalingrad use in clan battles. Data imo is always better than rhetoric. So if the Moskva is better, they will use it or some other cruiser they think is the best to use to help them win.
  7. Merc85

    Steel for Coal (aka Downvote Harvester)

    You make some good points in your posts on this subject. I have no problem of WG making a "unique" ship like this one very hard to earn/obtain....it's a reward for playing consistently at a high level, and it therefor should be a good ship. I will hold judgement on whether it is OP or not. To me the proof will be when we see tier X clan battles again and what ships the good clans like yours will use. The only data point I've seen so far is that in the KOTS screen shot that I saw one team was using 4 Stalingrads and the other team was using 3 Stalingrads. This indicates to me that those good clans thought it was the best ship to be using, so I'm thinking it is OP regardless of how much this is "denied" by some. But we'll see.
  8. Great....imo those are two of the better ones. I use the Zao with it all the time and it shoots lasers!! :)
  9. Which one are you grinding for? A few a good....most are not.
  10. Merc85

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    Yep....that's the key question in my mind as well since DDs are able to do a number of other very important things to help their team win (scouting, capping, spotting, etc.).
  11. Merc85

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    Which changes absolutely nothing about OPs point..
  12. Merc85

    AFT question

    Yep, great point Slime. I do not use AFT on any of my USN DDs except the Kidd for the reason you point out.
  13. Merc85

    AFT question

    Kidd's main battery shells are probably a bit too "lobby" for it....but on the other hand it would help Kidd's good AA extend out 20% which would be a big help if there is a CV in the match.
  14. Merc85

    Royal Navy Event Question

    And quite obviously I am far from being intuitive.
  15. Merc85

    Royal Navy Event Question

    Aah...thanks. No wonder. My bad.