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  1. sPzAbt505

    How to support DD

    When playing DDs, its always nice to have your CVs send fighters our in front of you...
  2. sPzAbt505

    The tallest mountain starts as a stone

    The tallest mountain is made of limestone, dolomite and marble - it started as marine organisms.
  3. sPzAbt505

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    DM can quickly kill with multiple citadels; Wooster can't.
  4. sPzAbt505

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    990,930 FXP, currently. Woot.
  5. Star Fleet Command had a "Battlefest" mode - you started with a FF, when you died, you respawned in a DD, then a CL, then a CA, etc. You could do the same in WoWS, with every re-spawn taking you up a tier. 2 respawn limit, with T8 as the highest starting tier. If you do not have the next tier in whatever tree you last played, you jump trees/nationalities.
  6. sPzAbt505

    What to do with 750K FXP?

    I have just under a million. Waiting to see what the Alaska release brings.
  7. sPzAbt505

    Revisiting IFHE CL vs CA

    IFHE should be a consumable - a finite but substantial quantity that a player can choose to use according to the situation; as a consumable, it takes takes up a slot. The consumable should either allow the player to switch from HE to IFHE as desired or make all of his rounds IFHE for the entire duration of the consumable (personally, I like the former).
  8. sPzAbt505

    Best looking ship in the game?

    Scharnhorst, in any dark grey-based cammo.
  9. sPzAbt505

    Isn't Sync Dropping Against the Terms of Service?

    No offense to any of my teammates that read this, but my win rate is better than a half-percent lower while playing in divisions. As they're my friends and we play for fun, I'm OK with that.
  10. sPzAbt505

    Isn't Sync Dropping Against the Terms of Service?

    Death to the False -TOG-!!!!
  11. sPzAbt505

    Isn't Sync Dropping Against the Terms of Service?

    -TOG- does this every Thursday - 2 divisions, 2-3 ships each. 60% the time, we end up on different teams, about 30% of the time we end up on the same team and 10% of the time we end up in different games. We have a lot of fun with is, especially when on opposite teams as we all use the same TS channel.