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  1. sPzAbt505

    If you could buff just one ship...

    Cruiser dispersion on the Sharnhorst. Yes, the dispersion buff was nice and allowed me to increase by secondaries to 8km, but the main gun salvos are still inconsistent.
  2. sPzAbt505

    Gneisenau or Scharnhorst

    Gneisenau is hobbled by 6 inconsistent guns - they're better against heavy armor, if they hit. If. She does have better secondaries and AAA, but the 'horst is pretty solid in that department as well. The 'horst is more versatile and adaptable because she fires faster, more accurately, and with 50% more barrels - your AP isn't going to scare away a T9 BB, but you -can- keep her on fire. After the dispersion buff, I upped the secondary range in the 'horst to 8km - an unpleasant surprise for many.
  3. sPzAbt505

    19 Point Captains - On the Rise

    I lost count. 7? 8?
  4. sPzAbt505

    Freaking FIX finally the MATCHMAKING!

    This. Stop whining, start playing.
  5. sPzAbt505

    How is the actual Puerto Rico ?

    I triple - citadeled one with a Thunderer., and I very much enjoyed the experience.
  6. sPzAbt505

    I've been getting bullied in game for playing PR

    Step 1: Ignore them Step 2: See step 1
  7. sPzAbt505

    AA Ships

    Pyotr. 53 planes.
  8. sPzAbt505

    German BB Buffs Incoming!

    My Scharnhorst smiles.
  9. sPzAbt505

    The three most beautiful ships in the game IMHO

    Scarnhorst Alaska Des Moines
  10. If I get an Alaska from s SC, and a I already have one - which I do - will WG give me 40k Dubloons? I doubt it.
  11. sPzAbt505

    Ramming mechanics explained again please.

    Rammed a Musashi with a near-dead Cleveland, I died, he didn't. I laughed, he laughed, the toaster laughed, I shot the toaster. Good times.
  12. sPzAbt505

    When did the WoT team take over WoWS?

    ^^^ This, in huge flaming letters, visible form the moon.
  13. sPzAbt505

    Naming the Ohio the Ohio....

    Obvious troll is obvious.
  14. sPzAbt505

    Your Win Rate Sucks!

    Stats don't win games.
  15. With a few exceptions, cruisers are death to DDs spotted within their effective range - especially CLs, with fast-firing 150-152mm guns. It takes a lot of work for a DD skipper to stay hidden.