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  1. HELP Please

    You have already begun the process of bettering yourself at the game just by actively trying to do so. A big point in improving yourself, in my opinion, is to understand the mechanics of the game, and the ships that you are up against. Knowing things like detection ranges, weak spots, exploitable weakness of the ships you are up against, allows you to make better judgments as a captain. Besides that being able to play with captains who are already adept at the game will help you learn how they play different ships and grow your ability to make a difference each game.​
  2. Best Commander Upgrades for Nagato

    For 3 point skills, BoS and SI are good skills to get and vigilance is another one of note if you find yourself eating too many torpedoes. SE at first glance might look like a skill meant for BBs because it increases hp, and that's what they can't get enough of right? The problem is that it's is a flat gain of health based on tier making it give the highest % increase of hp to DDs and the lowest % increase of hp to BBs. On top of that BoS reduces fire and flooding duration which would theoretically give you health by reducing the amount of damage taken in the first place.
  3. From this Reddit comment, it seems the patch notes were incorrect and should actually have HEAP give a 30%+ armor penetration to HE shells. ​
  4. You should be able to redo the same missions for the pips. You just won't get the rewards again.
  5. Horns in-game

    The idea of being able to use horns is an interesting concept that was and has been brought up countless times. The general conclusion is that although for the most part people will use it to try to prevent collisions, there is a select few that would rather abuse a functional horn like a vuvuzela. Because of that the game does not have a player controlled horn similar to how WOT doesn't have any player controlled noise system.
  6. If you find yourself staying pink because of half a second of boat-to-boat contact for whatever reason and want play the game without the pink name tag, you can play coop since coop battles will still count toward the number of games required. Although this won't stop players who might intentionally bump pink players, you should be able to run out the teamkiller tag in relative peace.
  7. stuck in a batlle

    To submit a ticket go to https://na.wargaming.net/support and click on the "my tickets". Log in and submit a ticket for WOWS and fill out the parts of the ticket as needed. They might take a while to respond but it seems the developers have taken notice to this issue. So expect either a quick-fix soon or it to be fixed in the next patch.
  8. Can you paint ships?

    What you most likely saw was camouflage. Its a purchasable 1 bonus that can to a variety of things from reducing spotting range or the enemies accuracy when they fire at you. The closest to in-game special painting of ships (if camouflage is not quite your taste) is ship skins. They are client side only so only you would see the skins. http://www.modsworldofwarships.com/category/skins/
  9. Free stuff! Yeeeah. But why? :-D

    What's wrong with the Yubari? Sure the amount of guns on it may be sub-prime but the torps damage and AA power are to die for. Just ignore the non-existent torp arc though.
  10. Just gonna go ahead and say my Yubari so far has been pretty beast. One salvo from the torpedo tubes is almost enough to take out a St. Louis, but the only difficulty is getting close enough to launch the torps. Besides that the torepdo's launching arc is very small, so its pretty easy to tell when you're launching. Besides that the rof for the two turrets is decent. In comparison to the Iwaki Alpha they can keep the same amount of barrels pointed at most, 4.
  11. Is gold universal for wargaming?

    Gold should be universal since WOWS is a part of WG. The unified account system will allow you to share gold and free exp among the three games with your single account.
  12. Team killing is ruining this test.

    When you see someone being rude/outright [edited](e.g. TKing a BB for the "lols") Just get screen shots and pm them to Gunlion or DavidBowieRocks. They will take care of the situation. Remember: just because you are playing a beta doesn't mean you can be a [edited].
  13. wows mods bad idea

    Even without the res_mods folder WOWS is still modifiable, just not as easy as paste in and done.
  14. Wanting to be in WO warships ALPHA

    The game is currently in Beta testing. Alpha testing ended a couple weeks ago, and the Alpha recruitment ended months ago.
  15. Scale Ship Models

    If you want to buy pre-built models, try a look at Die-cast models. Metal makes it cool to the touch. If you want to buy models to build, try a basic destroyer or small cruiser first, then work your way to the big ships.