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    So what did Atlanta do to get crushed with the nerf bat?

    Funny how the community bitched and bitched about IFHE making ships like Cleveland, Wooster, and the Japanese gunboat DD's OP. But now that WG is finally nerfing IFHE, people find other ways to [edited] about the changes being unfair.

    Pobeda VERY OP

    Don't worry though. It'll only be OP when played by good players. The average shitter won't be able to hit anything a range.

    U.S.S Nevada BB-36

    Oh boy. Another slow [edited] American dreadnaught that's gonna suck to play.

    Yoshino Preview - Powerful T10 Cruiser

    Have we been playing the same ship? Yoshino has been exceedingly mediocre in testing so far.

    The Vladivostok

    Ideally, you should be keeping up with the updates on the development blog. They'll be telling you all about this stuff.

    The Vladivostok

    You'd actually be surprised how many.....less than stellar players there are in the ST program. That being said, the issue is that the ship is designed to be played in a specific way. Between it's 40mm plating to protect against HE, its rapid cooldown dmg con to deal with fires, and its special dispersion curve when shooting sub 12km, it is very much a boat that is designed to tank and engage enemies at no further than 13-15km imo, preferably shorter. AS such, you want to build her for this task with skills such a BOS, FPE, and the appropriate flags and upgrades to minimize fire and flood time. As for your suggestion to increase gun range, you really don't want that. Your dispersion is awful once you start fire beyond that 12km sweet spot. I'd honestly just buff the area that's covered by the 40mm plating to improve HE resistance and I think she'll be perfectly fine.

    The Vladivostok

    See the problem is. So many of the players that are testing these ships are actually good at the game, and can play a ship to it's full potential. Then people like you get their hands on the ships and start crying because the ship doesn't play itself for you.

    Super Testers & WIP ships in Divisions

    Better questions is. Why were you always showing broadside in your Stalingrad?
  9. So I had always been using the legacy launcher, but recently installed the game center to participate in the CV rework beta test. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get it to download, and decided to say screw it and ignore the test. But now I'm apparently forced to run WoWS through the game center as well, and I can't download the 7.10 patch through the game center either. Also receiving the attached error message. Already tried all the proposed solutions in the WGC FAQ as well.